How many of you work for someone out of your home?

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    By this I do not mean that you babysit for someone's kids. I mean if you work a real ligitimate job from your home, not being a distributor or claiming to own your own business or anything of that sort.

    I am looking for a real honest to goodness home job where perhaps I could do typing, date entry or bookeeping for someone. Appointment setting for someone else wouldn't be too bad but not my choice.

    I aboslutely have to find some sort of work with a real company that I can do from my home. If anyone really knows please share with me.

    Thank you
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    There are many people on this board in need of work from home.

    If you are interested you can research starting a home based business and what services you will offer. There are many excellent books at the library you can learn from.

    Basically, you need to dedicate a quiet office area, computer, fax, phone and supplies. You could also set your work hours. Some people can't work from home as they get distracted too easily. So I guess you would need to determine your own personality.

    You would then get a business license and look into business insurance for clerical services. Believe it or not, the annual insurance premium for a small business at home doing bookeeping or similar work is only $300 to $500 a year. That would enable you to provide evidence of insurance to your prospective customer and look professional.

    They might also want you to have workers' compensation coverage. Again, that would be inexpensive and a tax write off.

    There are great tax benefits to having a business and also working from home. Everything is a write off including part of your home used for the office, supplies, etc.

    If you have a CPA they can help you get a federal tax id number.

    Then there is advertising. You can list your business free on Google and all the search engines. You can also list it in for a small monthly fee. You can keep looking on the internet at any and all business associations you can list your business free. When you start making money, you can buy advertising in the yellow pages or have a website with search engines. Also join the local chamber of commerce. You can also make flyers or small tri fold brochures advertising your services. It is helpful to have a incoming (800) phone number. *that is also inexpensive and a tax write off.

    All of this may seem overwhelming but really it is very easy. Once you research and determine what you would like to do, it will be exciting. I also recommend reading at least one motivational book a month. It just keeps you going.

    I started a business from home 11 yrs ago. Two years later I had to hire people to help me and moved to outside offices. My business grew beyond my expectations. Eventually, my husband who made very good money, joined my business and quit his job. Each day, if there was a obstacle I would see it as a opportunity to learn something.

    There are very good websites that can help you determine if you want to have your own business. In other words if you are cut out for it.

    Working for others you can walk out at the end of the day and not worry about anything. When it is your business, you have all the responsibility.

    Having started a business, looking back I believe I could start another business and do fine because I learned what it takes - sacrifice, committment, courage, persistence, problem solving abilities, positive attitude (can do thinking) etc. You can't let a problem be a ostacle.

    Having your own business brings great rewards believe me. The sacrifice is worth it. I am always happy to encourage someone to start their own business.

    You can also contact SCORE - these are retired business people who mentor new business owners

    You mention babysitting which is certainly a legitimate business. Daycare services make a fortune. They must be state licensed and have insurance.

    Also, people who take orders from wholesale distributors are good jobs. I am just not sure how they find those jobs.

    Again, having made a successful business, I say everything is legitimate work if you make money.

    Good Luck!!

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    I don't know if you like talking on the phone. However, 1-800-FlOWERS was listed by CNN as one of the best companies to work for out of one's home. You have to have a PC and you must work full time during their busy times (prior to holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day). Otherwise, it's part time.

    I was looking into this for myself, but they insist that you have a PC, and I have a Macintosh. If the job sounds like a potential fit for you, you can check out their website at and go to the very bottom of their screen and click on "employment". I think you have to live in certain states to qualify---that's the other thing. It still might be worth looking into. If I hear of anything else, I'll let you know.

    Very best of luck in your search, Erika
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    You happen to hear of anything else legit let me know.

    PVLady, you know me, not by my user name here, but a long time ago. I do know what you do and I cannot see starting up that sort of business though I appreciate all you wrote. I just want a job at home not to own a business.

    Thank you all, the Flowers thing would be super but they are not hiring im my state. I would love that as I once worked for a nursery and flower shop. Also, they require DSL or cable and we live too far from town to get it.

    Thank you all and let me know if you hear of anything.
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