How many others have costocondritis and fm

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  1. Line

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    Since they are now saying there is a corelation between the two, I was wonderig how many have both dd, how were dxed and where is your pain?

    I was dxed after having weeks of breast and under the breast rib pain, went to my DR. she did a ekg, bloodwork, chest xray and than started going in between my ribs with her fingers and said now you have costro also.

    My pain is mainly left sided but does go on the right also. It is from the shoulder down to my breast, collar bone, underarm, arm, upper back, lower ribs, the base of my sterum.I have sore spots in my chest and breasts 24/7, getting zapping pains as well as burning. I do not get the sterum pain often but get tight feelings in the breast and upper chest. Anyone have these sore spots all the time?

    Hugs, Linda

  2. Mikie

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    I have inflammation in my lower repiratory system. Last year after I got the flu and my lungs were filling with fluid, it left me with costo even though I got treatment right away for the onset of the pneumonia.

    My specialist, who is a doctor of physical medicine, injected the tender trigger point between my ribs and sternum with a steroid and it cleared the costo right up. I'd had this done twice before in my life and each time, it worked until I had chest inflammation again. One injection lasted eight years.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Bronagh

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    Hi Linda,

    Im real glad i found this site because i'm convinced my Dr thinks i'm a hypochondriac:)

    I have had camera down twice in hospital to find out what this pain was, Dr is puzzeled as nothing showed up, it was my Rheumy who told me six weeks ago that it is caused by Fibro.

    I have the burning pain under left rib cage, it starts off with a tight spasm feeling then it feels numb,then it feels as if something is crawling inside if you know what i mean, then the burn starts, the pain goes out through my back left side and travels all around that area, sometimes my esophagus goes into spasm. I get this almost every day, i used to think it was related to eating but its not because i've monitored the problem for weeks.

    Hope this helps you,

    Bronagh :)
  4. badluck

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    Hi line, my chosto sounds pretty much like yours. Same areas, etc but with the most severe being sternal pain. I almost always have some chest wall or sternal pains, but they become moderate to severe 2-4 times per week. More in a flare or extreme stress. Mine was diagnosed in the ER because I had bronchitis and was coughing continuously, but I had been to the ER before with chest pain and no heart problems found ("must be the FMS", right?). Moist heat does seem to help some, but not always. Otherwise I just deal with it the best I can.
  5. sleepyinlalaland

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    as a child, probably mostly in early adolesence. Back then I feared I was having a "juvenile hearttack"(?), and that was too creepy so I told no one...just moved kinda funny during the episodes!

    During my 20's I had them again, especially for one dreadful year when they were also accompanied by pleurisy, which was severely painful. I wore out the doctor and left feeling humiliated, because he could find nothing wrong. I only self-diagnosed myself years later when I happened to run across a definition of pleurisy. Also self-diagnosed the costo (later confirmed by physician).

    Don't have it too much now, but occasionally have weighty feeling on chest, plus a bruised-like feeling mid-sternum.
  6. Leenerbups

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    And like most of you, it centers on the left but goes into the right too. On the left it's my ribs, into the breast and shoulder. I wonder why?

    I have it in the sternum and down to the lower ribcage. I have trouble with breathing too.

    I've been using Castor Oil packs recommended by Edgar Cayce.
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  7. fificat

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    I've been having having probleming w/ costrochondritis since I was 17 and Fm since I was 23. I also have problems with the left side. It's the scariest thing to go through. The pain really fels like a heart attack.

  8. fificat

    fificat New Member

    I've been having having probleming w/ costrochondritis since I was 17 and Fm since I was 23. I also have problems with the left side. It's the scariest thing to go through. The pain really fels like a heart attack.

  9. maggiemae55

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    my costro is now finally going away after about 5 weeks of pain.

    i will say my nurse practioner did a thorough breast exam as well, she said 1 patient who had this chest/rib pain also had breast cancer.

  10. jole

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    Is this a lot like pleurisy? I have had pain in my lower ribs (left side) that can get pretty bad, and since my mom died of cancer I was pretty worried. the doctor always says it's pleuresy and tells me to take Ibuprofen three to four times a day.

    It seems to get better for awhile, but always comes back. (But I gues it isn't cancer:) since it isn't any worse.

    Friends -
  11. Sandyz

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    Lots of people with FM seem to get costo. I have horrible costo and chest pains for a year. It finally went away but now I am having really bad neck and shoulder pain. I didn`t realize the costo could go into the back.

    Its horrid pain, worse then any FM pain I`ve had. Know you are not alone. It will eventually get better. Heat packs and anti-inflamatories helped mine some.
  12. TaniaF

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    quite often. It includes breast pain, sternum and rib pain--both sides. I have had episodes for years and not associated with a cold or URI. I was once told it was an arthritic problem. I do have some arthritis as well as FM/CFS. To doctors, it's a mystery--but the pain is so real. I use moist heat and Tylenol or Advil (when my tummy can tolerate it).

  13. mejlee

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    Been dealing with it for at least 6 yrs. My sternum will swell so bad you would think someone stuffed a golf ball inside of me. I had my first dx in 2000, but my rheumy. didn't write it down in my chart. If I over did my movements on one day I would wake up the next and my rib cage would not expand. It took another 5 years. of doctors trying to tell me I had asthma or heartburn (NOT!) for my second dx.

    Please everyone, if you get a dx make sure your dr. puts it in your medical records. And ask for a copy. It will save you a lot of headaches.
  14. Windytalker

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    After several years of heart tests, I was finally diagnosed with costocondritis. It wasn't until years later I learned I also had FM.

    I still have problems, but I have good luck with keeping the costo/FM (most times) down to a mild roar with magnesium.
  15. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    It seems to go in the pattern of yours Linda.

    What really hurts is my bra. I am fairly well 'endowed', and take it off the minute no one is around!

    I had surgery for Breast Cancer, seven years ago, and was just sure it was a recur. My oncologist told me what it is.

    My Mom has it also. I know she has fibro, but she would never admit because she is 'super woman' and wants me to be the same! LOL

    I love heat on that area and take Advil or Aleve.

    Aren't we the 'special ones'!

  16. MtnDews

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    Yes, pain so severe that I landed in the ER and they didn't know what it was. Rehab Dr. knew right away and diagnosed it. Heating pad sometimes sooths it.
  17. fificat

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    like I said in my earlier post I've was Dx with it when I was 17 and get it like 2 times a year. I take a medication called indocin (spelled) Very gentle on the tummy. At first when I was 17 and Dx I was told to take 800 mg of advil 3 times a day but after a week it still didnt work. The doctors were still so shocked to see someone my age with it and put me on the med indocin and I take that with no problems at all so if the advil is to hard on your tummy ask your dr. about that.

    Just some friendly advice
  18. rosemarie

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    I have a cough that sounds like i have smoked for years adn I have never smoked at all. My doctor would tease me about changeing brands when I would come in with this cough. But as a teen when I got this cough my Mom was working for a doctor a gyn/ob and he sent me to see a lung specialist and he was the one who told me that I had costochdritis. And I was told that I would problay get it with every cold I had . and I do. IF I get a cold I get it , if the weather chagnes I get it. And I have now had phenumonia 3 times and had plurisey with the phunimonia too and it was the most painfull thing to have. I still get chstochronnditis all the time and I don't like it but what can a gil do not much but take an any imflamority for the inflamatation and that is suppoed to help but it does not really help much I will lay down with a heating pad on my chest to haelp ease the pain and it works well. IT is one thing I would not with on any one.
    HUgs to all Rosemarie