How many others have severe leg pain in the afternoons?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fireball, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Fireball

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    Thanks to Everyone who posts on this board--

    I am on this board usually several times a day when I am at
    home as it is a place for me to go that helps me deal with chronic pain and fatigue. My husband and friends just do not want to hear about how bad I feel each day. It helps me a lot to read about the problems of others and not focus on my own as much.

    In addition to everything else, I have always had aching, tired legs, especially in the afternoons and evenings. The pain is and has been for a long time really bad. I have tried different meds but they make me feel so out of it that I prefer to take over the counter pills. I recently picked up info about a screening for peripheral vascular disease. Unfortunately, the screening date is full but hopefully I can find a doctor that can do the same testing in the office.

    I wonder who else with Fibro and/or Chronic Fatigue has this severe pain in their legs at the end of each and every day. The aching and tiredness is somewhat relieved by massaging the legs--my husband is sick of doing this. however and putting up my legs for hours on a high pillow.
    Tonight I woke up in the middle of the night and realized my big toe was completely numb. After walking around and massage, the numbness in this toe went away after about a half hour.

    I definitely think that I need to find a specialist. My problem seems to be getting worse after over 20 years of pain. I just wondered who else deals with leg pain on a daily basis.
  2. aussie1

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    hi fireball,
    yes, i also suffer with very painful legs.
    i went to my drs about them, he said i have osteoarthritis in the knees & also fibro pain in the legs.
    the osteoarthritis is worse than it really is because of fibromyalgia.i also waddle like a duck.
    i usually use a walking stick but at night i use 2 walking sticks as i can hardly stand or walk without them.a occupational therapist is coming to my home on friday to assess me, so i am hoping she suggests a walking frame as i think it would help a lot more.
    take care,
  3. wle

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    I also waddle like a duck. Have one really bad knee. Holding off on surgery as long as I can. Have really bad leg ankle and feet pain which gets worse as the day goes on and according to how much I do during the day on my feet. WLE
  4. NutsInAlabama

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    Towards the end of the afternoon my knees scream and I HURT from my hips to my ankles. Doc has a tough time of it because of the nerve damage due to FX back, osteoathritis and the FM He does feel for me and is doing what he can with meds Nuerontin, Darvocet, Trazodone for the RLS at night and stronger stuff as needed but nothing seems to help in the evenings except just putting them up and relieving the pressure or knocking myself out. so I just suffer and cry alot of the time

    I feel for you and pray you get some relief and find as wonderful and understanding a doc as I have

    Love and hugs
  5. Jackie41

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    I too get leg pain later in the day.I don't think there's anything special about the afternoom. I think its just that the later in the day it is, the more tired my legs get and the pain usually starts after the weakness starts. Maybe it's because the muscles have to work harder to hold me up. About a year ago I started using a cane which helped a little, then two canes which helped a bit more, and then two forearm crutches which help a lot. On days when I don't use the crutches, my legs get more fatigued and I have more pain later in the day and then I have to use the crutches anyway. So most days I just use the crutches right away, unless I know I'm going to be staying at home. That way I have less fatigue and less pain as the day wears on. At first it was a hard adjustment, emotionally, to go from being very active to being on crutches most of the time, but now I just grab them when I get out of bed in the morning and just go. I don't think much about them any more. So believe me, I can sympathize with you and wish you all the best.



  6. trasestry

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    I too, have severe leg pain. If I could only get rid of that...I would be ok. I cant sleep at night, at times, cuz the pain is sooo bad. I take Vicodin for the pain. Sometimes I just need a half of one..other times I need one and a half.
    I am wondering though...where is everyones leg pain. Mine is anterior (front) parts of my legs. It is in the ankles, front part of my calf...skips the knee...and is in the front of my theighs. They feel as though they are about to snap when its really bad. It also feels as though there are bruises when I massage them. Only certain spots feel that way. Does anyone else experience this? The doctors seem to look at me like I am strange when I tell them EXACTLY where they hurt.

    Good Luck, Tracy
  7. duketomato

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    I have leg pain,numbness,other problems.I do my exercise between 5-7 a.m.(riding a bike 2-5 miles,1-2 mile walk)and my leg pain increased an awful lot.I started taking supplements and it seems that magnesium and alpha lipoic acid calmed down the pain.Also heat wraps on my kness help tremendously.
  8. SPR30

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    Hi there!
    I too have daily pain in both legs. It has gotten worse over the past 5 years. (by the way I am 31)
    I have been diagnosed with FMS as well as periodic limb
    movement (for this I take Zanaflex every night).
    I also have osteo-arthritis (in the knees, lower back, neck)
    and rheumatoid arthritis (haven't found a drug yet that I can tolerate).
    My legs ache (as well as my knees) sometimes so badly that I turn purple with pain. Walking long enough to do weekly shopping brings me to tears.(It is embarrasing to use a public wheel chair or motorized vehicle, because people stare and automatically assume that young= healthy or I am just lazy, which is not that case at all.) I also have so much swelling that at times I think my legs will just split open. I am curious, does anyone else notice that their legs keep getting and staying swollen? I hardly ever have a morning that my legs aren't already swollen and tired when I wake.
    Thanks, guys! Take care!
  9. KathiM

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    Finally after 2 years of pain I finlly went to another rheumy and demanded to be tested for something because I told the Dr it is NOT normal and she replied I will give you an order for an EMG BUT i am sure it is "Just Part of what is going on" well 4 weeks and one EMG tests layter I was diagnosed with full blown perephial neuropathy in both lower extremities. !!!!!!!!!

    Dont listen to any horror stories.... My EMG was done by a qualified Dr and it was a pie ce of cake and no pain at all.
    It is very important to get diagnosed and find the CAUSE so it does not get worse !!!!!!

    If you need more info just give me a yell....


    P.S. I am still trying to sort mine out....
  10. tandy

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    By this time(now...its almost 5pm)My legs are killin me!! They throb! And they won't let up until I rest for awhile~ Nothing seems to help mine,or I have'nt found anything yet~ Mine is daily also......but has only been a problem for the last 5-6 months. I get the pins and needles my feet,especially when I cross my legs.??
    Hope we find some relief for this :)
  11. obrnlc

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    hi all. I also have the severe leg pain--travels and changes constantly, all docs think i am nuts, but location, intensity and type of pain change ALL THE TIME! Does anyone else ever notice SOUND makes legs throb? My husbands deep voice kills me, also TV and barking dogs when the pain is at its worse (usually late afternoon and evenings). They burn and are sore in morning, take 15mg of vicodin and am usually good for 6 hours, then take another 15mg and that wears off around 7pm, sometimes take additional 10mg then, usually just tough it out with heat and hot water, only supposed to take 30mg a day and 10 alone does not allow me to function well. I also notice the intermittent numbness of great toe, sometimes it even looks a little dusky. The big difference between fibro leg pain and periph.vasc.disease is pain after WALKING with PVD versus pain AT REST with fibro, which also hurts with walking but legs actually hurt all the time! Thanks for listening--rather lengthy,sorry. You do not suffer alone! Laurie