how many out there, see a naturalpath or an herbalist

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by trasestry, Aug 24, 2003.

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    I am looking for an herbalist where I live, but no luck. Wondering how many of you see one. Anyone just taking herbal supplements for FMS? I am sooo tired of taking prescription medications and would like to try some herbal supplements instead. I have started on Mag, Cal and Zinc. Along with B 50 complex. And I feel a little better, mentally, dont seem to get that "fog", especially around mid afternoon.
    willing to try anything!!!!! thank you, God bless!!
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    To get the most help for your dollar, you probably should see a holistic M.D. or D.O. unless you live in one of the states where Naturopaths are licensed (Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Connecticutt). In those states, you could also see a Naturopath.
    I went to a Naturopath for awhile here in Florida, but since they are not licensed here, she could not order lab tests, or give me the few drugs that I still need, etc. And, she was educated by a correspondence course, as most all of them are in the non-licensing states, since there are no accredited Naturopathic Medical Schools in the non-licensing states. It became obvious, even to her, that I knew more than she did, so I stopped going.
    I now see a holistic D.O. instead. Mine uses nutritional medicine, which is in line with what I want, since I have had problems with herbs just as with meds, due to my plant allergies. I am taking vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which is nutritional medicine, not herabalism.
    You may need to search to find one whose philosophy agrees with what you are looking for. Many acupuncturists will also give you herbs, if that is what you are looking for. I am very leery of Chinese herbs however, since growing conditions in China are not hygenic by our standards (they use human waste as fertilizer) and can make us sick, since we have not developed an immunity to those things, like they have over there.