How many people are still working full-time?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pcaron, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. pcaron

    pcaron New Member

    I work full-time because I have no other choice. I don't do any thing but work and at times I feel so resentful because of this illness.

    I have a 6yr old son who I would love to be able to do more with and just don't have the energy to. Also by the time I get home I am in such pain all I want to do is lay down and sleep.

    So was wondering how many others out there are in the same shape?

  2. lardsgirl

    lardsgirl New Member

    I am still full time but some days are real killers..I am an Educational interpreter for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing in the school district and some days start at 7:30am and go until 5:30pm.. It is not straight thru but after 45 minutes I wish I was done for the day..Ice packs,heat, rest? not..I applaude you! We know many people haven't been able to work because of this D.D. My husband and grand daughter don't get the best of me any more and that is heartbreaking..Keep up your ++++++ attitude and don't let Fibro and the world tear you down..enjoy the good days and the rest will take care of itself...
  3. chp1298

    chp1298 New Member

    I work full-time because I have no other choice. My hubby is disabled and we would starve to death of ss benefits alone. I feel very resentful at times that this responsibility is all mine no matter how badly I feel. And other times I feel very greatful I have a good job with great benefits.
  4. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    My heart just goes out to you all that have to hold down a job and feel so bad.I am amazed that you have the strength emotionally and physically.All of you and anyone that works full time and feels this bad are just inspirations.I know many of you have no choice.

    I was thinking last night how society ,insurance , employers punish those with illnesses.My daughter is turning in her 2 week notice tom.She has FMS/CFS.It is going to be tough finacially.We will have to use cobra insurance for awhile and it is so exspensive.But she is so sick.Yesterday I had to call all the dr.'s she has seen in the last 4 months and get them to send in notes stating that Amber was at the dr. this day or that.Boss is questioning her absentism.

    It is so hard for people especially bosses to see that everyday is a major accomplishment for you all just to get out of bed and come to work everyday.Instead of feeling like no one belives you or you coworkers being mad at you,you should be praised for doing the good work that you do.

    I take my hat off to all of you.

  5. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I'm an administrative assistant (okay, just a fancy word for secretary, ha!) for a small engineering firm, I work Mon-Thurs 8-5 and Fri 8-12. I'm very fortunate that my job is not high stress or very demanding, although as with every job there are some crunch times that are stressful. I'm also very fortunate that my FM isn't too bad for the most part. Like everyone else, I have my share of bad days when I feel awful and it is sheer agony to sit here in front of this computer (I'm at work now) and "put on a happy face." The fatigue is usually my main problem, not the aches and pains, today is one of those days when I hurt from head to toe. Ugh. And some days the "fog" gets the best of me and I'm sure I seem like the biggest airhead these guys have ever seen.

    I'm sure we could manage to arrange our budget so that I could quit, but I keep telling myself to hang in there and try to make it at least a couple more years. We have two in college right now and we need my income for now. And I do enjoy the interaction I have here at work. The trade-off is that I have little left to give to my husband at the end of the day. He doesn't always understand why I'm in my nightgown by 6:00 but he doesn't complain! He is good about helping around the house and he is usually the one who cooks dinner (I hate to cook anyway, FM or no FM!) so that is a blessing.

    It sure is tough some days, though. My heart goes out to all of you who are in the same situation ... and I'm grateful that we can come here and share with people who have "been there, done that!"

    Have a good day, friends!


  6. SoxFan

    SoxFan New Member

    I enjoy my work, make great $$, and much of my self esteem is as a result of my work.

    I also have 3 kids who are very active in sports, so after "work", I have my second job driving "Mom's Taxi".

    All of this is really taking it's toll on me, especially the last couple of months with the kids back in school and soccer season in full swing. I do well when I can get an hour nap in after work, but that's only been possible an average of once every couple of weeks lately.

    I've been in turmoil lately thinking about whether to give up the job (or at least go on STD for a few months). I don't know if added rest would help me to get better. If I'm out of work for more than 6 months, it will be hard to stay in this field. There are many things to consider in this decision.....
  7. atpeace

    atpeace New Member

    My situation sounds similar to Kat_in_Texas (I think I got that name right!). I'm office manager/secretary at an architectural firm. It's not a hard job at all, but we have the occasional stressful day. I work 8:30-4:00, then I'm "Mom" to a 13 yo and 18 yo. My life has gotten easier as my kids have gotten older, that's for sure.

    Some days it IS difficult to not just lay across my desk and whine due to the Fibro, but I restrain myself...usually ;) My co-workers are very understanding when I have to leave early due to Fibro issues...but I try not to do that very often.

    As much as I like my job (been here 21 years!), I still look forward to the day I can retire -- hopefully in 7 years (when I'm 46 or so)!


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  8. pcaron

    pcaron New Member

    I like to know that I am not alone. I try hard everyday to make it thru. The last 2 months I have been in a real bad flare. It just takes so much out of me.

    I thought I had my vitamins and meds worked out and they were working for me, at least for a while. It is always nice to have days with reduced pain and fatiuge.

    So I am back at the drawing board to try and find what will work again. I don't like to take a lot of pain medication but will when needed to be able to stay working.

    You all give me such encouagment to be able to go on. Thank you for the replies.

  9. baby-bear

    baby-bear New Member

    I commute to work and I have to get up at 4:00 in the morning. I take care of my 3 fuzzy babies (let them out to pee) then take my hot bath and meds, get hubby up and head out the door at 6:00a.m. to drive to Austin, Texas on IH-35 in the heavy traffic. I too am a Administrative Assistant. I work at U.T. in Austin. I have a business degree but Im too sick to have a stressful job. Plus I'm through with corporate jobs. Way too stressfull!!!!

    Anyway, then at 5:00 p.m. I drive home in heavy traffic and usually arrive home at 6:00 if all is well on the road. I try to get into bed by 8:00 but my fuzzbuts and my hubby are all to much fun.

    I usually have to run them out except for one baby which she sleeps with me. My hubby snores bad and talks in his sleep so we sleep separate. He totally understands if I don't sleep I can't work and get really sick from sleep deprivation.

    Here's the deal. If it were not for my meds from pain mgt. I would/could not work. It's that simple, so I pray they never take me off them. My quality of life would cease!!! The good thing is my job is a 9 month job so I have summers off to get some better. It does make a difference and also my benefits are too good to give up.

    I think about quitting all the time because this is too hard on me. But I know I would feel more horrible if I quit so I don't. But I am looking for something closer to home.

  10. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I have a very physical career with the Red Cross, but the schedule is not regimented as in M-F, 9 to 5 etc. The work days are anywhere between 9 and 12 hours long... all moving and motivating, but I won't necessarily be there more then 3 times per week.

    The second "job" are my horses. They are show horses so there is a committment to keep them "show ready" even if I am not strong enough to show at the moment. Getting there, but not there yet. I need to be working with them in some capacity 5 days a week. ( Other people take care of the daily feeding,water, stall cleaning,etc.)

    I love both of these things. They are necessary for my happiness. I am not doing either on the scale that I use to, but I still am active in both.

    Like an earlier poster, I need to have them for my self esteem and sense of accomplishment. My treatment plan, maintainance meds. and health goals are all geared towards making sure these aspects of my life stay in my life.

    The other "thing" I need in my life to be truly happy is my dear husband. I thank God for that man every day.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. You individuals who get up everyday, put one foot in front of the other regardless of how you feel so you can take care of others are true heroes in my book.

    Take care,

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  11. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    Yep, 40 hrs a week, as a nurse. Wish I could work less, but bills call. As soon as my husband doesn't have to pay child support and alimony, things should ease up, and I may go to part-time.

    6 year olds are still a handful, and still needy. Maybe reading to him in your bed, or in a comfy chair would suffice? I'm sure he'd like to play rough and tumble, but you can only do what you can do.

    Also, maybe there's a time during the weekend when you feel a little stronger, and could set aside a bit of time to do something more active with him - like taking him to the park, and watching him play on the equipment. Or drive through a fast food place, and bring a picnic to the park. No cooking or cleanup for you to contend with, and he gets the physical outlet he needs.

    It's hard to be a mommy. Mine are older, but still a handful at times.

  12. pam112361

    pam112361 New Member

    I work full time as the assistant to the director of the adult emergency department at a level 1 trauma center in Nashville and for the vice-chair of finance. I also support 10 additional physicians/NP/PAs. It can be a very high stress environment. I love my job but am totally exhausted.

    My husband has asked why I don't try to get disability and I repeatedly remind him that he's self-employed and I carry all of the insurance. We also have a daughter in college and one of my work benefits is 70% tuition reimbursement. This is why I work full time. I get up at 4:30am, leave home at 6am, drive an hour to work, get off at 4pm and get home around 5:30pm. My husband very seldom gets supper cooked anymore; I don't have the energy by the time I get home and he, for the most part, is very understanding.

    As long as I can stay upright, I'll continue to work.
    My co-workers know about my fibro and are very supportive. Some of my docs know (I don't publicize), but they are so busy I don't think they'd notice me actually feeling poorly unless I was laid out on the floor. Then they'd carry me over to the ED and keep me all day running tests; that's just what they do (LOL).

    I suppose necessity is the reason those of us that can work full time still do. I just wish there were more days to recuperate from the work week.

    Best Wishes and Gentle Hugs!
  13. spasco

    spasco New Member

    We own and operate a shop and an internet business, so I have no alternative. We cannot afford to hire anyone, so...

    You do what you must.

    God bless! Stephanie
  14. lauralea443

    lauralea443 New Member

    I've been through a lot of job in the past 7 yrs, mostly because of this illness, just can't keep up. I finally found a job that is flexable and not that demanding.

    I just got lucky, of course I make a lot less and had to make some life style changes (no more Nordstorm) LOL WalMart now.

    I like my new job (since Feb) I am an Office Manager of a Non-Profit Corp. with a very small staff and a easy board to work with. My hours are flexable so if I cant get in right at 9 it's no problem.

    I know I'm very lucky and not everyone has this option of flex time. But, there are companies out there that are understanding. I work with a lot of older people who have had illnesses so they understand.

  15. pookeysmom

    pookeysmom New Member

    I justed switched back to full time. I had attempted 32 hrs a week then up to 35, but now it will be 40. There is just not enough money for everything if I don't work full time. This past year was so bad with all of the missed work days (without pay after I used the 5 weeks vacation and 5 sick days) and medical bills due to the crappy insurance my husbands company has we ended up declaring bankruptcy. So now we have to live with cash only. Maybe we will be able to save some money now that I am back to full time. This is the first day and I am already exhausted!

    At the beginning of the year I attempted to go out on short-term disability because I just couldn't do it anymore, my Doctor was in full support of this, she had just diagnosed me with FM and suspected Ankylosing Spodylitis(that was confirmed and I also have RA). I was out for 5 weeks before they let me know that there wasn't enough evidence to support my claim. I tried to explain that I was not able to stay awake all day with all of the new medications we were trying but that didn't matter. I am currently on my 3rd appeal just to get the money from the time I missed in February! The best part was that I ended up using 4 weeks vacation for the days I was sick in January and the 8 day waiting period for disability.

    I have spent so much energy trying to convince them that I am really sick, now I am worried that I will get fired. Just some more stress for me. There just doesn't seem to be a good answer to all of this. I do have little bits of energy and time when the pain medicine is working right, I would really prefer to spend that time with my daughter and husband instead of at work or driving the 45 minutes to an hour each way. I guess I will keep on working until I either have a nervous breakdown or I collapse from exhaustion. Sorry for the negative thoughts- I will feel better when I get home and put on my PJ's.
  16. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    I leave my house at 6:15 and I'm usually home by 4:30 - 5:00.

    My WONDERFUL husband is self-employed and works out of our house, so he keeps our 4 year old daughter during the day, and is home when our 7 year old gets out of I TRY to take over for him at night so he can finish his work, and I have to take over if he has to work in the evenings. Weekends however, I'm on my own since that is when Hubby's work is the busiest.

    Tough, but winter will be harder when my girls can't really go out and ride their bikes with me watching from the porch!

    I LOVE my job, this is such a great company to work for, (very understanding and very family oriented) so it's not so bad...


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