How many PEOPLE do you know that is CURED? HOW?

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    I awoke at 3 AM tonight and I am doing what I ususally do when I do this.......I am on the computer! I was browsing through old postings and came up on a thread that starts with....

    CFIDS and FMS unmasked- This is it - I am convinced! 02/02/05 05:33 PM
    (Enter above into a search box......without date and time.....)

    Lots of good info to me.....then I put MACA in the search box and got more along this line.

    Part of it seems to fit with the conclusions I have been coming to,at least for me, so maybe I am on the right track. I have not put it into motion yet. The more I understand the better chance I have of dealing with/fighting this. As they say: Knowledge is Power.

    Multi times in these postings reference was made to knowing ones that was 90 to 100% "cured" or in remission? I'd like to learn more here.

    Also how many do you know, or have met, that is in the catagory? I do not know of any!

    Exciting......We will find the answers...Susan

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    Hoping and praying for some info on this......
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    My boyfriend is 100% cured by Mickel Reverse Therapy if you want to follow my story please see my other posts. My boyfriend was seriously affected by this illness some days it would take all he had just to get to the bathroom. He was one of Dr Mickels most seriously affected patients but he got better. There is hope keep going and never give up
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    My mom's friend has CFS for 4-5 yrs. She didn't take anything just rested and eventually got better.
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    My Reiki healer has had Fibromyalgia for many years. She was in bed for two full years not able to do much of anything with 4 young kids!

    Slowly, she said through supplements, including lots of B12 and B6, sunshine walks along the beach (for vitamin D),

    exercise, meditation, massage therapy and a no sugar, no white carbohydrate diet, she's in about 90% remission.

    She also changed her profession which helped emmensely. She still gets body aches once in awhile and she goes to massage therapy once a week.

    I'm trying so hard to emulate her but I must admit the no sugar and no white carb diet is hard for me. Also, exercising is very hard for me with two young sons at home.

    But it does seem possible so let's cross our fingers that all of us on this message board go into remission!!

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    who have their symptoms under control and can lead somewhat normal lives. I wouldn't say that either is totally cured but I would be very happy to be as well as either of them.

    The first one is my ex-SIL. She became so much better by doing ART (Active Rest Therapy), colonics 3 or 4 times a week and IV Vitamin therapy. She also has MCS so had to deal with that regarding her food and environment.

    The other one is a young lady who was severely disabled for 11 years. Her treatment is outlined in a post I wrote in the fall called "How one person...." I think. Because she was young when she was affected, her illness might be very different from that suffered by us "old folks".

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    I know 2 people personally in remission or cured (depending on how you view it). one was diagnosed with CFS and Fibro and was very sick for 5 years. She claims she has no symptoms anymore. The other was diagnosed with Fibro and says she rarely has aches anymore - maybe once every six months or so. Both of them shunned western/conventional care because it did little for them. the fibro one meditated and does accupuncture and swimming and drinks lots of green crap. the cfs/fibro one rested a lot, eats organic vegeterian, and does chigong (sp?).

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    I personally don't beleive there is a cure. There will not be a one pill works for everyone as these issues are so complicated and individualized. I beleive I am in remission and must be dilligent the rest of my life to prevent reccurance. I am treating myco plasma and EBV which had become active and is now inactive as well as hypercoagulation which has completely disappeared but which I will continue to moniter.

    Good Luck lynn

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    H E L L O........................

    If there was, or is a cure, I really don't think we would be on this board. Not meaning to sound rude, but give us a break. I'm really sick of buyiny that CD. (Reg)
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    It is very ironic that you brought this up. I used to be a frequent poster on this website a couple of years ago. I was in constant, severe pain on a daily basis. I took I believe 100 mg of Topamax a day and it helped me some with my pain and then i had a breast reduction and ended up losing a great deal of weight (due to the Topamax I think). I noticed I felt better and over time I was almost pain free! I felt like it was some sort of a miracle. It occured for about two years, with pain bouts occuring about six months or so.

    However, right before i got married in November i had pain and fatigue for about a week. I got really scared, but luckily it went away. Unfortunately about a week ago I have been in pain that is as severe as i remember it being two years ago!! I am very, very scared.

    So, I don't really know the answer to the question. I had thought over the past couple of years that maybe it eventually goes away in some people, but I am just not sure. I think maybe you can go into remission, and then it come back, at least that is what i am afraid of! I had a doctor tell me when you hit 30 it will go away, but i think she was full of it, TO PUT IT NICELY.