How many people with this DD still drive or has trouble driving?

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  1. smoke

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    My wife and I are curious as to how many people that has FMS/CFS that were driving prior to being DX and still drive or does not drive/has trouble driving. I have not driven since about a year unless I really have to. I can still drive but I am not comfortable with it. The last time I drove in the city I ran a stop sign that I knew was there and the other driver seen that I was not going to stop and was honking at me. I thought, what is his problem, after I went a couple of blocks I thought back to that and decided that I had ran the stop sign!!! Them kind of things worry me. I live in rural MO and I can get by out here but the city is a different story, I used to be a good city driver with no problems, not now!! Driving at night or when it is raining is very difficult for me, when it is raining at night I refuse to drive. The lights of the oncoming traffic kills me!! Just curious about your experience, would like to hear your responses.

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    What part of the state do you live in; may be I need to start looking out for you. I hate to drive anymore as well but haven't got a choice, have to shuffle my son to school things or to meet my Ex. I try to stay alert as I can, the trip down my son keeps me straight but it’s the trip back alone that really bites. I hate this DD and it is really something to think tht I've got all of this pain and BS that goes with it for the rest of my life, o well I guess it could be a Hell of lot worse. Anyway my fine followed friend I just try to make it through each day, my short-term memory is shot, and it really scares me to even be alone with my 10 moth old grand daughter. I just love her so much and it really takes a heck of a lot out of me. Anyway I live just north of Joplin, just moved down here from Sedalia about four months ago. All I can tell you is to pray and pray a lot more.
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    I too had given up driving at night and esp. at night with rain. Couldn't see a thing except flashing lights. And during the day if it was bright sunshine it hurt my eyes too. Used to hear drivers honking too, I figured it was at some one else (maybe you! LOL) but it was happening so often it finally dawned on me! Now I do not even wear sun glasses during the day and night driving is not a problem (a first since I do not know when). I still have not had to drive at night with rain (we're in a drought). I am so much more alert and notice the details (like stop signs and people walking across the road). Getting better every day and loving it.
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    Funny this should come up tonite. I worked until 10PM and am beyond exhaustion at this point. I was the first car at the light and noticed that the gas station on the corner had a real cheap price for gas and I just blew through the light and drove into the station. Duh, my mind said get gas and there was nothing else there I guess. I would gladly give up driving if there were any other means of transportation in our area. I know that I'm a hazard to myself and anyone else out there, but I commute 500 miles a week and the boo-boos are seldom. I was shaking so bad that I nearly couldn't get the nozzle to the tank.
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    driving a city bus, because I felt that I was no longer competent to handle 37,000 lbs of equipment and the lives of my passengers safely. I am still quite capable behind the wheel of my car MOST times. I believe that I am the best judge of when I should not be driving, and at those times, I don't. I am always situationally aware, but my primary problem is forgetting where I am supposed to be going. This is no great problem if I am merely out for an afternoon's shopping, but a bus load of people tends to get concerned if they wind up in a town they hadn't planned on visiting.
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    I still drive in an emergency, but I have not drove daily or weekly in over a year or more.

    I did not pass up any stop signals, but I was at the supermarket, bought too much food stuffs, along with 30 pounds of dog food, 15lbs cat food, 25lbs of Wildbird seed.

    When I go to the check out counter and was putting the items on the counter, I got a spasm in my back and could not move for a few minutes.

    The cashier had to finish putting my items on the counter, and they had a manager push the cart and load my trunk with the groceries for me.

    Lord, was I ever embarrassed! I have always done my own shopping, including all the dog food , cat food, and wildbird seed(I have five dogs, six at that time and two cats).
    I sat in the car, took an Advil (can't take pain meds, allergic to them), and just waited till I could move my arm and not disturb that spasm in my back too much to drive.

    I was 15 miles from home, mostly country roads, but the little city for about 10 blocks is very crowded with traffic.

    Well I made it home, left a trunkload of purchases in the car and went to bed on the heating pad.

    It took hours later to unload the trunk with a wheelbarrow to get the stuff in the house.

    That was the very last time I went shopping, driving alone!

    Now my husband does all the major shopping in the large stores, and then he takes me to the smaller stores and the Farmers Markets, out to eat etc. where I can deal with the size of the store, and he does the pushing the carts and unloading the purchases.

    He works for an oil company, so is gone weeks at a time, so he makes sure that I have everything I need for my animals and myself while he is gone.
    My daughter takes me for small shopping, clothes, or just a few things at the stores, out to eat when he is gone.

    My car has sat up so long that I am also afraid of the car breaking down now (although my husband says its in good shape!) and even with a cell phone I would be stranded on a country road in this horrific heat!
    So I will drive if absolutely necessary, but not just for the sake of driving anymore.

    Maybe a new car might help, who knows? My husband did warn me, not to get more than I can push in the cart, or carry in the house thought :)

    Thats my 'driving' story. Before that happened, I had no problems whatsoever driving, had two fender benders in 30 years of driving. Plus at the time I lived in New Orleans, and thats saying a lot for that crazy city.

    I have been in the country now for 9 years. The roads are not crowded, but people do exceed the speed limits out here a lot.

    Good luck, and I hope you get back to drivng, it takes so much of your freedom away when you quit. I know.

    Shalom, Shirl

  7. jadibeler

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    I have also had experiences of suddenly not knowing where I am going or why. That's scary. I have terrible night vision anymore and night & rain combined, forget it. I do find myself making stupid mistakes. My mind has always wandered, that's been a life-long problem, along with the FM.

    I find that when I've excessively fatigued, which is often, it's best that I don't drive. I just don't trust myself. And I'm totally incapable of driving too far. I used to jump in the car at a moment's notice and drive from Phila. area to Niagara Falls, straight through, with no problem. Now 15 miles to Walmart is too far. Next week my husband will drive an hour to Lufkin and go into the hospital for some minor surgery. So I will have to drive back home (I have my own dr.'s appt) and then back up the next morning to get him and then drive home again. I'm praying that I'm up to it.

    I'm nervous about driving in town now as well. I never did like driving in the city but now Livingston is too busy for me and it's not that big!

    This all makes me very angry because my car was my freedom.

  8. kalina

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    I don't drive unless I absolutely HAVE to. Luckily, my husband works out of the house and is very good about providing "taxi service" when the need arises. I can drive short distances, but don't feel comfortable driving more than 5 or 10 minutes away from home. I haven't even bothered renewing my drivers license when it expired on my birthday! Who knows when I'll get around to it... it's not high on my priority list. :)

  9. dumdum

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    I only drive when I feel positive that it is a good day, which limits my driving to about once a month. About two years ago I went to drive home after a realy busy day at work and had to pull over and take a walk. It was as if I was really drunk. I felt as though I was not in control. When I discussed this with my doctor he said he knew of no medical reason why I should not drive but advised me to not drive if I felt it was no longer safe to do so.

    Trouble with dd is you can start the day ok and suddenly go downhill fast. Means planning is kind of hard. Where ever possible I get a lift from my kid and husband but try short trips to keep my confidence up.

    BILLCAMO New Member

  11. Lexied

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    I've said this SO many times before but it just amazes me when someone shares their experiences about life with FM and it sounds just like ME!! When I read your post my mouth literally dropped wide open... that was a sight to see! LOL It has been over two years since I have driven a car by myself. Like you, I can still drive, but I am not very confident about my reaction time and my attention span on the road. I just panic when I see all the cars whizzing by in every direction... it just makes my head spin. I've ran red lights and have almost pulled right out in front of a Mack Truck once! That particular incident was pretty much the deciding factor for me to stop driving all together. It is SO hard to give up because it's the last little bit of independence we have left... and we become totally dependent on someone else to haul us around! I guess that's a small price to pay though when you consider the fact that you could easily get seriously injured or hurt someone else on the road.

    Thanks for the post!
    It makes me feel less "ALONE"!

  12. illumine27

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    Just a couple weeks ago I totally ran a red light. I looked at the light. I saw it was red... and I thought, "oh, a red light." & drove right thru it... only afterward thinking... oh #$%!! RED=STOP!!! Yikes. It wasn't that I didn't SEE it, my mind just totally spaced the association. I was soooooo lucky the intersection wasn't very busy at the time. I live right in town, so most of my jaunts are minutes long. (I've noticed it's on longer drives, like the day I ran the red light... that I "space" out sort of & make bad mistakes like that) I feel ok with driving in town--not so ok for longer things. & I know the tricky intersections & avoid them. With kids hollering in the back seat & cars coming & going... it's too much information for me!
  13. Mikie

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    I used to have so much sensory overload from the movement on the road that it would make me dizzy and sick. I now just put 1/4 of a tablet under my tongue if I feel the sensory overload coming on. I just got back from Denver where I drove the freeways, which are under construction, in pouring rain.

    Two and one half years ago, when I was sooooo sick, I couldn't drive a great deal of the time. It was all I could do to walk through my condo. My overall health has improved and this has allowed me to drive pretty much anytime now.

    Love, Mikie
  14. libra55

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    I read the posts about people running the red lights. I am famous for sitting through the green light! Anyone else here done that? Thank goodness I have not been rear ended yet. So embarrassing. I don't even know why it happens. The rest of my driving is Ok. I don't like the highway but I'll do it in a pinch. I take my kids to soccer and music lessons. My doctor told me not to sit in the car and wait but get out and walk around (avoids the stiffness). Driving at night is not fun. If it is raining at night it is even worse. Despite all this I still enjoy driving and I would hate to have to rely on my dh to do this for me since I think it would make him nuts!

    Good wishes,
  15. IgotYou

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    The trouble I have with driving is that it hurts my hands, wrists and shoulders, and when I get really bad pressing the clutch hurts my knee and hip. Sometimes when I'm driving my hands hurt so much they feel frail and I find myself looking at them with pity. I also have trouble at night with differences in light. Headlights blind me, which is very scarry. I don't like driving at night at all. I have only noticed a couple of times when I was so spacey that I did something stupid while driving. But I can NEVER remember how to find my way anywhere, and unless I've gone somewhere several times I always panic about whether or not I'll find it. Funny thing is I can't even find my way to places that used to be familiar if I haven't gone to them for a year or so.
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  16. lucky

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    I have never stopped driving because of CFS/FMS and go almost everywhere.....but I am trying not to stress myself out driving into big cities where parking and traffic are poor, if I ever can avoid it. Driving at night is not a problem either, but also since many people do not like to drive at night who are healthy, I also only drive if I have to.
    Sincerely, Lucky
  17. ksp56

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    I LOVE to drive! Love to drive to see my daughter at college, love the time alone, the music blaring with my sun roof open, and 'slightly exceeding the speed limit.

    This is how I would have responded last winter. Now, I think all green lights mean turn left,without an arrow. Start thinking about everything else, but driving, or I don't have a thing going on in my mind other than lots of 'fog'. I become very jumpy on some days and feel like I'm not quite not 'there'. I had my 21 y/o daughter with me this summer and I was so spacey, and didn't realize it. SHE took the keys and said she was driving. Heck, can't even take the music loud now! It's as if I am very preoccupied. And not with driving!

    I've driven 4-5 times these past two weeks and that is so different from my old normal.......

    I hate that we have to deal with all of this stuff, but I always feel better knowing that I'm not crazy. That others experience what I do and understand and don't judge.

    There are so many times when I feel like blaming myself for having these problems. As if I'm not doing something 'right'. Coming here gives me valadation in what I feel and think. Thanks to you all!



  18. fullarmor

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    I do have some trouble driving. My reaction time is slow, and sometimes I feel so foggy I'm not even sure where i'm going. I've pulled out in front of cars when I was sure no one was coming, and I've stopped at some lights when they were green! I do a lot of driving at work, and if i'm feeling too foggy, I just tell my coworker and she does the driving that day. I do love to drive and love the comfort of my car, but I have to take it really slow and careful. Just another wonderful part of this DD!
  19. smoke

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    It is very interesting seeing what everyone else is up against. I can and do drive some, but I have a wonderful wife that does most all the driving for me. I have a boy that has turned 15 and is going to get his permit and he can drive me around to give Shelly a break. Zeb, my 15yo, has been driving in the pastures and back roads for 2 years now and on occasion we would be somewhere and I would get down and he would drive me home, even through the towns and never had any problems. I am just very lucky to have such a wonderful family and I am sorry for the ones of you that do not.
  20. spmary

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    Well, yes, I have trouble driving. Several years ago i had some blackouts or fainting spells.I stopped driving and told my doc. He said Stop driving for 6 months and if no more fainting spells start driving again. Tests didn't show any reason for fainting. I waited 6 months and started driving again. I can not see at night if it's raining. My husband says I wander in the lanes. I think I do better by myself. Because no one is watching to see if I make a mistake. So when I go shopping with friends they always drive. I used to take long trips to see my children but get very tired now so don't go alone.Get my husband to drive. He has bad arthritis so is in pain after a couple of hours, so we don't go as much. I think I do o k when I know the roads, but get nervous in stange places not knowing what lane to be in because I don't know when I might have to make a turn. I don't think these problems are related to my health..Proberly my age. [ 73 ]That's my story. I always pass the driving test.