How many suffer with neck pain?

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    I watched a video on YouTube by a doctor who said many of his FM patients had neck problems and once they had surgery, etc., their Fibro went away. I'm wondering how often this is the case.
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    Right now I'm having neck traction about twice a week to lengthen the areas of the vertebreas. Spinal doctors do everything they can so their patients don't have to have surgery. I've also been shown exercises to help strengthen my neck muscles and am put on several type machines to work my shoulders/neck and legs.

    I have a friend who also has FM and she recently told me an MRI showed that her neck was a mess. She said luckily she has no pain in her neck though. She's very lucky.

    What type of neck problems do you have?
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  3. tjblueeyes

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    I also have a bulging disc in my neck and also have stenosis. I've seen commercials about a laser treatment they use now for stenosis.
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    Dr. Mike Rosner first carried out cervical spine surgery on people with FM, way back in 2000 (I think). He is a spinal surgeon specializing in Chiari Malformation surgery. He, and subsequently others had some success with this approach.

    I first made this suggestion (that some cases of FM were due to spinal stenosis) in 1999 and my proposal was discussed at the American Rheumatological Association Annual Conference by Rheumatologist Anthony Gear.

    So, what is the relationship between spinal nerve compression (stenosis) and FM?

    Firstly, FM is not really a disease, it is a symptom set of an underlying pathology.

    There is no doubt that cervical and lumbar spine stenosis will cause widespread pain. Also people who have cervical stenosis usually also turn out to have lumbar stenosis. As you can imagine these people will have many symptoms of pain down their arms, wrists, fingers, in their skull, shoulders, chest, hips, low back, knees, calves, feet and toes. And they do! There will not necessarily be any inflammation in these painful areas. Inflammation will vary in the primary sites (cervical and lumbar spine) depending on what people do in their day. The result of which will cause rises and falls in the pain in the secondary sites, sometimes days after the stress on the primary sites. As you can imagine this can all be very fatiguing too.

    People with ME/CFS also get fibromyalgia and symptoms are similar even though they may have no identifiable spinal problems. Their pain is usually less than those with spinal FM but still quite severe. Their pain is probably caused by several complex events, pro-inflammatory cytokines at the sites of pain and in the central nervous system

    All this has caused much confusion in the Medical world, especially as FM was defined by "tender points" (which has now been dropped).

    So if you have been diagnosed FM but not ME/CFS (or some other immunological disease) you should request a spinal examination because probability is that it is your spine that is causing the wide-spread pain and other symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness and mental issues.

    However I would also say that FM is the most ill-diagnosed condition on the planet.

    Of course, some people will have both spinal stenosis and ME/CFS at the time of diagnosis.

    To complicate matters further, there is now some evidence that people with long term ME/CFS and FM will more likely develop spinal problems as a result of the neuro-immune inflammatory condition which induces stiffness in the tendons and muscles leading to bone and cartilage damage (wear and tear).

    I also know of several people who's FM pathology was probably caused by chronic toxin exposure, such as the pesticide paraquat. (This exposure will be interacting with genetics ). These people also have MCS and probably ME/CFS. In this case I also think they have MCS as a symptom set of ME/CFS.
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    I have neck pain and FM but the root cause of both of those symptoms for me is a chronic bacterial infection, Lyme Disease.

  6. sunflowergirl

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    I'm a side sleeper. Is it hard to learn to sleep on this pillow? I watched the youtube video on it and it sounds really interesting. I also watched about the tempurpedic so now I'm torn. And do you find this has helped your neck pain?
  7. sunflowergirl

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    I talked to the PT guy last week about pillows. He told me I just had to try different ones.

    You must have small shoulders to require a petite.
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    I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disc Disease. I had my C5-6 fused last year and am facing L5-S1 fusion in 3 weeks. Both sites have had previous trauma, neck broken at age 5 and back broken at age 37. I had immediate relief of right arm and hand pain after neck surgery. The doctor did have to use quite a bit of traction to get enough space for the bone graft and to get it plated in place. this one is going to be much the same issue since the disc has "pancaked" according to my spinal surgeon. I hope to get relief fron the sciatic, radiculopathy, and back pain I have been having. nothing has stopled the severe headaches but, I can deal with those. I believe the spine has a lot to do with Fibro symptoms. Hoping to have relief soon!! likes this.
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    I have terrible neck pain. Sometimes so much I don't sleep for days because I can't get comfortable & can't stay asleep if I manage to fall asleep. We were finally able to buy a tempurpedic mattress after saving over a year. That has helped a lot bc now I mostly just have neck pain to deal with as the pain everywhere else is mostly cradled by the bed. I had gotten this pillow: before the bed which once I got used to it was great! But then when we got the new bed it didn't work as well. I got the tempurpedic pillow here: but it was pretty useless as it thins so much it almost disappears. I'm now experimenting with using BOTH of those pillows together & so far so good!
  10. sunflowergirl

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    I see I haven't put an update on the pillow I purchased. Didn't help at was too high for me and too hard so I took out my carving knife and proceeded to "sculpt". After 3 days of sculpting daily, I gave up. I've made my own pillow from various polyfil stuffings. It works for me. Everyone is different. Hooda thunk we'd have so much trouble sleeping!!!!!