How many take Klonipin ??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susabar, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. susabar

    susabar New Member

    And does it work for you????
    I just started 3 nights ago, and I am feeling better already. .5 mg was too much, so the Doctor said I could take 1/2. Am I excited for nothing???
    Please tell me if it has helped you.
    Love Sue
  2. allycat20

    allycat20 New Member

    Well Sue i started klonopin on this flare up. My pain is better but the fatigue still has hold of me and am hoping this will stop soon. Can say if it is the klonopin or not i have been on it bout 2 weeks. I am sleeping at night and dont have any trouble going. Hope this helps alittle, for me the sleep at night is welcome.
  3. camelgirl

    camelgirl New Member

    I take .5mg 2*/day, but I take it for shakes/tremors. it definitely helps that and also helps with sleep.
    peace and hugs, Camelgirl
  4. kalina

    kalina New Member

    When I first got sick, I was only able to sleep for 10-15 minutes at a time, off and on -- maybe 2 hours a night tops if you added it all up, but I was getting no stage 3 or 4 sleep. I was so restless and miserable that I couldn't stop tossing and turning all night. My husband had to sleep in the spare bedroom during this time.

    Ambien along with 2mg Klonopin helped some, but after 4 hours I was wide awake, tossing and turning like mad. My neuro finally upped my Klonopin dose to 4mg at bedtime, which not only helped me sleep better and longer, but helped calm the restlessness and anxiety that would keep waking me up.

    The doctor who dx'ed me with CFS/FM cut me back to 2mg at bedtime, but added 0.5mg once or twice during the day, which worked very well for me by decreasing daytime anxiety and restlessness.

    My current doc has eliminated the daytime doses, and at first I didn't miss them. Lately, though, I have noticed that I am getting easily overstimulated and irritable. I wouldn't mind having those daytime doses back now, but her goal is to take me off Klonopin completely. We'll see -- it's the one medication that has helped me the most.

    Kalina[This Message was Edited on 02/23/2003]
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I take .75 mgs (1 1/2 tablets) at night which allows me to sleep for a good 8 hours. I awaken feeling refreshed. During the daytime, I slip 1/4 pieces of tablets under my tongue whenever I feel anxious or am having sensory overload. I used to have such ringing in my ears at night and clicking (tinnitus) that it interfered with sleep. The Klonopin helps greatly with this too.

    Looooove my Klonopin.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Ellie5748

    Ellie5748 New Member

    I take 1 mg at bedtime, and it controls my RLS. I might add also, that it improves my quality of sleep. I think it's a wonderful med.


  7. granmama

    granmama New Member

    Hi Sue,
    I do take the generic of Klonopin (1mg) at night for sleep and restless legs and yes it does work for me. Although, I feel it will be necessary to discuss with my primary about increasing my dosage.
    My legs are bothering me more all the time and I seem to get nervous/stimulated easier than in the past. I take Zoloft 150mg as well, but still the anxiety lingers.

    I take bp meds too, and my bp has been on the rise as well.
    Course, I have had a family death recently and that has increased my stress. I have tried to rationalize not increasing the Klonopin, but I really think I'm at the point now it's time to do so.
    Incidentally, I started out at.05mg.
    good luck Sue,
  8. catgal

    catgal New Member

    I've taken .5mg of Klonopin for the past two years every night before bed. It stopped my restless legs, gave me quality sleep, and I woke up in the mornings feeling much more refreshed, and my body was not nearly as stiff and definitely more flexible.

    A couple of weeks ago, my physician referred me to a Pain Specialist just for a consultation for backup documentation in my chart for the narcotic pain meds he was giving me. I take 20mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day; 3 10mgs percocet a day for breakthrough pain; soma at night as a muscle relaxer; .5mg klonopin at night for RLS and sleep, and 20mgs bextra as an anti-inflamatory.

    The Pain Specialist not only agreed with all my meds, but increased the Soma to 2-3 a day and increased the klonopin to 1mg at night. He also suggested that I take a half klonopin in the morning and a half in the afternoon. By doing this with the klonopin, I have noticed that I have fewer muscle spasms during the day, feel more relaxed, more calm, handle stress easier, and feel better in general.

    I have been very pleased with the results I've gotten from the klonopin--just to sleep through the night and feel refreshed in the morning and so much more flexible was a miracle.

    I hope you receive the same good benefits the rest of us have.

    However, some physicians are leary about upping dosages or keeping patients on klonopin due to the warning that it can become habit forming. So far, my doctor has not had that problem, and the Pain Specialist raising the dosage from .5mg to 1mg plus adding the extra half during the morning and afternoon validated my doctor's prescribing it to me.

    Hope it works as well for you! Blessings, Carol...
  9. Avenue

    Avenue New Member

    I took Klonipin a few years back. It did work wonderfully for my energy levels! However, one caution - it can rev up your linguistic tendencies. (Not everyone has this side-effect). I was already a chatty-Cathy, but after being on this drug, I almost lost my job because I couldn't shut up. I had to go off of this one unfortunately.
  10. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    It does take a while for you to adjust to how much is good - I also started with 1/4 of a .5 tab and can now take 1/2 if needed without it making me too sleepy. Some side effects had me worried at first but they passed, like depression and hunger! But after about 2 mos. I'm loving it. It even clears the brain fog if you take small dosage in daytime. I also like how fast it works - if feeling anxious/tense I just chew on a 1/4 tab and mellow out in 15-20 minutes.

    Hope it keeps working well for you!