how many think deppresion is a result of their problems

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  1. redtex

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    and not the cause. my doctor thinks i have sleep problems because i am depressed. i tell him when i take something to sleep and feel good the next day i am not depressed. i am only depressed when i miss most of a nights sleep.
  2. well how could we not be depressed living with constant pain and being tired all the time. If I didn't have fibro I wouldn't feel so down alot of the time.
    Just when you think you feel halfway good, bamm another problem/pain hits.
  3. Suzan

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    I am not depressed! Because I know I am NOT! BUT, I do probably appear to be at times...and how could I not be..when I have every day of my life run by this illness called fibromyalgia. There is little normalcy left in my days..only on rare occasion am I able to do all the the things that I loved doing pre-FM.
    I had thought I was at the point of..this is as bad as I will be about 6 months ago. I was still able to do some of the enjoyable things in my life, just not as often as in the pre-FM days...but I was ok with that. I had accepted having an illness. But, in the last 6 months, I have experienced pain stronger than ever. I have had those pains and more fatigue because of them. I have gone on to take stronger pain meds...and a muscle relaxer for the pain that occurs while I sleep. Both are helping..but my life lately has been affected in negative ways by all this. I am less and less able to do anything that seems easy..or normal!

    Now, all that being said..who wouldn't appear to be a bit depressed? When you barely leave your don't have the energy to shower most days till sometime after noon..and even then it is a chore to do. You are only able to do minimal house keeping...also quite a chore..but the only thing in your life that makes you feel at all normal. Most of your entertainment is provide by brief stints at the computer...or hours of mindless tv watching..most of which I don't even remember! I spend so much time feeling alone..and somewhat forgotten..because I am so unable to participate in life. So..I seem depressed??? OF COURSE I DO!

    But in my head..I know I am not...I read the list of things about depression...and I don't have those things....I am just sick with FMS...and that is why I appear as I do. So for the medical community...We aren't necessarily in need of a pill to improve our mood..we are in need of a reason and a cure!!! Until some one can figure out WHY...we will have to put up with all the guess work of people that really don't understand how we feel...and what our lives our like!

    LOL sorry about the soapbox rant here...but as you can tell, I have alot on my mind about this subject this morning!
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    This is a common opinion by those outside of the illness.

    I think it's possible for a person with long-standing depression to become ill with ME/CFS/FM, but I think that depression the doctors refer to with this illness is the result of three things: a problem with the HPA axis, poor qualilty sleep and having our lives turned upside down due to an illness no one including us seems to understand.

    When we accept that we may have this illness awhile, maybe the rest of our lives depending on our age, begin to look for ways to improve our diet and our overall lifestyle, find a sleep regimen that helps, and become aware of hidden joys in our lives, the depression improves.

    To add to the confusion, serotonin, a component of antidepressants, helps us feel less stressed. Feeling less stressed, we may sleep better. When we sleep, we may heal a lot. VOILA! say the doctors. Cured!

    But like layers of the onion, extreme sensitivity to stress is only one layer of this disease. At the heart of it is, I believe, a very neurological, i.e. physical cause.

    Meanwhile, doctors simply don't understand ME/CFS and many of them are still clueless about FM. I recently read a study that said the majority of doctors don't read medical journals or research results but, rather, treat patients as they were taught in med school no matter when that was. Put that all together and you have a quandry of guesses and us in the middle of the muddle.

    We're such strivers by nature! We must quit striving to do all we used to do and start letting ourselves just Be, just live in the moment and breath. Much easier said than done but what better have we to do than learn how to do that?

    We must believe in ourselves!

    Marta, who's on her own soapbox this morning, Suzan. ;>)
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  5. 2shasta

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    In my opinion this discussion about why so many patients with fibro, mcs, chronic fatigue suffer from depression is the same that goes with which came first the CHICKEN OR THE EGG? I got so tired of my primary care doctor telling me just to be happy, I am, and not with her help! What is it that they do not get, PAIN can have A SIDE EFFECT CALLED DEPRESSION! Lack of sleep can have a SIDE EFFECT CALLED
    DEPRESSION! I think they do not want to accpet the facts, but the theory that it is all in our head is so much easier for them to treat. Take this pill and just be happy!
    My heart goes out ot all of us who can not understand this distorted, unethical medical belief system.
  6. redtex

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    the doctor visit i had yesterday upset me. he indicated that fibro was just a collection of symptoms and depression was the probable cause. i am aprehensive about taking anti depressant drugs as i have heard they are hard to quit. i just want to know what is the right thing to do and i will do it what ever it is. i hate to think about trying drug after drug with out getting better. thanks again.
  7. jake123

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    I have been depressed or despondent when I feel like I will never get better and thus will never have my pain relieved. I feel like my doctor believes that I do have pain but I don't know if he understands it. I don't have pain meds like alot of people on this board do.

    Forever permanent pain fatigue = depression
  8. Engel

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    I was dx'd as clinically depressed 22 - 24 years ago ... when my son was just a little guy. I was always zapppped and could not function very well. Heck ... how was I to know that THIS was going on? Of course all the pain etc came later.