How many think their Hystorectomy triggered FMS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by backporchrags, May 17, 2005.

  1. backporchrags

    backporchrags New Member

    I have talked to many women who were dx FMS/CFS after a Hystorectomy. I wonder how many here have been dx after a Hystorectomy or any other surgury? If there are many of you out there it would surely put a light on why so many women suffer from FMS/CFS.
  2. biffer1963

    biffer1963 New Member

    I had my first real eppisode right after my histo.
  3. GrnEyedRedhead

    GrnEyedRedhead New Member

    I had an hystorectomy done 19yrs ago when I was 27yrs. no problems.

    Now I'm 46 and was diagnosed with Fibro in 10/02. That's going on 3yrs ago. 9mo before I had my 1st major spinal surgery in 7/03 and another spinal surgery 10 mo later.

    I was never told this for I found out by accident when I started to question some serious things about my surgeon and retrieved my medical record.

    I found out when I saw my records and he never told me. The surgeries I had for my back was not necessary for the problem I was having was the Fibro.

    Long and complicated story. Sharon
  4. throbber

    throbber New Member

    I knew my mother had it for many years but I never connected her problems to mine when I had the hysterectomy back in 2001. She had hers when she was in her thirties and had systematically seemed to go downhill afterwards. My sister has had over 20 surgeries and she is now one big throb which isn't surgically connected except that FMS seems to get its toehold when you've been injured, very ill or had surgery. It's as if once pain enters your life, it doesn't know how to leave.
    My mother was very disabled by hers but I seem to be getting along. I can't stop, my husband is disabled and I take care of him, I work full time and carry our insurance for both of us. It seems that what you must do, you somehow find the ability to do and when it isn't important at the moment your body shuts down and takes advantage of your time out to pin you to the wall.
    I must say, I was skeptical about all this until the chickens came home to roost so I know how other people sometimes view those of us who live with it.
  5. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I am a patient of a wellknown CFS-doctor in Canada, and he was just asking the hospital where I had my hystorectomy many years ago to release my files, since I was very ill after I was released from the hospital and have never felt well again. I was diagnosed with CFS 15 years ago. This doctor is doing a complete body mapping and it is just amazing how many things he has found wrong already, and we are just at the beginning of the investigation which started in October. Therefore, it should be very interesting what the result will be.

    Take care, Lucky

  6. kayice

    kayice New Member

    Yeppers, same here. I had back problems and horrible (bleeding) periods, was severely anemic and then when they did the hyster. (sorry spelling is not too good today); I found out I had severe endometerosis. From there on, I think this fibro/myofascial went to my weakest part--my lower back and then spread everywhere.

    Did any of you have strange webbing type pattern of your veins on your back right after surgery or have knots on your spine (I called 'em fat wads to the GYN.) pop up? I remember asking him alot of questions on the checkup after surgery....I even thought the endo traveled to my brain and it was the brain fog all along. (They didn't give me hormones for 6 weeks to kill off the endometerosis.)The GYN had no answers, my lower back started spasmed so bad, I ended getting the nerves blocked and quitting work.

    Thanks, kayice.
  7. gcastle

    gcastle New Member

    I'm having a hysterectomy in September and I was hoping it would help with the fibro and of course NO MORE bleeding.


  8. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I know for a fact that my fibro was NOT triggered by my hysterectomy or any other surgeries of mine.

    I have had fibro since I was a child, and they even think I have had lupus about all of my life, too.

    So, since I have had the pain, fatigue, and many other symptoms of fibro before my hysterectomy at age 32, I know it didn't trigger it. It didn't make it worse either. I think it became worse as I got older because my stress level got more intense. I think stress made my worse.
  9. backporchrags

    backporchrags New Member

    I have also had FMS since a child, a young child. Scoliosis also. I went undx for decades until I started reasearching on my own. I was dx ADD as a child because of an inability to sit still and concentrate. How are you going to sit still in school when in constant discomfort? I am just starting at age 36, to get over my anger at my complaints being ignored by my parents and doctors. I know there was not much info out in the 70's on FMS and I try not to play the blame game but lerking in my mind are the what if's. What if I was treated? Would I have done better in school? Not being told I just did not try hard enough?
    I have never met another who has had this DD since childhood. I will look forward to reading your future posts.
  10. pglt

    pglt New Member

    I first started having symptoms after my hyst. I was 27. No one knew what was going on and then it wasn't too bad...the pain but the exhaustion was horrible. It was blamed on the anesthia (sp?). Last year I had a breast reduction in Aug. Then in Nov I was finally dx'ed. My symptoms got 100 times worse. The pain was so debilitating at times I would need help just to stand up from a sitting position.

    My rhumey said that the 2 surgeries, my third child and 2 virus's in 3 years is what did it.
  11. virgo_karen

    virgo_karen New Member

    I had my hysterectomy back in 1981. I had terriable cramps and did not have a full period, just spotting with serve cramps. Never thought about if FM was triggered by having a hysterectomy. I feel my was from alot of stress. I was not happy with my husband, divorced in 1985. Then my life really changed and some for not the good. About 1986 I started having alot of shoulder pain and bad headaches. I also had a whiplash back in 1969 and had neck trouble ever since. I feel that was the start of FM getting the whiplash and not being able to handel my stress very well. Now when I think back, I felt better after my hysterectomy. Oh yeah, I remember also in 1980 I took my kids roller skating and fell and broke my tailbone. Now I also have lower pain. I use to go to a chiro and that really made a huge difference. I can't afford going, I do not have insurance now, darn I never felt better when I was going to a chiro. So now I rely on meds, but I wish I could afford using natural methods and going to chiro. I am in a program where the drug company pays for my meds or I could not afford those meds. I does help for me to function as I work. I has been very hard working but at least I can function where as it was diffecult to handle working. Also at New Years Eve, I lost my best friend and soon to husband to pancreaic cancer and that's when my symtoms went to chronic. Sorry this is so long, thinking back to when I had my hysterectomy had brought back many memories. I'm doing better with cymbalta and neurontin for the pain in my feet which is the most problem I have now, the FM is some what under control except when the weather changes and when I'm under alot of stress. You asked a very good question, this is very interesting because alot of us has had the sergery and we all have FM. Take care!
  12. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I had NO pain until I had my hysterectomy! It was definately the trigger. I told my mom that she should think twice about having any major surgery that does not have to be done, as she could probably develop this too.

    Our family has a big history of panic attacks, social anxiety, etc. We must all have serotonin issues! I am the only one in the family that has FMS, but then I am the only one that has had major surgery too!

    My daughter has pain in her back and social anxiety. I fear that she will develop this. At least I was 50 before I developed this!

    Most people who have hysterectomies do not develop chronic pain afterwards. So we must have some different genetic make-up and when a trigger happens we develop this.

    Take care, Sally
  13. backporchrags

    backporchrags New Member

    Welcome and thank's for sharing your story!
  14. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    I had my hysterectomy at 31 yrs. I am 41 now. The hysterectomy was wonderful for me and in no way do I believe it tied into the Fibro. Fibro was before the hysterectomy. In fact I felt soooo good after having it. At least a year.

    So my vote is NO to the connection.

  15. northlights

    northlights New Member

    I know that my hysterectomy a year ago did not trigger my FM, as I had all the same pain before the surgery.

    I do often wonder there a connection between 15 years of the pain of stage IV endometriosis, and the FM I suffer from now.

  16. lovelylovely1

    lovelylovely1 New Member

    I was in remission for several years until I had my hysterectomy.
    My fibro started with the birth of my child. It was bad for about 5 yrs then I was really quite well for about 7 years. within a week of my hysterectomy I was so disappointed when the dreadful foggy head started up again.
    I believe my inactivity had a huge impact on this. Whenever I am inactive for a prolonged period I get unwell again. Is the a common pattern?
  17. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I just made a separate post directed to you and other who have had this DD since childhood. Please read when you have a chance.

  18. stgiles16

    stgiles16 New Member

    I had my hyst in Nov 04 and was diagnosedin Feb 05 with a huge flare up. That was my 7th surgery in 3 yrs. GP says repeated surgeries was the trigger.

  19. serenityskyline

    serenityskyline New Member

    I had a complete hysterectomy in 1999 and started having some trouble a couple of months later. I was not diagnosed until Feb. 2001. I had read somewhere in doing some research that a sudden hormonal change can trigger FMS.

    God Bless!
  20. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    I had my uterus removed vaginally becaused it had prolapsed. I also had a cystocele and rectocele repaired at the same time, vaginally, and a couple other things done. It was a *hard* recovery, but once I did recover I felt bettter than I had in years.

    I had a history of severe menstrual problems. That made me miserable up until my surgery. Very irregular periods and extremely heavy bleeding (fibroids).

    Speaking for myself, I'm really glad I had my done. No more anemia, no more cramps, nausea, diarrhea... For me that's one surgery I'm glad I had done.


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