How many times has everyone been in emergency rooms

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  1. kinkypinky23

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    How many times have u all been to emergency rooms before u got diagnosed with DD due to the symptoms. I have constantly been in and out of hospitals due to DD anything from panic attacks to migraines, leg pains, chest pains u name it i have had the symptoms.

    thanks kink
  2. Shirl

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    I have only been in a hospital three times, had three babies natural birth! I am more afraid of the doctors/hospitals than I am of dying :)

    I know what you mean thought, I used to fight my children and husband with the chest pains, panic attacks, shortness of breath etc. not to go to the ER!

    But I have had this now for over 20 years, so I kind of know what is what. I was diagnosed by a good doctor who I could call with all my ailments, but I am sorry to say he died. I guess he was just too good to all his patients, and left himself out.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Princessraye

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    I know from going there once or twice for something else before this DD , like hives, that emergency rooms are only good for broken limbs, stitches, etc.
  4. epicurean

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    before I was diagnosed.Each time I had tests of many kinds and was always treated well.Of course all the tests were neg.,but at least they tried!!
  5. nina

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    numerous times for bloodwork during an episode as I call them. I feel like I am having either a heart attack or a seizure, I shake uncontrollably, body temp is elevated (but no fever), have waves of adrenalin rushes so I feel like I am constantly about to pass out, go hot and cold (need 5-6 blankets) and have palpitations and chest pain. To top it off most of this goes on only on the left side of my body. I have weakness on that side now and can't walk, but no diagnosis! what a surprise!
  6. jean615

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    I have heard that those "nodules" (all over fms patiants) collect in and around the brain, heart, etc. it gives the heart attact symptoms, er can't find anything wrong, sends them home, and treats them as if they are drug seeking. I have been told by many this happens often. BUT, it goes without saying, always check it out. it could be a heart attact, or something more serious. This is the great thing about the guaifenesin, it breaks those painful noduals up, and flushes thru the kidneys, It is so very inportant for those on the protocal to be mapped, and by one that is creatible.

    Good luck,


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