How many use Cytolog & Ole

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by catnip51, Aug 2, 2003.

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    I started Cytolog and also on OLE, just wondering if anyone is having good results with eithr of them. I started feeling better for a few weeks and started hurting alot again. I have only stayed on 300 mgs of Ole, startd feeling better now I'm hurting again. Just wondering. I also have this new symptom, flu ache but seems to be more in my feet and legs. Kinda weird never had that before. I only started feeling that the first few days since I started the OLE then I started to feel better, now it has retured really bad. My feet, hands and legs feel like I have the flu. Never increased the OLE I've stopped taking it for now to hear some responses. I thought it was helping and now I'm not so sure. Can anyone offer any advice. I have only read a few people who are on the cytolog & I have been on Cytolog for only a few days the pains started before that.

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    Hi Catnip,

    Both of these have antiviral & antibacterial properties.

    We are users of both - but NOT at the same time now.

    My daughter took OLE from Oct-Dec last year, her energy levels improved no end, then levelled off (has a social life back and no foggy head).

    She has been on Cytolog which fought off a viral infection and has eradicated her Sinus/Allergy problem....

    The Cytolog has improved her energy levels but mine moreso.

    I think you`re suffering because of too much toxin build up (herx, die-off effect) as you have really been at it with all barrels blazing... Keep the fluid (water) intake up to flush it out. Fresh lemon in water helps. you`ll be feeling better soon.

    You are right to stop the OLE for now, - hopefully you may not need it, but sounds like you have a lot of freeriders to eliminate, so don`t throw it away.

    Love Pat.