How many use himalayan salt instead of toxic salt?

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    Hi All,

    I searched on here to see if there were many posts about Himalayan crystal salt but I only found one!

    I have just replaced my sea salt and table salt with Himalayan crystal salt. I actually didn't realise just how much damage salt (as in table salt or sea salt) can actually do to us and that it has no benefit even for those who are told to drink salt for health conditions until I read up on it.

    From what I read, the Himalayan crystal salt contains 84 elements that are easily absorbable by the body and can help with numerous problems. Toxic normal salt - we absorb none of the minerals, it also contains flouride, aluminium, and artificial toxic iodine. The normal salt actually draws water from our cells trying to excrete it.

    Read up on it - I don't want to sound too much like an advert here but it's something so simple we can change in our diets and tastes just as good if not better. There's lots of places you can order online from if you just google it and it has many healing properties, giving the body and nervous system the energy it needs. I believe it is the salt we should all be using. It can even break down heavy metals and balance ph in the body.

    Sea salt is not what it used to be either after the sea is a dumoing ground for much waste, metals etc.

    I also have a himalayan crystal salt lamp which is supposed to act as an ioniser - whether it does or not I don't know but consuming the Himalayan salt makes sense.

    Just thought I'd pass this on in case it's of help to others.
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    i use the pink himalayn salt
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    It has a high copper content and can seriously up your pain alot. I don't recommend using it. I was sick for two weeks from using it and I only used a tiny amount.
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    here's info on this salt from: PFPC - The Fluoride Education Project.

    All I know is that the salt comes from a huge and rather ordinary salt mine in Pakistan. Also, lamps made from this salt are sold in my local hardware store. My hardware store is run by a lovely Pakistani family.

    Peace out,
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    Thanks for all your replies, glad some of you are using it. I had thought about it in the past but it's very difficult to get where I am in SA so I have just ordered a 6kg tub of it online.

    I hope it will replace some of my depleted minerals. I will also make myself some brine from it and start taking a teaspoon a day of the liquid.

    Andrew - I eat 4 brazil nuts (in their shells) a day for selenium. I had a real big mission trying to find them here in SA and ended up having to buy a pack of mixed nuts just for the brazils! The ones without shells only seem to have about 10% the amount of selenium.

    Interesting about boron too - thanks

    I would love to open a health shop one day as it's amazing how much we learn with this DD & I love to share any info that might help others.

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    In the following video (which I thought was helpful and informative), "How To Make Himalayan Salt Brine - And Why?", the narrator comments, beginning at the 3:30 minute mark, how pure salt (not commercial or even sea salt) is critical for many bodily functions. Around the 4:30 mark, he goes into a bit of detail how salt (sodium chloride), is so essential for the all important pH balance in our bodies. In this regard, it's essential to make adequate hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach, and also essential to produce sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in the duodenum, which along with bile, helps neutralize the acidic food content coming out of the stomach.

    It makes me wonder if a high quality salt (such as Himalayan salt) with a LOT of trace minerals could help address some of the gut issues most pwCFS deal with. Also whether it could prove to be as effective as baking soda to help maintain proper pH balance, and other hormonal, neurological, etc. balances in our bodies. I can see where it might be even more effective, with many more more far reaching benefits, besides possibly being safer.

    In a related video, I came across a reference by Mercola on the following video to salt being so essential to neurological and brain development, including glial cells which assist in draining toxins from the brain. The reference starts at about the 4:20 minute mark:

    Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

    I also like this 4 1/2-min. video:

    Sole (Himalayan Salt Water): My Replacement for Morning Coffee
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    Good discussion. Also good to see you posting, Wayne, my friend. I have been using Dr. Mercola's pink Himilayan salt for over a year now. Can't claim any noticeable improvements from using it but after reading how many trace minerals, including boron, it contains, I decided to use it. Boron is critical to maintaining bone strength and density. I have osteopenia in one hip. The taste of this pink salt is superior to any other I've tried. Prior to that, I used a natural sea salt from France. I just got a pink Himilayan salt lamp from, of all places, Wal-Mart for only $14.99. When it warms up, it puts out neg. ions which are very calming. The orange glow from it is soothing as well.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have a salt lamp, also...and I love it!! I agree about the nice pink/orange glow that it puts out....
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    Paulac7, you DO rock!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks, Mikie....I just do my best, ya know???

    You rock, also.....I like your style!!
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    Tks! :)

    Love, Mikie