How many use nontoxic cleaning and pest control?

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    I just replied to Fran's post and thought I would ask how many make up their own non-toxic cleaning recipes for their house?

    I recently started doing this due to chemical sensitivities and toxic fumes that I believe to have contributed to my migraines.

    If we make our own - it's cheaper, safe for the environment and safe for us so we win all round.

    You can google non toxic cleaning recipes and see what you find.

    I use a multi purpose one for surfaces, kitchen etc by using vinegar, a few drops of tea tree oil as a dsinfectant, a little washing soda and liquid soap. It only tkaes a min to make and you can just buy a few spray bottles or re-use old ones and gather some jars and you can make your own collection easily which last for ages.

    I appreciate this may not be easy for some of you and some may not be able to clean at all but I wanted to share it with you as I've found them very easy to do and it makes me feel better knowing that I am not only helping my helath, saving money but also helping the environment.

    We have lots of rats where I am so I also use a few drops of peppermint oil on some cotton wool and put it round all the rat entrances. Rats hate the smell of it so its a great deterrant - dont do this before bed though or the peppermint smell may keep you awake so best if you do it in the morning so the smell has time to wear off a bit.

    There are also lots of other things you can do like this too if you look it up.

    Hope someone finds this useful.
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    If I can not clean it with vinegar or baking soda,I do not clean it.

    Really, either one or a combination of both with a bit of rubbing alcohol will clean anything.

    But, I am not sure about the toilet, any good ideas?

    Happy cleaning from Denamay
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    No toxins either....switched everything to organic first of year...bought a steam mop for floors etc. My migraines have improved dramatically. I also switched all of my lightbulbs to the ecobulbs and I think that helped some too as the lighting isn't so harsh...just my opinion. I don't have any pest problems thank heavens, but am printing out the above suggestions...just in case.
  4. lrning2cope

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    products and solutions that you make yourself are not only better for your health , I think they make the house smell better and more home-like. Plus , you can add scents that are soothing in your own natural cleaning products.


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