How many walk with a cane, all the time, sometimes?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Peace77, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Peace77

    Peace77 New Member

    I just got cane today for severe low back pain. I am 49 years old and have FM for 6 years. I also have back problems. How long did you have FM before needing the cane? Do you need it all the time or only when in flares?
    Thank you for your responses.
  2. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I don't use a cane inside my home...I'm "used to it". But, whenever I leave the house or work in my yard, I use one. I'm too unsteady on my feet, my legs are weak and sometimes the ground isn't stable. I just don't want to take any chances of falling.

    Please don't feel embarrassed using it (some do). I've found it makes me feel more secure..and I hope you do, too.
  3. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    I'm 56 and have been using a cane for about 3 years. Being a scaredy cat made me wait so long. I've had FM for over 35 years and had some childhood symptoms too.

    I don't use it in the house, that's what walls are for (LOL)!

    I always use now when I go out so people won't bump me, to keep me more steady, and to get up and down curbs.

    When I go to someone's house I use the cane just to get in and out, but set it aside once in the house.

    Take care
  4. jole

    jole Member

    Well, I was told by two different docs that I really needed to use a cane because of being so unsteady, and it would keep me from falling. I bought one, and found out I'm not even coordinated enough to use it without tripping myself! LOL

    I do use it on occasion, but think the forearm crutches would actually serve me better.
  5. Iam1ShadyLady

    Iam1ShadyLady New Member

    I am thinking of going back to my cane. I used it for a couple years when I first had my back injury. I now have burstis in my hips and when I sit down it is hard to get back up. I also am having problems with dizziness and clumsiness so I am seriously thinking of going back to one. I just hate the way it makes people look at me though. I am overweight from the good ole Lyrica and Seroquil and not getting enough excersise due to pain, and I feel like people look at me and think if I would lose weight I wouldn't need the cane. If only they knew how much I have struggled with this!!!

    I eventually will get to where I don't care, I just don't know when!!! LOL

  6. erinwilburn

    erinwilburn New Member

    I saw your post and had to say hi. I am also young overweight and using a cane. I worried about the same things for the first few months until I realised that when I leave the house I go to the same places so people are used to me now.

    The cane was hard to get used to but such a help once I got use to carrying it. In my mind it is much better than having to follow walls just in case or being afraid of falling(which I did a lot of when I was first DX) It got to the point where it was end up in a wheelchair due to a fall or use the cane now.

    It is a hard choice to make but well worth concidering!
  7. Manaleon

    Manaleon New Member

    is what I call it. I'm 21 and I hate the cane, but between Fibro and Chronic Lyme, I don't have a choice. I don't have to use it all the time, but lately I've had to use it more often. After the Tick Bite in August 07, my SI Joint(the joint just about the hip on the pelvic bone) started to slide out of place. When it slides while walking I lose my balance(well my leg is literally sliding out from under me) It's worse when it's totally out. No sitting then, just bed rest. One of the hard things is since the tick bite, I've gained 75 pounds. So when the SI problem started I wasn't obese, now I'd be considered morbidly obese. I just don't want people to think that the cane is just because I'm overweight if that makes sense. i've detirmined though that the cane is better than the sudden almost falls that happen when the joint slides. The canes a lot less obvious.

    I got horrible fibro symptoms in November 05, but have had the hip pains since childhood. I didn't need the cane until the tick bite a year ago.

    (and sorry if the post doesn't make much sense, the brain fog has been acting up lately.
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  8. Peace77

    Peace77 New Member

    Dear Friends, fellow Fibro/CF Fogers )LOL),
    I'm so grateful for the support of this message board.

    I seem to mostly need my cane in the morning due to a recent set back which my PCP is trying to figure out. I just got up one morning and couldn't get out of bed. That was 5 days ago. Since then mornings are hard for about 2 hours. Even during the day I am stiff and painful but its the morning that the pain is just unbearable.

    I'm going to take your advice; use the cane when I need it. I do need it in the morning to help me get around because the back just won't work.

    But last evening after taking pain pills I felt I could walk around the neighborhood (that's what brought this on) but decided against it until I get XRays back. I'm glad I didn't I'm sore enough this morning.

    I too feel embarrassed about the cane. But when the pain is so bad I'm going to use it.

    I'm more embarrassed not to use the cane and people have seen me using it. How do you deal with them then?
  9. scrappytngirl

    scrappytngirl New Member

    I am 39 now, and have used a cane off and on from the age of 28, due to severe hip pain. I don't like using it, but if the cupboards are empty, and I have to make the dreaded trip to the grocery store (how many of us struggle to get through grocery shopping?)- I use my cane. I get looks, and living in a very small town people talk - but I don't care. My cane is just part of my support team, and I call on it when I need it. Scrappy
  10. coolma

    coolma New Member

    I've been on disability for Fm for 13 years, used a cane for 10 years because I needed it. Plain and simple. If it steadies you, gives you strength to walk and get some things done that you require, don't feel shy to use it.

    Getting out and getting some fresh air will help your physche so much, the cane enables you to do this.

    When I rested enough to let some things in the back heal to a certain extent, I could venture out without the cane but it took YEARS. Most people don't want to give it that much time.

    I also wore a back brace every day. Without it, I could not stand up. Wore it under my shirt and away I went. FM is related to the discs and the nerves which are located in the discs. Damage to the discs/nerves cause central nervous system disorder. Discs can heal over time if you rest enough, to a certain degree. I no longer use my cane. Good luck.
  11. BlackPanther

    BlackPanther New Member

    I use a cane on occasion. I am now 66 and retired. When I was 25 I suffered a broken back (L-5; t-6). I didn't know fibro was related to discs!!!!! my L-5 is smushed like if you put a heavy book on top of an angel food cake. I did ok for a lot of years, but lately my back hurts if I am on my feet for 20 minutes or more. I started using the cane for balance. I have neuropathy in my feet and legs, so it helps me to maintain balance. Some days I don't need it. Go figure. I don't use it in the house either.
    I got 2 pretty canes. 1 has psychadelic butterflies on it and the other one has pink roses. they didn't cost any more than those ugly grey ones. I get loads of comments on them. I only use 1 at a time lol. Panther
  12. baanders

    baanders New Member

    A walker would be very nice. I wonder if that would hurt my shoulders. I'm so weak.

  13. kking0412

    kking0412 New Member

    oooooooooooo, pink? where did you get them?
  14. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    I do sometimes however, I don't do much anymore mostly try to stick close to home and around here I can get by.
  15. celticfan

    celticfan New Member

    I have used a cane for years. I was the only thirty year old woman with a cane who wore orthopedic shoes on campus. Over the years, I acquired a lot of pretty canes to wear with different outfits.

    I now walk with two canes. I feel a lot more stable with two canes. I also have less back pain when walking with two canes. If I am going to be out and about for a while, I use my wheelchair. Sometimes, I push my wheelchair like it was rollator, other times I sit in it and propel myself if alone. If I'm not alone someone is always willing to push me.

  16. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    You said: "I'm more embarrassed not to use the cane and people have seen me using it. How do you deal with them then? "

    Does that mean people are making comments? What kind? Are these people you know?

    If using the cane say:
    My doctor wants me to use it when I (am less stable / have a wobbly day).
    It's much easier to use the cane than have to recover from a fall.
    Yeah this isn't one of my better days, would you add me to your prayer list.

    If not using say:
    I'm feeling more stable today, thanks for noticing.

    Consider getting one of the decorated canes or decorate your own - it then becomes a conversation piece.

    I would imagine the comments would stop after people continue to see you using it.

    Take care

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