how many with carpel tunnel sydrome ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by allhart, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. allhart

    allhart New Member

    how many of you have carpel tunnel and do you have cfs or fm with it ?

    thanks agin
  2. allhart

    allhart New Member

    how many of you have carpel tunnel and do you have cfs or fm with it ?

    thanks agin
  3. tedebear

    tedebear New Member

    Now have RSD. Permanent damage. Severe nerve damage as a result. Hope no one else experiences this.
    Soft hugs.
  4. kristine

    kristine New Member

    ..i have cfs, fm, carpal tunnel syn and raynauds....kristine
  5. allhart

    allhart New Member

    i was told yesterday i have ryanards also i wonder who eles dose

    tedebear you poor thing hugs

    thanks for info
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  6. srosepetal77

    srosepetal77 New Member

    what did your your doctor recommend for you to do because I've had wrist pain, swelling, numbness for the past five years and I'm tired of being in pain and taking meds to stay out of pain.
  7. kristine

    kristine New Member

    ...don't you just hate it?...since the temp here has dropped the last week, my hands and feet are freeeezzzzzzing!!!..........i hate the hot and humid cold weather...but, once it gets below 70-my hands and feet can't handle it....kristine
  8. kristine

    kristine New Member

    ...i had some ionto-phoresis treatments done for the carpal helped so, i only have problems once in a while....try wearing a wrist brace at night...also use ice on wrists...have someone rub them, too... i have brad pitt rub mine....okay, that part is NOT true!....i also use panalgesic gold...and salon pas patches as soon as they start to hurt....keeps it from hurting as bad...i do not want surgery.....kristine
  9. allhart

    allhart New Member

    i wear socks 24/7 because my feet are even cold when its a 110 outside im glad im not alone
    thanks for your responses
  10. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    I have mild CT in my left hand, and moderate CT in my right. I also have both FM and CFS. Right now, I don't think my CT warrants any surgery. I've had burning pain in both of my hands 24/7 for 5+ years, with NO relief!!! I've actually gotten used to the pain and just live with it. The docs don't seem to think it's CT related...more like a sensory neuropathy-type pain. I used to have numbness and tingling, but it went away. I guess I'll just wait and see...

  11. karen2002

    karen2002 New Member

    Thank Goodness! I finally found something I could say "no" to--
    Throwing salt over my shoulder, knocking on wood--
  12. Dara

    Dara New Member

    and ulnar nerve entrapment, both arms, and yes FM. The neurosurgeon said it's not bad enough for surgery and said the outcome of surgery wouldn't be worth it for me, not sure what that meant though.

  13. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    I've been dxd with all 3. I went through the nerve conduction and EMG tests for the carpal tunnel. But I've been doing a lot of reading online about thumb pain, since that is what hurts my hands so much, and wrist pain. Although I do have some symptoms of CT, there are others which I clearly do not have, such as tingling or numbness, and after reading all the stuff I've been reading in the last couple of weeks, I'm not convinced that my extreme thumb pain is not due to arthritis, which is also another dx I have. Something else I've been reading about is tendonitis in the wrists.
  14. allhart

    allhart New Member

    thank you everyone for all your help i love this board everyones always so helpful,
  15. Milo83

    Milo83 New Member

    I have carpul tunnel in both hands, Raynold's, arthritis, and the FM..
    For those of you with Raynold's, besides your hands and feet being cold, do you change colors a lot..
    Also, do we have any Raynold's people that smoke?????
    Sorry, I still do smoke and I know it's one of the worst things for Raynolds, trying to quit, but it's so damn hard..
    Take Care.........Donna
  16. allhart

    allhart New Member

  17. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    I have wrist pain--especially in my right wrist (of course! I'm right-handed!)--but I'm not sure it's carpal tunnel syndrome. For a while I thought it might be DeQuervain's tenosynovitis, which my husband had a few years ago. But when he had it, his whole hand got very swollen. Mine isn't swollen. It just hurts like crazy when I put weight or pressure on the thumb or wrist.

    I was wondering whether some or all of this pain might be referred pain from CMP trigger points. So far, my doctor has just given me a wrist brace and told me to take over-the-counter pain killers. But then, I haven't pushed it, since I have so many other things to talk to him about.

    I'd really like to hear from anybody who has this kind of wrist/thumb pain, though--especially if you have a suggestion for dealing with it. I you wish, you can contact me directly at

    --Laura R.M.
  18. azcrum

    azcrum New Member

    and my dr can't explain why. I don't do anything that is repetative with any part of my body anymore. And I also have severe thumb pain. No matter what I take, it still hurts. Is tendinitus common in FM?
  19. LisaMay

    LisaMay New Member

    I had bilateral CTS and corrective surgery in 2000 & 2001. Fortunately for me, both were quite successful. Of course, I was not dx'd with FM until 2002.

    Will you post results? Thanks. Lisa
  20. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    How can you be sure that trigger points are causing wrist and thumb problems--and if so, which muscles are involved? None of my doctors really seem to know about this stuff. They're pretty good about acknowledging the fibrom, but I don't think they recognize CMP as a different animal. I don't seem to have ropy bands; so any trigger points I have may be hidden or something. Or else my pain is from something completely different. I would appreciate further guidance. You can respond here or contact me directly at


    --Laura R.M.