how many with low glutathione have seen a doctor that specializes

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    in the liver???

    Glutathione is made in the liver...

    "But without it your liver would shrivel up and die from overwhelming accumulation of toxins, your cells would disintegrate from unrestrained oxidative stress and, as if you needed more problems, your body would have little resistance to bacteria, viruses or cancers. " from

    this website has some every interesting info. on glutathione.

    I am thinking about finding a doctor that specializes in the liver to see if he can help, after researching this may very well help alot of us.

    Any thoughts

    Has anyone done this and had any really good results???

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    How does one know if they are low on glutathione?
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    I see Dr Salvato in Houston, Texas... She had a bunch of blood test run and glutathione was one. I have it checked every few months. I think most labs can run it, but make sure they understand how to collect the blood for the test. Because if they don't collect it right, you'll have to go back and get the blood taken again.

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