how many with migraines as child?

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    I was just curious, as to how many of you had bad headaches as a child. My daughter has had them since she was about 10, she is now 17. She has complained of neck pain, chest pain, leg pains, joint pains, overall body pains in these last few years.
    I had to fight to get her an MRI two years ago, they only okayed the lumber area,which showed an old injury on L5, I believe. They also did a complete scan with contrast that showed nothing.

    We have had ANA blood work, etc. All fine.

    She has been very active in gymnastics, horse back riding and sports. Had her share of spills, bumps etc.She is just an active Tomboy. Ha, Ha.. like I was. Do you think all this could be a trigger?

    Lately, migraines have been horrendous, lights, sensitivity to light, sound, all the classic symptoms.

    I sure hope this is not leading to FM. I have FM, DDD, I have not had the migraines though, only headaches.

    We have our PCP putting in for CAT SCAN of brain, and refer to neurologist. Wish her luck. It is bad enough to be in pain yourself, but to see yor child in pain is just awful. Thanks for reading this!
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    migraines as a child. They were at their worset probably between the ages of 7 to 11. They were the intense come-home-from-school, throw-up kind. Had to try to sleep it off in very dark room.

    I had occasional migraines through teens, but (HOORAY!) was through with migraines by my mid-twenties! I have one daughter who had similar childhood migraines. She is now in her twenties and has them much less. Unfortunately, she also has classic CFS symptoms. So unfair when you see it in your offspring!
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    i had migraines since about the same age as your daughter. my parents were completely puzzled because there was nothing apparently "wrong" with me. i didn't have FM symptoms as a child, those developed in my 40s. i continued having excruciating migraines once or twice a week for the next three decades.

    however, as part of dealing with FM and helping my body detox, i had all my mercury ("silver") dental fillings removed, all 9 of them. It helped my FM muscle and fatigue symptoms a little bit, but to my surprise and delight, my frequent life-long migraines immediately began declining in frequency and severity. now, 3 years after removing the fillings, i rarely get migraines.

    think about it: around the age of 9 or 10 is when most kids start getting mercury fillings put in their teeth. if you get migraines that early, it's something to suspect.

    there is a Swiss dentist named Paul Engel who has followed a large group of patients and their self-reported symptoms who found the same result. it's posted at

    for more info, check out or the patient group DAMS at
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    I also suffered with migraines as a pre-teen until I had a hysterectomy and found out that they were mostly hormone related!!! I was never tested for hormones at age 10 or later on. But it was the gyn doc who did my surgery at 32 who told me they were due to a hormone imbalance!

    After my hysterectomy, I still got the occassional migraine, but not nearly as frequent as all those years before! They were contributed to stress then and when I started on Zoloft, they eased us in frequency a lot.

    After I retired at age 48, I never have had another one! I still get the ocassional headache, but not often.

    During the years where I was getting the migraines frequently, I went to dozens of docs, had plenty of tests, even went through a headache clinic, and could not find any help. (That was when I never went to a gyn doc.)

    Has she had extensive hormone testing?

    Edit - I forgot, to this day, I still can not drink diet pop or eat anything with Nutrasweet (or aspertame) artificial sweetener in it -- it ALWAYS triggers a terrible migraine! I also follow the migraine "diet" of no MSG, beer and wine, aged cheeses, no nitrates, etc.[This Message was Edited on 02/11/2006]
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    thank you all, Wakemeup, 2painful4words, Sleepyinlalaland, Lanya,jlh and any that I missed for your kind responce.

    I have not had her hormones checked yet. Maybe a trip to the GYN would be in order, that seems a good idea. The mercury is a good idea too. She has no fillings in teeth, aw... but she did have orthdontist work from eight years on, come to think, we had an appliance put in her mouth to widen upper mouth, and a medal spike in upper to keep from sucking thumb.(Spike, that sounds awful!)

    Also, I forgot to add that her father's dad had migraines also, also her aunt (father's sister) has severe FM, too.

    I just love this MB, so much good information, and wonderful people. Bless Us All!