how many won ? doing a on the record decision?

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    hi all, I thought my appeal was coming up according to my attorney, but was shocked!! to find out after calling them i had another yrs wait.I have been fighting for my disability know for almost six yrs, this was such a let down. my attorney said because they are short of judges and thats why its taking this long.We had a long talk on the phone and after speaking with him and getting things off my chest. he said hes going to try to do a on the record decision, please do tell me if any of you have won your disability this way?? and what i am to exspect? for now i am just praying, for god to here my voice and that he will answer my prayers.

    sick of pain and sick of waiting
    hugs to all onnaroll
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    from the initial stage to the denial reconsideration to another denial letter....and you are waiting for the hearing ? did you restart at some point...i can't beleive that it is going to take another 1 or more to even get money if you the hearing level..

    so sorry to hear this...i would call your local conressman's office and tell them you are having a get this moving along...

    p.s. this is your third case it seems i just saw the bio...

    meaning you have applied like it is a new case then you got a decision of a denial...i am assumming...the maybe you didn't file the reconsideration letter or something...

    or is the from the very start 6 years ago...[This Message was Edited on 06/19/2006]
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    yes ive been denied twice, and ive been waiting for my hearign before the alj.know i have never started over, been fighting tooth and nail this whole time. ive writen many letters to my congressman without much sucess in the past.did you win? on a on the record decision? thanks for your support this has been very hard on me and my family i just want to get my disability checks, so i can get this all behind me. its bad enough just being sick. thanks again hun for you help. love onna
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    Sorry this has been a long wait for you...I am still waiting too but only 2 years...

    I had an attorney from day one, two denials and was awaiting a hearing when my attorney called and offered this option...

    He made up a condensed report of my illnesses along with pertinent doc records and a summary in his writing demanding (nicely of course) an "IMMEDIATE FAVORABLE DECISION". That was 3 weeks ago but with Memorial Day and the beginning of summer and graduations, I figure I should have an answer soon. The worst that could happen is that they pull my case from the bottom of the pile and give me a hearing date...From what my lawyer was told, the cases just pile up, if you started at the bottom you stay at the bottom. They are disorganized to say the least. My lawyer did this mainly to move their butts cause he had two other clients apply when I did (he says I'm worse than them) and they won allready based only on FMS...They had less docs than I but were somewhat older...

    I have never heard of an "On the record decision"...It may be like what they are doing for me...Talk to your attorney and describe what my lawyer did...I would also call the congresspeople in your area, claim hardship and maybe they can help too...

    Try not to let this affect your health any more...When I filed for the second time (I filed in 1995, ssa made up lies and I walked away, couldn't handle the bureacracy) my rheumy told me get a lwayer and forget it til the check comes...Only advice that any doc gave me that was worth anything...Stress will only worsen our conditions...My lawyer chuckles when I tell him "Whatever, I'll wait, more backpay for me"...More for the lawyer too but we are finally ok financially that I can AFFORD to wait...We don't know tomorrow, but right now I can't afford to worry on top of everything else...

    Hang on, better days are coming...Let us know if you make any progress.

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    thank you all for your postings....=) I will let you no what i find out. The way i understood it, this desision will be made without me having to be present for a hearing. It seems ive forgot how to do the bump, if anyone reads this could you do it for meeeeeeee. thanks so much all, hope your having the best day possible.
    hugs onna

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    that is messed up///how are you making it financially? i hope you are independantly wealthy...but like most of us here i am sure it isn't the case...

    my thoughts and prayers are there for you...