How mine of you had to fight SSI

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    I have deen fighting for two yrs now It is make me tired and I just want to give up. My husben is going to do it for me because it make me feel wors.
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    Your post above didn't give much info, so I checked your other posts. You said on another post:

    "I have been fighting for Disability for two yrs. But I got a ALJ(Administrative Law Judge)hearing to see if ican get Disability. Dose She have someone to help her fight? If it my Husben did not help me i would of giveing up. No i do not have a lawer my husben is doing that for me. My brother is Disabild and my dad got him a lawer and he bid not help him so we are doing it are slef. I will let you know if it works not haveing a lawer."

    I've been through the system and was approved. What I can tell you is that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is not going to prove your case for you and that's the mistake most claimants make and it's very important for all claimants to realize this at the very beginning. So YOU must obtain all your medical records, any updates, and tests results so you can guarantee that SSA will have all your records. If you leave it up to SSA to get your records, claimants have reported that SSA did not obtain all the records and this leaves the claimant at a disadvantage. SSA is NOT THERE TO REPRESENT YOU so don't try to place them in that position to gather your medical records and try to prove your case--YOU do that.

    You will want to have all your doctors fully on your side, stating you are UNABLE TO WORK ANY JOB (and the Disability Board here has an article about talking to doctors about your case). Also your doctors have to be on your side to fill out the SSA doctors forms (forms are on the Disability Board here, except I didn't put the Fibro form on there). Letters may seem good, but the actual SSA doctors forms filled out by your doctors provide everything SSA wants to know so use the SSA forms.

    You did not say why you were denied SSI. One reason can be that you husband makes too much money. For SSI, all adults in the household are considered when calculating income you have. At this point, it may be best to have an attorney or an advocate help you. You have to determine why you were denied and prove that SSA is wrong.

    Also, a few years back on the Travers Law Board (attorneys and SSA people), it was discussed that an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) was insisting that claimants with Fibro have a 14 point test DONE BY A RHEUMATOLOGIST in their records, otherwise the judge would refuse to recognize they had Fibro. It was argued that it was too strict, but ultimately it was stated that the ALJs can make whatever rules they want. So if you have Fibro, you may want to include a 14 point test by a rheumy in your records in case you may be appearing before that ALJ.

    Good luck.
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