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    I had blood work done and it shows my B12 is around 675, I think the top range on this scale was 1000+. I do take mega B;s with folate so should I be with that range. The blood work was done before I started on the mega B's and forgot I had it done, until I was looking for my hormone panel I found this lab work.

    Thanks for any info,

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    For pernicious anemia is usually 1000mcg every few months, initially this would be weekly. For energy and cfs studies have shown 5000mcg every third day helped, i have used 10000mcg every third day with no negative problems. Any excess is excreted and impossible to overdose. Now i take when i 'crash' every second day for a week, seems to help. i dont use it regularily as u get sick on injecting yourself. The injections arent that painful though.
    Good luck
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    that 10,000 mcgs of methylcolabam is extraordinarly important at bedtime. Helps get the toxins out of the brain. You can google Dr. Cheney, B-12 and find info about about it.


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