How much Bromelain do you take?

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    Hello, Annxyz, CelticLadee, Mommysisland, or whomever,

    Would like to compare my experience with some of you other gals..cause when I increased my dosage way up to the levels (18,000 GDU/day) taken by Tansy, my body became very swollen.. probably similar to Mommysisland's response to Heparin..if you pass by here, Mommysisland, how long did it take for your edema to decrease, and did you see this as a progressive/positive step to better fibrin disposal?

    Do most of you take about 6000 GDU?

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    Hello Plantscaper,

    Presently I am only taking 4800 GDU daily.
    I am considering going up to 7200 GDU when I can find a space in between my other pills. I haven't had trouble with edema at this low dose.

    Recently during my blood draw it took eternity for the doctor to fill the vial and I had to open and close my hand many times to help pump it out. This isn't the norm for me.

    I know my blood is sticky now and the Policosanol my ND put me on is improving my circulation. This is used for lower LDL cholestrol as mine is high now. I could literally feel it working the first couple days I took it and it even helped my migraine headaches from becoming too painful. (yeh... its that time of the month again...was late and hoping I was going into menopause... no such luck.)

    Anyway, I don't know that hypercoagulation has increased but I do know that my blood platelets are sticky. I wonder if my severe iron deficiency anemia helped create this situation. My red blood cells are small and mishapen and not doing their job.

    Well, the movie is starting... got to go. Hope you aren't pushing it too hard with the bromelain.

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    The norm, for me, is an eternity to draw blood or they go through the veins and my vessels start to swell from infiltration..does this have anything to do with stickiness of the blood? I have not had much testing, done due to lack of insurance.

    I have read that Policanosol is a very effective treatment for LDL..would like to know what you think as it goes along.
    I take grapeseed extract, which tends to be less expensive. With insulin resistance, I have had problems with high LDL, low HDL, and high you have that problem, possibly? Abdominal fat becomes an ever present problem and another symptom is high blood pressure..

    Well, I really need to make progress on these diseases, as I have had CFS for so many years and resources are I thought I should take as much Bromelain as I can tolerate..think I will reduce to 12,000 GDU as it is more tolerable.

    I see that you are exploring neurotoxins..think that is probably very much my problem, too, as the cognitive symptoms continue to be such a problem. I just wish that we could find out whether the Detoxx box is effective or consultation with these centers is highly successful..

    Isn't becoming well such a challenge and no clearcut answers?! It is so exhausting.

    Although somewhat better with the TF, I do believe I have a very far way to go...

    My mother is NOT BOUNCING back from her current problems very fast or well, so that is of top priority, right now..and has just gotten out of the hospital...

    Hope to talk to you soon, but I will be changing ISPs, fairly soon, and may need go stay at mother's house to help out her sitation..

    Take care and to better health,
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    I haven't had my blood tested yet for hypercoagualtion either as my funds are also limited. Have insurance but a $1,800.00 deductible up front keeps me held back for now.

    Usually the lab I go to uses the largest needle to draw my blood but I don't know if the ND used the same size or not. Maybe that is why it was so slow?? I don't know for sure if sticky or hypercoagulative blood runs slower ... it just seemed like it would to me. Isn't that why they use a bigger needle for chronically ill people?

    I went in today for a consultation and my last lab test shows I have a vitamin D deficiency (causes more fatigue and myalgia) If the iron and vit. D supplements don't make me better than my ND is going to do further tests through Hemex lab. He mentioned the possiblity of using heparin but will cross that bridge if we need to. ugh...hope not!

    He doesn't like me taking the TF via bovine. He gave me a paper titled "A warning about Fraudulent TF preparations" One line says: "Do not take TF for CFIDS unless immunologic test have been performed to exclude other diseases with identical symptoms, e.g. Lyme disease."

    Another line says "Claims by various companies that their concentrated bovine colostrum constitutes antigen-specific TF, without proof by potency assay are bogus. Furthermore, any product claimed to treat/cure/prevent a specific disease/virus/antigen, cannot be sold as a "nutritional" under DSHEA."

    The paper also states if you have any bad reactions to milk that you should not take TF derived from bovine colostrum unless lactose, casein, and cytokines have been proven to be absent.

    He told me Hugh Fundenberg, M.D. of South Carolina is the top TF specialist and only used human donors in his successful research and there isn't any good research done with bovine TF.

    Egads... I don't need more confusion and doubt! I'm wondering if I made a mistake taking TF now. Especially after reading posts saying you aren't suppose to have any bad reactions taking it. I certainly DID!

    You are quite right about this all being a challenge and exhausting to figure out. WHO do you believe?

    Yes, I am also fighting abdominal fat & high BP with the same scenario as you with my cholestrol. The Policosanol has already given me some relief and I will be getting retested in the near future to see how effective it is reducing my LDL, etc. I will try to remember to let you know since you stated you were interested. It is important to use the type made from "sugar cane wax" as it is the effective one used in good research. smiley face for my ND.

    My ND read up & discounted the VCS test and the info I gave him on Dr. Shoemaker. He is a stickler for good research & doesn't see it here. But between the iron supplementation and the Policosanol I am having less neuro problems so maybe it doesn't matter so much to me right now.

    So sorry your mom isn't doing as well as you had hoped. I will keep her in my prayers. Your mom is blessed to have such a loving caring daughter. We have two sons and can see that this could be a problem someday. Daughters are so much more nurturing, etc. when you are sick, etc.

    Please take care & I think you are wise to cut back on the bromelain. That seems like a very high dose and seemingly would be hard on your body. I do understand your motive though. It is something the docs don't get... how desperate we are to get well without going into the poor house!

    Sorry this is so long. Had lots to share today.

    Be blessed.

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    I don't know if you really want to know this, but thought I should share as it seems to deal with your present iron deficiency problem..I have been reading literature on Nature's Biotic..suppose to be the best SBO probiotic..and you can get the entire report from their website..

    Cognitively, I am spent, so I will not try to reiterate with much intelligence what was said, but briefly they indicate that iron supplements may cause the growth of infectious agents, due to the fact that bacteria, yeast, viruses and parasites thrive in an iron-rich environment..But when iron is carried through the body by lactoferrin (which is in NB), then iron is readily assimilated and cannot be used by the pathogens..and they indicate if you have adequate lactoferrin in the body, one does not need to supplement with can get it from food sources. This article indicates that iron supplements will cause excess iron that cannot be assimilated and will be food for the pathogens, basically.

    You might want to check it for thought. The name of the article is "Critters! Soil-based Organisms and Immune Function" might be interested in NB, besides is highly touted in certain circles.


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    I really do appreciate you pointing this out about Iron supplementation. I went to the website and read some of it. The problem is they are selling their EarthFlora product and suggesting it is the answer to all that ails you. That won't go down with my ND. Like I have said, he is a stickler for good research and would not consider this website as anything more than seller's hype. I'm not saying that the information doesn't have some validity. I was concerned with both iron and vit. D supplementation feeding the pathogens within as that seems to be a known problem among CFIDS/FM doctors & patients from what I have read in the past.

    But having said that, since my cardio C-reactive protein test is so low at .3 I think that I don't have any major infections to be concerned with but will jump on it fast if anything crops up. I didn't have any bad effects from the iron but when I started the vit. D it is giving me mild numb feelings overall in my entire brain and some pain in my right eye socket along with periodic mild headaches after dosing. This concerns me as this right temple/eye area is the very site my initial pain began upon becoming ill & has been a chronic problem since. It is the first red flag to flares, etc. I skipped my evening meal dose and may call my ND tomorrow to see what he thinks about this reaction.

    Just venting here: I get so tired of dealing with all this and I know you do too. It is so overwhelming, frusterating, and time consuming.... not to mention expensive! AAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Thanks for caring enough to share this PS. It is very thoughtful of you and I really appreciate it.

    Bless you and your mama.