How much can I expect to pay to see a naturopath??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aprilhuque, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. aprilhuque

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    Please help, I need to see am MD naturopath because the regular MDs are stating that they have reached their limits . . . how much should I expect to pay?

  2. sofy

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    I went for my first hour visit today and it was $200. After that it is $90 per half hour visit. I live in the north east so cost of living is high. At the end of the visit I told him I was enemployed and my insurance would not pay for his visits so--------. He interrupted me here and said He would give me a 10% discount if that is where I was going. I told him that was not where I was going but it felt good to be there and did I mention how good looking he was. (giggle) I went on to say I was going to say I couldnt space my appts. too close together but would gladly accept his generosity.
  3. praisingHim

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    Hi. I am going to see an integrative physician in the morning for the first time. I have seen many "traditional" doctors and none have answers and I don't feel they are taking the time to listen to me. The physician I am going to see practices regular medicine and also alternative meds. The office said that insurance will pay for part of the actual visit, since he is an actual MD, but will not pay for some of the "alternative" testing. Not sure how much any of this is. Hope this helps and good luck!
  4. phenom

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    i went to the local chemist where one of the staff is a naturopath and does consults. there was no charge... she recommended the magnesium (i'm on 2000mg a day - not a typo) and is looking into further herbal remedies for me. all at no cost. australia really is the lucky country.

  5. nct

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    ...those are expensive visits.
    I just went on Monday for my first visit. I paid $135 for 2.5 hours of talking and consultation and 8 different supplements to last me a month.
    I live in Columbus Ohio, so I guess location makes quite a difference.

    Hope you have good luck!