How much do you hurt before taking pain meds? Please help

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  1. sfrazier

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    I am thinking that I am not taking my pain meds like I should so I thought I would ask everyone on here. Now I take meds all day long but then I have darvocet for the bad pain. I guess my question is what is bad pain on a scale of 1 - 10. My normal daily pain is about a 5 or 6 and I can get by on that. I don't normaly take the darvocet till the pain is like a nine or ten. Now my doctor knows my normal daily pain but I've never really asked him how bad should I get before taking it. What does everyone else do?

    Thanks, Sue
  2. Cromwell

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    I will have to be on my knees literally before I take any pain meds as I have medication sensitivity. I am not sure this is the smartest thing to do as I think the body may respond better to a gentler approach. I just am scared of meds is all.

    Love Anne C
  3. sfrazier

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    I'm not sensitive to the meds my problem is that my body gets too use to the meds too quickly so that is why I wait. I guess your right on it is probably very hard on the body cause I wait till I can't even walk but I just hate taking a pain killer. They tell me it's for break through pain and I guess I just figure I'm always in pain so till it gets really bad it's not break through pain. lol.....

    Sue S.
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  4. Mikie

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    I would never wait until my pain was that bad before taking an opiod. When it reached a 7 for me, I would take my Morphine. It is better to catch it before it is unbearable. With drugs like ibuprophen, it is better to take them all the time so that the serum level in the blood stays at a certain level to keep the pain from reaching that high. If it does, an opiod can be taken for breakthrough pain.

    If it were me, I would talk to the doc and find out which would be the best route to take. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Sheila1366

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    Never let the pain get so out of control that you are anywhere near a ten on the pain scale.

    I was doing that until my physical therapist told me to take the meds. as perscribed.

    On days I know that is going to be bad I take my hydrocodine every 4 hours.But everyday is not that way.

    So just monitor your pain, maybe keep a pain journal.Don't suffer.But be careful with the pain meds. There is a bit of a balancing act with these meds.Just find what works best for you.

    {{{{{Gentle Hug}}}}}}
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    My doc has me on 2 Vicodan 3 times a day. He has told me to take them on schedule even if I am not hurting. This will keep the pain away. He told me there is not much use in waiting till your in a ton of pain then expect them to releive it totally. So like I said I take mine 3 times a day just like my other meds even if the pain is not that bad.
  7. pemaw54

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    I find that if I take my meds on a constant level, most days, I can make it ok. I take loratab, ultram, flexeril,naprosen,and another older muscle relaxer once in the morning and again at night. I use my darvocet for in between. Iv had a rough 2 weeks.

    Last night, I tried sleeping without that darvocet. Had to get up at 3:00am to take it. Then I was still back up before the alarm. I always get up before my husband so I can fix his coffeee and sit and iron his clothes for work.

    I take my meds at 9:30am and 9:30pm every day with the darvocet mixed in as needed.Hope this helped some. We are all so different but the same DD.

  8. Mikie

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    By the Substance P in our nervous system, going from a six to a seven on the pain schedule is a much bigger step than for someone whose pain is not amplified. That is why it is important not to let the pain get out of control.

    This is why it is important to have a doc who understands our kind of pain and doesn't treat us like addicts. We need our meds.

    Y'all know me well enough so that I can't leave the topic of pain without mentioning the Guai Protocol. It was a year on the protocol before I could do without opiods most of the time but over time, I needed pain meds less and less. It isn't an easy treatment, especially in the beginning, and it requires commitment and patience, but it is about the only treatment which offers the possibility of reversing the symptoms of FMS, including pain. It doesn't work for everyone, but if it is followed, it works for most. Failures are often due to not following the treatment protocol or inaccurate doses. Anyone interested can go to the Guaidoc website to learn more. Dr. St. Amand's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia," is an excellent book on FMS whether one does the treatment or not. I understand he has a new edition of the book out now.

    Love, Mikie
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  10. sfrazier

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    My normal meds: 9am I take my 75mgs of Effexor plus 200mgs of celebrex. Then at 1 I take another 200mgs of celebrex. At night I take 150mgs of Effexor, 100mgs of nortriptyline and 1 mg of Klonopin. The darvocet is suppose to be just for the breakthrough pain and that is only 100mgs. I was taking Ultram or Tramadol but the side effects killed me. I was getting headaches and queasy stomach and then throwing up. Anyways so I've only been on the darvocet for not even a month and I was prescribed 4 a day as needed. However on bad days which I've only had three of since I got the meds I had to take 2 four times a day. Doctor said that was okay but I still wonder if I should be taking them sooner. I take all my other meds as you see at the same time every day. This break through pain though I just don't get. lol.
  11. lovethesun

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    that I feel better since I take the meds on schedule like my doctor said to.Linda
  12. rosemarie

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    Sue so what medicatation do you take before you will take your DArovcet? the reason I ask is because Darvocet is is for low to moderate pain. My Mom was on this for her arthritis pain and it was not doing anything for her pain. So she called the pharmcist and asked him just how strong it was, He said that it was for low to moderate pain. She asked him so that means if my pain is at a 5 will it ease that and he said it depended on each person but he thought that it was not strong enough for her. So her meds were changed to some thing stronger and now 2 years later it is not working as it used to do.

    I have had the same problem till my doctor said that instead of taking the pills every four to six hours I was to take it 5 times a day. So I asked how often was that There are 24 hours in a day but you sleep and don't take them during that time so he figured that I was awake for about 20 hours and figured that I should take my meds every 4 hours .So that is what I do and that way I am not in as much pain as I was.

    I was told by one doctor to take my pain pills Tyelonyl #3 every 4 hours and to make sure I was not going to be in pain when the medication wore off with in the four hours. I was to take the pill 3 qnd a half hours after I took the last one. That was the medicataion was always in my system and I was not having to go from pain at a 6-8 to keeping it at a 4-5. I still have pain during the day and I add a advil along with it. IF I have a head ache I will take a advil and it works better for me than the perscription does. Don't ask me why ? It just works better.

    I hope that you find the right doseage of you pain pills.