How much Estrogen is too much???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by namow, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. namow

    namow New Member

    I am wondering about how much estrogen is too much in a prescription for a compound hormone replacement therapy. My dr wants me to get this:
    - Estriol 3 mg
    - Estradiol 2mg
    - Estrone 0.25 mg
    - Progesterone 100 mg

    When I called the pharmacy they thought it was way too much, anyone getting this amounts? Is this a weird prescription...NEED GUIDANCE
  2. rachelle01

    rachelle01 New Member

    first of all, what type are you getting? creams, pills?
    It does make a difference. I use the creams, but dont absorb them very well, so this would be nothing for me, and my estrogen is still very low, I cant tolerate any of it. If its in pill form, i would see if you can cut the pill in half and start slowly because you can always increase it gradually..same for the progesterone.
    Did they do your labs to check your levels first?

  3. namow

    namow New Member

    Thank you both for your answers. I will contact more pharmacies to see what they say.
    My prescription is in a cream form.

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