How much exercise do most of you get and what kind of exercise??

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  1. mastersinger

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    Good Morning! I was wondering what kind of exercise many of you do, and how often,etc ?. I know it depends on the day. Right now, I have bronchitis,so don't feel like much at all. I just started on Weight Watchers a couple weeks ago, and understand I need exercise to help my weight loss. I am on Biaxin now for 10 days. I can already tell, my aching is not near as bad. My chest feels like crap,but i can endure it better without the aches and pains. I also have larangitis, which makes it wonderful to communicate without taking air in. Have a great day everyone. I know from what I have heard, either you move or you lose it. I know water exercise is very important and I am crossing my fingers for a hot tub spa. Mastersinger(who cannot sing a note today)HA
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    Did you see the first installation of the new American Idol on TV last night? I assure you, you could sing better right now than most of those folks!
    Seriously, I don't think you should do much exercise while you are still suffering from bronchitis. Maybe just some stretching to keep from getting stiffened up.
    Until very recently, I did 20-30 mins. daily on a treadmill, walked my dogs for 20 mins. and did strengthening exercises for 10 mins., followed by 10 mins. of floor exercises and yoga stretches. Then I took a shower and washed my hair. This took up most of my day and required me to take something for pain afterwards. For 15 yrs. I have been an exercising fool, in an unsuccessful attempt to improve my HDL cholesterol and my weight. I finaly realized that since it wasn't working, I should set up a more reasonable program that would at least allow me to take less pain med.
    So, I am now doing the treadmill every other day, with just a few stretches afterwards. On opposite days, I do my strength training and more stretches. It evens out to about 20 mins. daily, and allows me to wash my hair every second or third day, which gives me some time in life for other things. I also find that I have some days now when I don't take any pain med. (all I take is Tylenol EX).
    I started out by walking two houses away and back. That was all I could do 17 yrs. ago when I first got sick. It took about 3 months of slowly adding a bit more to work up to where I could do a decent routine and saw results. Go slow, and don't overdo. It is worth it!
    Good luck,
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    I've become the QUEEN of exercise since being told I have fibro and not lupus.... it was not at all easy to get where I am now either though.... I'd tell you what my rheumie told me, START SLOW! I started walking in March. The first day I could only get to the end of my driveway.. and back LOL>>>>> but evryday I made myself go do it! That right there is the hardest part, esp when you already don't feel good .... so then I went to voc rehab and started a formal supervised program in a gym!!!!! THAT HURT..... but its been the thing that has helped the most! NOW>... I go to the Y everyday and walk about 30 minutes with some incline on the treadmill... then I do ab work... I found I can't do any arm stuff cause of pain . I also swim for 30 minutes a day,..... at this point I am totally beat! but I'm most likely without pain too!!!!!! which was the whole entire point!!!! It has helped me and I'm very thankful I can do it.... but don't let anyone fool you... it is NOT a cure.... I still have about all the same ole problems, ie: freq surgeries for wierd stuff and frequent infections and lumps growths blah blah.... I would still not say I feel good.... but I don't have the severe cramps I was having... sooooo I wish you luck and tell you to just stop and say no if anything hurts cause you can hurt yourself as well when you start.......
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    I used to workout almost everyday before this happened. Now my Doctor wants me to start again but I'm in so much pain I don't know where to begin. Some say it does bring refief from pain but others have written that it only made thinks worse long term. Is this true? Any and all comments appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
  5. Ness

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    I have found YOGA to be extremely helpful...I use to be a Personal Fitness Trainer and work out myself and with clients 5-6 days a week...Now I can not lift weights without pain....I started doing Yoga...very gentle Yoga and Deep Aerobic Breathing and it has helped my Pain and Fatigue so much..

    With anything Please make sure that you start out very slowly and work your way up.....

  6. lisjhn

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    You mean when I drive around the parking lots of stores trying to find the closest parking spot available? Otherwise I do what I call a drive-by and forget it. Just walking through a store about kills me sometimes. That's my exercise. Oh, I walk to the mail box on my good days too.

    And to think....I used to train to be a fitness model just 4 years ago. Went to the gym 9 times a week to train, rode my bike 60 miles a week, couldn't get enough. I was pretty buff too, now I'm a wiggly untoned flabby piece of crap. Wish I could exercise more than anything, but I get sick with a "flu" for 2-3 days after if I do.

  7. AnnetClo

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    I haven't exercised in so long. But before this DD I was at least on the go all the time. And I loved to walk through antique stores and flea markets and I loved to paint and wallpaper. Now my exercise if walking from the bed to the bathroom and to the sofa and to the bathroom and to the office and to the bathroom. I know I have to start doing something even if it's just walking. But the getting started is the pits and make myself "just do it" every day. Wouldn't it be a hoot to be close enough that we could all get together and walk or do yoga or pilates? Ness could be our trainer and we could all laugh at each other and cheer each other on!!

  8. northwoodssue

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    Hi Mastersinger:
    If we can keep moving one way or another, that will help us tremendously. I do yoga every other day, but should do it every day. I do gentle stretching yoga only, none of that "pretzel stuff" for me. It is the ONLY thing that helps my fibro - I credit yoga for helping me to be able to walk, move my head, arms, etc. I feel so much better after I do it, too. I also like to walk, but I live in No. Minnesota and today it is -20 degrees with a windchill of -35, so that's out of the question!!!!! But I will walk again in the spring.
    good luck to you - hope you find what works for you. I think it was a good idea for all of us to get together and exercise with Ness as the trainer! what a hoot!!!!!
  9. Katee

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    Hi folks, I'm rather new to the board, but I thought I'd reply to this topic. I've been ill for 2 years with Graves' disease and newly diagnosed with FMS. I teach 6th grade all day (major stress), and I never really feel like exercising when I come home. However, my black Lab, Molly, LOVES her 4:00 pm walk even on a day like today when it is 13 degrees outside. Walking for even 15 minutes (I love a 40 minute walk on a beautiful day,)and getting fresh air relaxes me. Yeah, my hips and knees almost always hurt a bit. (I know that most days my pains are much less than many of you deal with, but I still have them.) Some days I walk on my new treadmill a mile or so.
    Walking has been part of my exercise routine for about 10 years, but I walk a lot less now. I should be stretching more and lifting small weights, but there are not enough minutes in the day!!! I just keep trying to balance everything that will add to a more healthy life.
  10. starstella

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    is all I can manage. For me it's a fine balance between therapeutic and overdoing it. If I happen to be in less pain when I'm stretching I tend to do extra and then I suffer the next day. I know the aerobic exercises are supposed to help the pain but I can't find an aerobic exercise that I can tolerate. This is not good--I know my exercise endurance is going downhill. And I used to love exercising! Nordic track, aerobics, weights, all a part of my past.
  11. amaryllis

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    I try to walk as much as possible, even if that only means walking up the driveway and back a few times a day on a bad day. I am afraid to sit down for long periods of time because I get so stiff and achy! Once I get my nerve pain under control, I plan on starting in on either some gentle beginners yoga or pilates since I have read that either of these exercises have helped FM patients.

    Hope you feel better soon and up to getting out and about!

  12. Ness

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    I would love to help all of you!! We would have a great time...Honestly...this is something that I am working on doing.....I would like to get myself to the point where I can train people again.....only this time I will specialize in working with those who have these DD..

    I can help you all by Cheering you all on...Keeping you POSITVE.....all of us need to keep moving even when it hurts.....I don't mean heavyduty stuff...Gentle stretching, going for a walk, we have to move to keep ourselves from becoming stiffer than we already are...and there is still so much LIFE to LIVE!!!

    I know that I have days alot of days actually when I get up in the morning and can hardly move ...and the pain is echoing through my body and I don't know how I am gonna make it to work....BUT I do most of the time ..I keep moving., keep praying and sometimes I just have to cry..that is all I can do.

    I refuse to give into this DD....I have days that I just can't do anything...and then when I can I do more..My goal is to help those with this DD to feel good about themselves and learn the right kinds of exercises to do that will help with the pain, fatigue and stiffness...I am learning more and more about what works...and the best I have found so far is Gentle Yoga and Aerobic Breathing...this can be done in just 10-15 minutes a day and the benefits are amazing...The breathing is what actually burns the fat...studies have been done that proove this..we do not have to spend long grueling hours sweating heavily to reap the benefits of Aerobics...This DD depletes us of Oxygen and that is what we need . Oxygen to our muscles and stretching to keep us from staying all kinked up.

    I hope you all keep moving and I am here anythime...Peace and Rainbows to you all.

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  13. karen55

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    but not lately. I manage the treadmill once a week, as opposed to every day like I used to. But I DO stretch, every day, without fail, in the mornings and in the afternoons. That alone keeps me from feeling like I'm totally tied in knots, which does help the pain too. My short term goal at this point is to hit the treadmill every other day and learn some yoga.
  14. coyote

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    My doctor pushes exercise as the best thing for FMS.
    I got a membership at the Y health club and started going a few times a week. I always loved walking before I got this.
    Even though I started slow, I developed knee pain from using the treadmill. Physical therapy made the knee pain worse, so I stopped going to the Y. I used to swim all year round, but being a teacher, I pick up every bug in the winter from the kids, and have been out sick weeks at a time, so I quit swimming in the winter.
    Walking outside is ok, but it's much too cold here to do that this time of year. Soooooooo, I don't get much exercise, and I do suffer because of it. Some days, I come home from work and fall asleep. Those little kids can really run you ragged.
    I do think it helps. I am not very determined, organized or ambitious, though.
  15. Kathryn

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    from the feed store just after Thanksgiving. He likes to go out about every two hours. I walk him down to the creek & sit and watch his antics for 10 - 15 minutes, then walk him back to the house. We do this about 6 - 8 times a day, so I guess you could say about a 40 minute walk on average. I also do stretching in a hot bath.
  16. clueless

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    I am 75 wih this disease which hit me like a steam roller after having surgery. If I go shopping or exert myself in any way I am sick for two or three days. I so much want to walk ( just love to shop ) but it wipes me out. I have nodules ( which is what I would call them I guess ) down th backs of my legs from above my knees into the fleshy part of my leg.Tendons I guess and I am assuming that is what causes the hot burning pain down my legs and into my feet. I have started stretching before I get up hoping it will help.I will have to go slow if only because of my age.Good luck to you and go slow.
  17. Shirl

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    so may driveway walkers here! I walk the driveway everyday, this is at least 600 feet round trip, then I feed the wildbirds, another few hundred feet.

    I feed my dogs, and play with them outside for a few minutes, then I have to go upstairs (steep steps) to turn the lights on in the evening, and off in the morning, then I walk around the upstairs porch which is about 160' round trip! This the dogs love!

    I just started back on the Nordic Track, just about three minutes at a time for now.

    I do stretch in the morning, and at night too.

    I just got a 'peddle' thing that I have for a footrest under the computer desk, so I am 'peddling' while I am on the computer! Didn't know if I could do this, so found one in a Thrift Store for $5.00, and its working out fine.

    Before the Fibro, I was doing the handweights, Nodic Track, stationary bike, twist machine, and a lot of walking in the Mall, but can't do all this anymore.

    So this is my contribution to the exercise routines! Not much, but at least I am moving.

    As I have bronchitis right now, I am doing what I can with out coughing my lungs up!

    Shalom, Shirl
  18. teach6

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    Many of us here, myself included, have a primary dx of CFS. I also happen to have FM and NMH. The NMH keeps me from even standing up for more than a few minutes. When I sit I have to keep my knees above my hips so I don't become fatigued too quickly.

    I have to be really careful not to overdo it. When I do I pay for it for days, or sometimes longer. I had a tilt table test over two weeks ago and am finally beginning to retun to where I was prior to that.

    I am hoping to begin doing gentle yoga again soon, in addition to the stretching I do. For me that's about all I can attempt at this time.

  19. pearls

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    My doc wants me to do either yoga or pilates. I'm very interested in the latter. Does anyone do it?

    Right now I'm stretching every chance I get, but nothing formal. I was gardening, but right now it is just too darn cold out there! As to the pilates, I've looked for a video tape in the big bookstore I visited recently, but couldn't find one. But lo and behold, today an advertisement arrived in my mailbox for a book and tape on - you guessed it - pilates! I'm going to send for it!

  20. sybil

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    and a trip to the nearest city,manchester,via train and bus,to see my psychotherapist,that is also once a week.

    i go to the psychotherapist on monday,it takes me until thursday to recover from that trip.thursday is hydro and it takes me until monday to recover form that.i have ME (CFS) and FMS.some days i feel so weak standing up is a major things like yoga and pilates are way beyond my capacity,