How Much Faith Do You Have?

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    Pastor Gardener was retiring from many years at the pulpit and sunday services. He introduced Pastor Johnson to the congregation, as he stood and looked at them, he said that his sermon today was going to be on Faith.
    He started his story off by talking about a man with two young boys being out on the water fishing when a storm came up. As the storm raged around them the winds tossed the boat and eventually capsized them. Tossing the Father and the two boys into the stormy waters.
    The Father having to make the choice as to which boy to throw the rope to, 1. His own son? or 2. The other boy who by the way came from the wrong side of the tracks and did not have a good church upbringing. He sent a prayer heavenward and tossed the rope to the other boy sending his son to death by drowning, this he did because he knew his son had faith as to where he would go, home with Heavenly Father.
    By this time not a dry eye was in the congregation, but the young Pastor chose this time to reveal the rest of the story-- As you see the Father that had to make that heart wrenching decsion was none other than your own Pastor Gardener, and I was that young boy he threw that rope to, to save my life.

    So really when we look into our own lives, How much faith in the Lord above do we place when we make some of those hard decsions? I can tell you from personal experience that I had to make a decsion similar to this in regards to my own unborn child who "they" said was not to be healthy and have many health problems. I placed my faith in the lord and am happy to report that I have a very healthy 12 year old son, that brings his Father and I great joy on a daily basis. So in truth FAITH does prevail and brings joy daily and for that I am greatful
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    All I can say to that is Amen, Praise the Lord.


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    That was a heavy story Great Faith builder!
    Thanks for posting it! Suzanne
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    I had read this story a few months ago and asked my son what he thought I should do. I was surprised by his response. He said "Mom, I know I will be in heaven when I die, toss the rope to the other kid" My son said he would never be able to live with himself knowing that he lived and the other person died not knowing God. I was thrilled to hear his response becasue that is what I would have done. As much as I love my son, I could not stand the guilt of knowing someone is spending eternity seperated from God so my son could live.


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