How Much Olive Leaf Extract Do I take for "Herxing?"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bakron, May 17, 2003.

  1. bakron

    bakron New Member

    I have the extract in capsule that are 200 mg. How much do I need to really "herx?" I'm somewhat new to this idea.

    I did take 2 caps this AM (about 8 AM) and am noting that I am warmer and seem to be pespiring more now (1:45 PM Pac Coast). I am already "herxing?"

    I appreciate all the help from this message board. Thank you.

  2. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    I just started OLE last week. Hubby has too and has herxed big time. Feeling fluish, very tired and he also is getting large puss like pimples popping out on his legs. He says now the herx effect is going away after 5 days. I immediatly got a very bad tummy ache (about 10min after taking first dose- 1 cap 250 mg 17%ole) I now have headache and a burning in throat. Hubby is increasing his dose to 2x per day. I am still at one and only taking every other day. Perhaps you will not herx Jeannette not everyone does. I would say that you will know by the end of the weekend.
    good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I am a OLE user, so I will try to answer your questions..Herxing is a combination of our own unique worsening of symptoms and the usual "flu-like symptoms", and I think especially a feverish feeling...sweating may be one symptom of that...

    How much OLE to take depends on our varying individual pathogen load (Viruses, bacteria, parasites and funguses), so you need to adjust accordingly...but just go to the point that you know you are "herxing", and slowly detox, drinking a lot of water to flush the bad guys out...there is no rush...
  4. bakron

    bakron New Member

    Thank you for the information. I'll continue what I was taking and try 2 pills 2 times / day to see what happens. I'm still very warm and sweaty. I haven't taken my temp, but most likely am mildly febrile. My husband tells me my face is red. I am really tired, but that's not too unusual. I'll let you know how it goes! Again, thanks for your help and support.

  5. aryiella

    aryiella New Member

    I was thinking about taking OLE, but was wondering what is a low enough dose to avoid this whole "herxing" effect and would it still do me any good? My Mom keeps telling me I need to do some sort of detox (she thinks liver), but I just don't want to suffer the side effects, even if it is only for a week or whatever. Is there such a thing as a "slow detox"?