how much pressure on pressure ponts ?

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    When I went to my rhuematologist she pressed very lightly on pressure points for diagnosis of FM. Also sitting down with jeans on, also some of the spots didn't seem to be in the same spots that I checked that had pain. I have pain all over my body. Because my pain level is worse in my neck and shoulders she diagnosed me with myofascial pain syndrome, and didn't hurt very much with the light pressure she did in other pressure points. but I have most of the symptoms with FM and chronic fatigue syndropme. I am at the point with my disability that i have had a lawyer for 7 months now. I am wondering how it will hurt my case and if it was an accurate dianosis. Any ideas on this subject. How much pressure should be used for diagnosis? {{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}
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    A "tender point" is defined as a site that is painful when 4 kg (approximately 9 pounds) of pressure is applied, about the amount that makes your fingernail turn white when you press on it. Some of my tender points are not ture to the standard pictures either.
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