how much rest is too much??

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    Hey everyone,

    I just got off the phone with my cousin and she is a Internal Med. doc. She has been helping me through this time and said that too much laying down is not a good idea because it will weaken muscles and also could create bone density problems. What is your opinion? How much time do you spend in bed during the day? It's hard to find a balance because as we all know over exertion spells trouble.anyway, she wants me to do some brief walking each day and increase it by the week.
    looking for some other perspectives.
    take care and have nice weekends!
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    I ran a regional group for CFS/FM and a whole lot more besides for many years. It was a very large (and demanding) group but this did mean there was plenty of useful feedback.

    A small number of people were told to take plenty of rest which unfortunately they took to mean almost total bedrest, it didn't do them any good.

    Learn to read your body, bear in mind that the severity of your symptoms will vary within a day and from one day to the next.

    Avoid overdoing it, crashing, then overdoing it again.

    Instead try to stop before you reach the point of exhaustion or aggravating symptoms. By trial and error most people get to find a reasonable level for them.

    Then stay there for a while.

    If things improve slightly as a result of this, increase your physical activity just a little and see how you get on.

    I'm sure your cousin means well but unless she understands these DDs she is unlikely to give the best advice.


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    I don't know what most of us consider too much or too little but.....I try to get my 8 hrs a night.Then during the daytime,I nap for 1 and a half hrs.Thats it for sleepytime.....but I do sit and watch some TV with the kids after dinner. Unless I'm really sick or in a major flare....then it could be a little more during the day~
    Hope this helps. I have to agree about the too much laying around doing more harm than good~The muscles can weaken.
    Take care,
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    I have for the last few years been "resting" alot. I can,and have slept about 15 hours...then got up and needed a "nap" a few hours later(by "nap"..i mean around 2 or three hours,anything less ain't concidered a nap to me:eek:)). Sometimes I think I have narcolepsy I can sleep ANTWHERE.My best friend has FM also and we always joke that we have "An appointment with the couch"..which means we need a nap:eek:)
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    There are many people here who are truly unable to take this advice. Many of us can but I would venture to say most can't.

    Two years ago, I could hardly go up the stairs to my bedroom at night.

    I had a bed put in my library, as it was beyond me to go up stairs for a nap, rest etc. I also spent many nights down stairs too.

    This year, I am doing fine. I can do the stairs, some gardening, I live on five acres of land, so walking is easy, not on concrete but grass/soil.

    I rest after each task that requires me to get a little tired, like mopping, sweeping, gardening, cooking, washing dogs, laundry, etc.

    I don't sleep, just lay down and relax my muscles with heat. Sofas and chairs usually hurt, so the bed down here is perfect. Right kind of support.

    If I am going to go somewhere that requires a lot of energy, I rest the day before, and make sure all things that need to be done that can be done the day before I do them. That way when I get home, I can rest!

    Before I could not push a cart in the grocery, now I can again.

    My husband would let me out of the car in front of a store and go park, so I would not have to walk on the concrete in the parking lots, we don't need to do that anymore unless its more than a block of walking.

    Let me tell you, I have been on both sides of this fence. Some of us can do exercise, others are in wheelchairs, walkers, bedridden, etc.

    So one size around here does not fit 'all' by no means.

    Plus this board has about half the members are medical workers, nurses, etc. some of them are not able to do much of anything strenuous, and they are well aware of the medical aspect of exercise.

    Then we have those great days, and then we have the bad ones were we can't hardly move. When the fatigue kicks in, we are out of it no matter what anyone says!

    I only have Fibro, but we have others who have CFS, and some who have both. Tell them to exercise!

    I think we all do the best we can, and then no more can be expected of us.

    Shalom, Shirl