How Much Will This Help My SSDI Chances?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, May 3, 2007.

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    Hi all.

    I have waited 5 months after initially applying for SSDI here in California.

    I sent them all my medical records many months ago. Then they contacted me for a "psyche" evaluation.

    No more physical tests asked for as my case worker here locally told me they felt they had enough info on the physical part.

    I don't think my "psyche" appointment went well as I think I came across as pretty coherent and I wasn't frantic anxious as I am half the time with this.

    My two questions however are this. Social Security did not have ( at the time of my psyche evaluation ) a report from my year long therapist. She is a doctor of psycho-therapy. She told me that she recommended to Social Security that I be considered for this disability.

    Wouldn't you know they said they never got her report? But we made sure this time they did last week as she faxed this to them.

    Regardless of how my psych appointment went, will the positive recommendation from my therapist have any impact on my chances of being apporoved for this?

    I hear California is super tough to get SSDI.

    I am 55. The worker at our local department of rehabilitation also told me she hoped I would get this. She said after hearing all my physical problems that with those and my closer age to 62 that the department of rehab sometimes feels that some of their applicants are too sick and close to retirement anyway to retrain them. She said I was in this catagory. I don't think this will ever reach Spocial Security but's it what she told me.

    Is it possible that despite my psycho-therapist recommendation I be on SSDI that California is still so tough that they could ignore her recommendation?
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    Hey there, I think you have a good chance and I hope you get it. With all you have been through and with the Psych recommendation and age it is a good indicator.

    I went through all of that with SS and I was depressed and noted it on the psych test and was approved about 5 years ago. I told the judge that I had worked all of my life and I would contiue if I could but my body wore out. He must have believed me as I was honest with all concerned and thats all we can do plus a little faith helps too.

    I think you did your part and can let it go and see what happens. Good health and God bless
  4. joeb7th

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    hi joe

    they do give more "weight" to a treating doctor that knows you than to a state doc, if they had your psych. notes in in the 1st place, you prob. would have avoided the exam.

    i don't think it matters what state, what really matters is HOW YOUR WORK ABILITIES ARE IMPAIRED, and even if you have 10 docs saying you are disabled, they like to make that decision based on your limitations (power trip!)

    check into for some excel. info, i wish i had seen it before my hearing or my initial filing, would have saved alot of time and poverty!

    good luck, and age is on your side also--L

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