How my pain has progressed and what doctor has done

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    FIRST OF ALL BEWARE OF FENTENYL PATCHES. There are advertisements now about the med on television here in the states of people dying from getting too much med in their system from them.

    As much pain as I am in and believe me after 21 years it is plenty I will NEVER use fentenyl patches.

    I take Percocette 10/325 and luckily for me I am allowed 150 a month. My doctor continues to up my meds as needed since I only ask about once very year or so for stronger.

    I have tried time release morphone but I get a rash and itch and it only lasted 4 hours instead of 12 for me.

    My doctor recently explained to me using his hands to give a visual as to why the pain increases more after you have taken a med for some time. He did this as I had mentioned that I hoped I would never get to the point that I would need for example, oxycontin and percocette, one for pain and one for break through. He said, "Oh you will in time and here is why."

    Then he showed me with his hands using his fingers how the pain meds block the pain sensation and that after a certain time on a med the signals from the brain manage to extend around those pain blockers to create more pain and later more.

    I began on Ultram 50 mg twice a day about 2001. Then went to 4 a day a couple years later. That stopped working so I progressed as follows: Percocette 5/325 twice a day on bad days and Ultram on lower pain days, then to Percocette 4 times a day 5/325, then to 10/325 Perc twice a day, then 10/325 3 times a day, now I am on Perc 10/325 up to 5 a day, usually 2 mornings, one mid day and 2 at night. Now on this regiment for about 6 months and I really am at the point that I could use more but I refuse for at least another year.
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    Good morning Dear.

    ya Our bodys get used to the pain Meds after awhile..I have had a total of 6 surgerys. and always was given Perc for pain.... now with my Fibro ... it started out sever Fariuge and then with migrans.neck and then worked down my back ,, and has proressed to where I am now . there is not a day that goes by I am not in pain.
    I also started with the Perc # 5/325 4 a day and then to the 7.5/325 and now on the 10/325 .. I am allowed 6 a day .. so thats 180 a month... I seem to run about 3 4 days short a lot of times.. my Doc does not mind.. as long as its less than 1 week short he is ok with this... at one time I had him up it to 7 a day... but only did this for two months and went back doown to 6 day . just to many pills.
    I did try oxycodine 20 mlg .. did nothing for me at all... sad to say .. I was hoping .
    have not tried the morphone yet . One of my Docs has brought it up several times now and thinks I should and then take the perc for breakthough pain.. not sure if I;m ready for this.. maybe soon...
    right now I am comming off the Lyrica... this is so hard to come off. I had to stop at 1,, 150 mlg a day for now. I was taking 450 a day . this made me sooo Ill last week I could not even sit up. mised two days of work so far trying to get off this stuff. so now 1 pill a day for awhile and then down to the 75 mlg one a day.. soon . so far I have not noticed being in any more pain.. so that tels me the lyrica is no longer working for me.. why take it if it does nothing. right. ..
    I feel there is somthing else other than Fibro going on.. but we have not found it yet. .. this is such a hard process.

    I am sorry you have to live this life as well ... be good to your self ...

    Prayers for good days.

    Spirit ~

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    It seems to cause a lot of people to itch and so bad too. I took a couple of my friends regular morphone pills once to see and they did not make me itch so I am thinking it is the time release and wonder if anyone else knows.
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    Hi there!
    Yes, it's very normal for our bodies to build up a tolerance and eventually need more to find relief. I've had several conversations with the Dr's that I see. Fortunately my Dr's all believe in quality of life and have never been reluctant in prescribing me medication.

    Two years ago my Dr. suggested first MS Contin - did nothing, then Oxycontin. I was scared to death and really told her I was scared and nervous. I can't tell you what a different a long acting med can make. My Dr. wanted me to see a pain mgmt Dr. - more for an opinion, to see if she was treating me effectively. Coincidentally this Pain Dr. also had Fibro. She too explained why a long acting (extended release) med was so important. The peaks and valleys are hard on us and our bodies, when our short acting meds wear off, we sure know it!

    I sometimes don't need my breakthrough medication. I do not feel the oxycontin at all - all I feel is a very gradual relief. It does not last very long for me (and many people I've heard).

    I also had a long talk with my rheumatologist who told me that the pain meds are pretty safe. If you use them as directed, I am fine. The Tylenol is the meds is what would be a problem. I am on a med now which does not have Tylenol. It's an oxycodone like your Percocet, just minus the Tylenol.

    I haven't had to go up in dose for a couple of years. Somedays I really really feel like I need more relief. I'm thankful that I have the Oxycontin though - that really does make a difference.
    It has a bad rap - but I don't let that even enter my mind. I take as directed, never more, sometime less.
    It's made for pain - we're in pain!
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    Janalynn or anyone else:

    What med is it that has the oxycodone without the tylenol or anticitaphenmine in it (sp)?

    I don't like taking that either since most of that does me no good anyway.
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    Haven't seen you around for a while.

    I take Tramadol (Ultram) but the usual does is 100mg. three times per day. I have been on it for four years. I have recently had some break through pain. My doctor gave me a script for the time release Ultram and I got a letter today that says my insurance will not approve the medication whatever the diagnosis as it has not proven to be more effective.

    Fortunately, it now seems to be working again. I think one of the problems is that I often wait too late to take it, thinking I might not need it.

    I was given the Fentynl patch once, the smallest dose, and I absolutely will not touch it again. It made me very sick, really out of it and the patch kept coming off.

    Good luck. Pain management can be difficult but pain is also not good for our bodies.

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    People have bad reactions to all kinds of meds. Both my partner and I really liked the patches. They did a good job in relieving our pain, we avoided the rollercoaster of short-term meds, and we didn't have to keep track of when we were due for pills. Unfortunately, we stopped being able to afford the patches and had to go back to the cheapest alternative that worked for us, Oxycodone. Just because some people have a bad reaction to a pain med doesn't mean that everyone should avoid that med. Heck, Flexeril practically puts me into a coma (okay, a deep deep sleep), but I don't think that my reaction should stop other people from using it.

    Oh, and to answer the question about what is Oxycodone w/o the Tylenol or's Oxycodone. :) Or, if you're going for the brand name, it's Roxicodone. When it has the other stuff added, it's Percocet or Lortab or Combunox or a zillion other names.
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    DemonFairy is correct - Oxycodone is the medication. Percocet has the Tylenol. Roxicodone is the brand name, but you don't even need to tell your Dr. that. He would be able to help you if you just said you'd like something without Tylenol or ibuprophen.
    My script actually says Oxycodone HCL

    All meds are so different for every person - it's true. I seem to be able to take enough to knock out a horse, yet I can't take .5 Klonapin without being knocked out completely. I never took more than a Tylenol (if that) - it amazes me that I take what I do, barely feel it at all, barely get any relief etc. It truly boggles my mind.