How my SS Dr appt went today

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    I waited fours weeks for today and it was over in an less than an hour. I was weighed, measured, had eyes check and breathed into a machine and did the grip test. Then the Dr came in asked me the same questions that I had answered on the 4 page form they sent me earlier. She did the reflex test and made me lay down then took my leg up as far as she could, not how far i could raise it on my own. Then I had to crawl from the table to stand up and bend over to try to touch my toes, I asked without pain? She said just go as far as you can. Walked on my toes, then my heels, I didn't do well at that. After that they sent me to a chiropractor across the way to get xrays of both hands. Then return the xrays back to the SS DR. That was it. I do have RA, FM and asthma so I understand the hand xrays and the breathing test BUT THOSE AREN"T MY REAL PROBLEMS. I listed my number one complaint as fatigue followed by chrnoic hip and back pain, so why didn't they xray my hips? I have a MRI for my back. Now i get to wait for 3-6 weeks again for an answer. They sent me to the state shrink in Jan and diagnosed me with depression, FM, etc. Then I got a letter to go to today's visit. I was so excited when I got the envlope because I was told the decision was in the mail. But the decision was to send me to another Dr. I was so let down. But I won't let them get me, I will die fighting if I have to.

    I love this board and I read much more than I post because I am so tired, but it is nice to know I am not alone in this dd. This week alone I foundout others hear jukeboxes in their heads and others have sausage fingers, I have had both these problems for many years.

    My visit with my rhemy yesterday went ok. He is sending me to Fibro PT, I will be evaluated to what exercise program suits me. Since I have a streached achilles tendon on one foot and huge bunyon on my right toe that may have to be surgically frozen, I hope it is swimming. Oh no a bathing suit! Between the 6 months of prendisone and a really bad winter i put on 20 pounds, I was already 30 over my ideal. Oh well, it is a heated pool so I'll go for it - do they still make mumus? Thanks for reading and keep the post up, you help more people that you know, Thanks for reading and good health to all.
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    I will be going to see two of the SSDI docs soon. One for depression and another for a physical. it helps to know what they do and why they do it. On a funny note, when I told my husband I had to go to one of their docs for an exam he told me to stay up all night long and clean the house for a good 3 hours straight(yeah right 3 hours? HA!). That way I would be in a full flare the next day. I think he just wants a break from cleaning and is using this as an excuse :)