How Often and How Do Your Crashes/Flares Begin?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. greatgran

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    I have had CFS and mild Fibro going on five years and daily I still question my "I Think" Dx..don't think its ever been confirmed but am waiting on an appt. with another rheumy...

    So I was just wondering how often and how your crashed and flares begin since you have been dx..

    Mine seems to start with a day or two of fatigue just don't feel like doing anything, then wonder if I am lazy, then comes the sinus problems,morning headaches between the eyes, no tenderness, chills, no fever, aches, pains, flu like feeling, then of course the depression/anxiety follows me..This has been a weekly thing for 5 years..My week is usually 3 good days I am up and about then 4 days in bed..Sometimes my bed days aren't as long..On my 3 good days I think maybe its gone and when I get to thinking this way it finds me again...Never seems to end..
    On my good days I do try to pace myself.

    My husband has to have surg. this Thursday and I am feeling lousy and its so hard to try to be there for someone when you feel so bad..

    Thanks and God Bless,
  2. Rosiebud

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    remissions and relapses that's how the past 12 years have been for me. I dont know how long they are going to last, can be days can be months. Have had the worst relapse since getting Mumps last March and I'm just beginning to come out of it.

    There is really no rhyme nor reason to this illness. I dont have to overdo things to land in bed although of course overdoing things can make me really ill. Pacing helps but it doesnt always work I'm afraid. Thing is not to give up.

    When I first became ill, I was always thinking I was getting better then I realised it was just the way of it.

    I do hope your husband's surgery goes well and you're strong enough to help care for him.

  3. greatgran

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    Rosie and Msmoody, for your input it always helps so much when I get in the doubting mode..I from time to time think this will go away but have come to realize it probably won't so just have to keep making the best of a bad thing..

    Thank you for your prayers, we sure need them...This surg. is to rule out colon cancer..I am trying to be positive but am scared and anxious..

    God BLess and thanks again,