How often do you exercise?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrohugslife, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I just started exercising regularly about two days ago and I do walking. I like to listen to my music and walking for about 20-30 minutes. I have not decided how often I will do this and I don't want to wear out my body either. I was thinking to walk at least 3 days a week, and one or two days do Yoga.

    I want to keep doing something everyday to strengthen my muscles but at the same time I don't want to wear out my body either.

    I have felt more pain since doing the exercise so I usually stretch afterwards, drink loads of water, then eat something, and take a hot bath and soak for awhile, and then take my muscle relaxers after that to help muscles from tightening up.

    I do lots of stretching throughout the day and night to keep my muscles stretched out.

    Exercising again has been a big step for me but I want to strengthen my muscles and increase the health of my body and maybe I will lose some weight on top of that although that is not my focus.

    So if you could share your exercise schedule with me that would be great.


  2. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I have cfs and exercise makes me worse..By the time I manage to do my household chores and what shopping etc. I have to do thats all the energy I have..

    I have tried just short periods of walking
    but that is about all I can manage and this is on a day when I have no shopping or much house work to do...

    Mentally I feel better if I could be active but for some reason it just makes me worse the next day..Not so much pain but fatigue, anxiety and also seems to activate my sinus/allergy problems...

    So glad you are able to excerise...

  3. KJH_10

    KJH_10 New Member

    I have just started an exercise plan of my own. I walk for 25-30minutes a day on my treadmill, 3 times a week. I get tired, but I rest afterward and drink a lot of water. My muscles were sore for a couple weeks, but once they got used to being used alot, they dont hurt as much.
  4. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    5 miles 3x per week, but got out of the habit when I had a HUGE migraine problem for awhile in the summer. I plan to resume.

    Of course, I had to start really slow at first, but adding the exercise was the final step that made all of the difference in the world in how I felt overall.

    I have a new book that talks about the importance of stretching, which I am not doing enough of, so I will be adding more of that. Getting blood to the muscles to nourish them is so important. Last year I even snow skied!
  5. angeljoe

    angeljoe New Member

    My family and I have a contract with a fitness club very close to home. I use to be extremely active there but after the Fibro hit I only walked on the treadmill. Usually I would go 4 days a week, but now I have a ruptured achille tendon in my right foot. (surgery coming up soon) So I'm in a walking cast and can't do a whole lot of walking.
  6. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    I do some sort of excercise every day. In the summer, it is always a walk and maybe something else, either Yoga or Ai Chi.

    Now that the cold weather is here, I tend to walk outside less. I do have a treadmill that I use on the days that I don't go to the pool for Ai Chi. On Ai Chi days, that is the only excercise I get. I try to slip in a Yoga session at least once a week.

    I am a firm believer of the "use it or lose it" theory
  7. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    I try to do something daily - whether that be 15-30 minutes of yoga, walking, etc. or just putting in more steps by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther from the store, etc. I just try to do something every day and it has helped me a lot! It has helped my muscle pain, my weight and my fatigue (in the long run). I fell off a bit around Nov. and Dec. but now I'm back at it by doing my yoga and my Walk Away the Pounds workouts. Plus, I love strength training and I do that whenever possible.

    Just make sure to take it slow, build up slowly and DON'T over do it!!
  8. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    said with fibro and cfs that I should do 1/2 hour 3 times a week.. walking or stretching.. yoga.. whatever..

    I'm walking.. I use resistance bands to help stretch out sore muscles.. especially helps when I'm having leg cramps.
    some low impact arobics when I'm feeling great which isn't all that often..
  9. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I am feeling the pain today a lot LOL! My mom noticed that my knees and the meat (don't know what that's called LOL) before my knees were swollen, so I think I am going to do some Yoga today (I just need to get a mat)and just stretch my body out and then tomorrow will do some minimal walking for about 10-20 minutes or just do some stretching all day and give my body a break.

    I do want to do something each day to keep my body strong and stretched out. So I think I will do Yoga in the between the times that I walk. If I really can't do any walking or Yoga due to pain then just basic extensive stretching will have to do. I don't want to overdo it.

    I am wanting to get involved with warm water therapy but haven't found many places that do it. A lot of their pools are outside (go California LOL). So I am trying the YMCA and see if I can find more places to do it. I don't want to pay big dollars for a gym membership just for the water therapy classes.

  10. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    You don't necessarily need a mat for yoga, but it's up to you. I would really recommend checking out Gaiam's website for some GREAT yoga workout tapes and dvd's. Sometimes they even have $1.99 sales on a lot of them. They have different kinds for all types of workouts (weight loss, strength, for your back, etc.). I have really enjoyed all of the tapes I've gotten from them because they show different people doing different modifications and such.

    Collage Video also offers a great selection of yoga and tons of different workouts too.
  11. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    I actually use of their Yoga DVDs for my Yoga exercise. I can't remember her name, she's very limber and has space in between her thighs (oh how I want that!).

    By the way I suffer through Fibro, CFS, Depression (trying to get an official diagnosis for that) and IBS. I forgot that we do not all suffer through the same things.

    Today I was falling all over the place LOL trying to do the exercises but did part of the DVD and got a good stretch, so that is all that matters. I will look more into their website for more of their products.

    Thank you!
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  12. darude

    darude New Member

    I walk for an hour a day with my dog. I go to local park and take sitting breaks on the benches. Recently trying the stairs out of park. There are 40 WIDE ones and today I managed to get to top. It's funny my little 8lb dog is pulling me up there!!!!! My muscles do cramp afterward thos and sometimes I can't do anything for the rest of the day. But I feel it's doing me so much good don't wanna stop. I usually stretch before I go and stretch afterwards and if necessary take a Jacuzzi for an hour or so. Also I do deep breathing exercises while walking and try to retrain brain by goiong left right with feet. They do this in rehab. It does hurt to walk but I try and tune it out!
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  13. lolee

    lolee New Member

    I do stretching several times throughout the day. I've tried walking on several occasions but by the third day my knees are so swollen I can barely walk at all . . . .not the point I guess, LOL!

    I want to get a rebounder, the small trampolines, I can afford the little trampoline but I've heard (search for a thread by Stormy "bounce, bounce, bounce) that there is a big difference between the trampolines and the rebounders, the impact is less and smoother . . . .

    But it sounds like just what I would need and sounds like it would feel good . . . . . .

    Keep up with the stretching . . . .I personally feel that is THE best!

  14. Jeanette62

    Jeanette62 New Member

    Hi Nicole,

    My exercise routine might sound scary to you if you're just starting out. I'm not working so I feel my job is to exercise to regain my health. The PT that was working with me for my FMS wants me to exercise 5 - 7 days a week. My goal is to continue losing weight. I've lost 62 pounds since last Dec. and have another 68 to go.

    The last 2 weeks I have worked out 5 days a week. I usually do 30 min on the elliptical 4 - 5 days a week; Yoga 2 days a week; arthritis water exercise class 2 days a week; chi ball beg aerobics 1 day a week. This week I tried pilates for the first time and it was really tough for me. I do a lot of different stretches and exercises I learned from the PT as well and some of the weight machines at the gym. The water exercise class is in a 92 degree pool and the warm water helps sooth my sore muscles most of the time.

    I must admit the exercise tires me out and I don't always accomplish much else, but I feel this is important to my health. Sometimes I can also be sore from it too especially if it's during the PMS time of the month it's always worse.

    After fracturing one ankle and spraining the other and injuring my knees in a fall, I had to crawl up the stairs and it was too hard with all the extra weight. That was enought to motivate me to finally set my mind to lose the weight. Of course the timing isn't perfect....or is it? I'm having to work so DA&%$? hard at it and go thru so much PAIN I won't easily forget the effort and will keep it off!!!

    Even if losing weight isn't your focus it will improve your heart and overall health. It does help with stiffness too. I can't wait until I can slow it down to a more avg workout pace. I do have fun and it's nice to belong to a gym that offers such a nice variety of classes.

    Good Luck and Keep at It. It will get easier after awhile.


  15. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Allllllrighty then LOL. I have CFS as well on top of the fibro, and other health issues. So I understand the extreme fatigue after doing anything. I did wonder if you do any stretching or anything at all or just doctor's orders to not do anything at all? I know some people have doctor's orders to not do anything. I was just wondering, nothing bad or anything.

    I did not do any sort of exercise for a number of years and I decided to just try and tough it out. I want to see if the exercise will help me feel better because in the past before I had fibro I rarely exercised then either. So I am trying whatever I can to find some relief, I have been learning that the doctors can only do so much to help me which is rarely anything.


  16. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Never. Just plain not able to. (Bad back.)

    I know it's recommend for fibro, and I really wish that I could.
  17. moaningjoan

    moaningjoan New Member

    What's that?

    I would love to get back to things I love, but get so fatigued when I do very much at all.

    I agree that the more we do the better our body will respond. Just can't do it.

    ^ ^
    0 0
    ( )

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  18. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I had real problems with exercising, still did gentle stretches etc, but did not feel I was getting much benefit from them. I had the classic ME/CFS exercise intolerance and post exertional malaise; even the most gentle exercises would make my muscles worse, cause even more pain, or injure them. Complete rest would increase my muscle strength/endurance and reduce the pain.

    My EMGs showed up problems, so I was dealing with peripheral and well as central muscle fatigue and weakness. I have borreliosis/lyme and other infections, am awaiting results of a CPn test.

    My Tx led to me feeling stronger, it took trial and error to find the right exercise programme for me. I was referred to a PT to treat my cervical spine and related problems; it was perfect timing because I had someone to discuss what I was trying with.

    For the first time in 22 years I was able to rebuild muscle bulk and strength in my core, pelvic, and thigh muscles, which had not been possible before. That has made a huge difference. I am using little bits from Tai Chi, pilates and yoga.

    Recently I went down with a nasty virus which was quite an eye opener, now today I am able to start my gentle regime again, and am delighted muscle-wise I've not lost any ground.

    Lolee I use a cheap rebounder, it's good for lymph flow and circulation. When I started using it rebounding made the pain in my spine and joints worse, but I just took it all very slowly, and that paid off.

    To keep moving is important, but I know from experience how difficult it can be to get the balance right whether we have ME/CFS or FM. There are times when exercise is just not possible even with willpower or the right attitude.

    Tansy[This Message was Edited on 01/06/2006]
  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ...was hurting all over, leg pain was easier today though. Had my autistic son's autistic friend sleeping over and they were pretty hyped. So later we went sledding. I thought, "Why not, can't make you any worse(how stupid does that sound?) but you know the rush of adrenalin and the bumping must have dekinked something as I felt better after! Except my chest and shoulders are worse. I try and exercise every day and know it helps me so my heart goes out to those who aren't able to move much at all due to pain, as I'd go nuts if I could not get on a walk.

    We just have to gauge what is doable that day I guess.
    Love Cromwell
  20. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Oh my do I hurt LOL. Thursday I ended up not walking because I did not feel so great so I did Yoga instead and got the stretching of my life and it was good. Yesterday I went out to Target to get these huge plastic containers that were on sale to put my summer clothes in (yeah I am a little late in putting them away LOL). Went to the health store to get that Calcium Pyruvate and some other supplements that everyone is raving about on here. I spent way too much time in there LOL. I am trying to not turn into an herbal supplement junkie here.

    So after lugging these huge plastic containers up and down the stairs and everything else up and down the stairs I got a serious workout from that.

    I felt like walking today and I walked a little too far and then it was a pain to walk all the way back and felt the pain today. I usually walk in the afternoon and I walked in the morning and I think that I think that threw my body schedule off. So I didn't go anywhere today, just rested. So for me I will keep stretching and taking my Baclofen for my muscles. Tomorrow will do some stretching. I am just determined to do a little something each day. Even though it is difficult, I am sure that it is helping some part of my body.

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