How often do you go to the doctor?

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  1. memaw

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    Do any of you go to your doctor with any regularity? I go whenever I have problem other than FMS but I have pretty much given up on any real help. I take Paxil, Premarin, Skelaxin, Vicodin and my hypothyroid med. I have filed for SSDI and wonder if I should regularly go to see my doctor more just so it will be on my records. I don't see a psychiatrist (although I would like to but worry about the cost.)Pain meds don't seem to help and I have awful nightmares if I take things to make me sleep. I just suffer through the flares. This last one has been 5 months and is finally getting better.
    Thanks for your input.
  2. teach6

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    I have both FMS and CFIDS. I go to my doc about once a month. He continues to make adjustments in my meds and I am trying to get both disability retirement and SSDI.

    My understanding is that if you are trying to get SSDI you should go at least every 3 months. I haven't worried about that since I've always gone more frequently.

  3. memaw

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    I am also working on the disability. I went for the Physco. Evaluation recently and it was so upsetting to me because I couldn't think clearly to relate just how bad this DD is. My mind was sharper that day as far as being able to do the math but I was disappointed that there wasn't more testing. Like reading a paragraph and answering questions. I didn't think much of the evaluation. Just questions about why I can't work, can I clean my house, etc. My first reaction to the clean house was one of pride, saying that yes, but not the way it should be done. There are days when I can't function at all but I am afraid I didn't get that over to her. I just don't think it zeroed in on the mental problems as much as it should have. I don't yet know what her report said.
  4. Applyn59

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    Hi memaw,

    My FMS dr. usually likes to see me every six months.
    A few times though I have had to cancel due to
    severe exhaustion or flare. When I have to have
    meds refilled, I use the automated phone line
    at pharmacies so I don't have to talk to anyone.
    When I have no refills, the pharmacist calls
    the dr's office. Sometimes I get one month and sometimes's more. I was surprised because I was
    supposed to go in March. My dr. gave me
    six refills for my meds and then when I needed another
    one the following month he gave me 12 refills! I
    was ecstatic. It is just so depressing going to see
    him because the only reason is to get scripts.
    He doesn't even know how bad I am. Been bedridden
    the past 8 months. Last time I left the house was for
    my last appt with him. He always says I am doing
    well. Where he gets that from I don't know. I have
    been going to him since 94 and I really don't think
    he even cares that much about me. He is nice
    but he doesn't know anything about my living situation
    or life. He will give me meds so that is good. I just
    wish he knew more.

    I have had a flu and or bug for the past six months
    or so. I haven't gone to my PCP because I don't
    like her. She treats me like a piece of furniture.
    I don't have the energy to get ready to go to a dr.
    who isn't compassionate or helpful. However,
    I have quite a few issues that need to be addressed
    so I will have to sometime. I mainly see specialists
    for which part of me is bad!

    Sorry for rambling,
  5. memaw

    memaw New Member

    Lynn, it sounds like you really have a hard time. While there are days when I stay in bed, I usually have one fairly good day each week when I try to catch up on things around here. As with all of you, I usually pay for it but unless one is fortunate enough to be able to hire help, there are things that must be done. I'll keep you in my prayers and I hope you can find a doctor who is more compassionate.

    My doctor is very caring, but I'm not sure how much he knows about treatment of our disease. There is no rheumatologist nearby so I've stuck with our doctor. As far as I can see, it is just a matter of trying different drugs to see if any help. I've just given up and am waiting for some them to come up with something conclusive.

    I have always felt like I have a "bug" but it seldom materializes into anything, so I've learned that it is just another FMS problem, like chest pain or back pain.

    Lynn, you aren't rambling, but pouring out your heart and feelings. That is what we are all here for. Hang in there and try to find another PCP who has feelings.

    PACKMAN, how long have you taken the narcotic drugs and do they really have an effect? Even the vicodin doesn't help when I'm in a flare. I keep it to take along with the skelaxin when I start getting muscle spasms. My husband has terminal cancer and when he is gone, I wonder how I will manage when I get muscle spasms in my back and neck and can't get out of bed without help.

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  6. elaine_p

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    My disability attorney in Oregon wanted me to see the doctor every month. Since I have no medical insurance, we compromised to every 6 weeks (I nudged that to 7 whenever I could).

    Then I moved to North Dakota and my disability attorney there didn't have an opinion one way or another. So I go every 7-8 weeks, unless my doc wants to see me sooner. If you're trying to get disability you *have* to go (whether you're trying any treatments or not), because if you don't "they" figure you must not be disabled.
  7. allhart

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    my dr wants ton see me every 4 to 6 weeks,my insurance company request it because i take pain meds,i do try and wait as long as possible though,
  8. pamj

    pamj New Member

    I go every week for my IV treatments. They seem to help me the most, and if I miss a week, I get extremely weak and have fainting spells. The nurse does my treatments, and the doc stops in to see how I'm doing each week. Once a month, I spend about an hour with the doc to review my status & meds, and make any changes.

    My wonderful husband has arranged his schedule to work only 4 days per week, since my IV treatments take at least 3 hours, and an hour drive each way. He has taken me to every appointment & test since I got sick 2 years ago.

    I'm sure it definitely helped my SSDI case to show that I needed regular care by my doctor, and that we were actively searching for answers to help make me feel better.

    take care,
  9. memaw

    memaw New Member

    Packman, I certainly hope I can maintain without taking stronger narcotics just for the reasons you stated; becoming immune and having to take stronger doses.

    So many people suffering to the point of taking narcotics and yet we have to constantly tell people about our ailment. Still, they don't pay any attention. Too many doctors are still considering it a "catch all". I am 57, cannot work and will probably have to fight for a long time to get my disability. Wonder why we are all depressed?

    You would have to be very well off to pay $400 for a month of medicine. We struggle with the medical bills we already pay and our meds are all under the co-pays (except they run up to $30 each).

    Thanks for all of the information.
  10. bwoodruff

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    I see my doc every 3 months. It's basically to check in, see how I'm doing, give me refills if I need them, etc. Obviously if I have a problem or get really sick, I go see him before that, but for the FMS, it's every 3 months.
  11. memaw

    memaw New Member

    PamJ, what are the IV treatments for? My husband takes chemo each week.

    Everyone else, thanks for your replies. I put in a call to my doctor to ask if I should come on a regular basis as to document the FMS. I don't see a lot of benefit (and certainly can't really afford the extra cost) but perhaps I need to show through the medical files that I continue to have problems.

    I'll update when I get a response on the disability claim.

  12. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    i go every month (the past 6mos) before that every 3-6mos. for 5 years. since i have increasingly gotten worse, i am now on methadone (+lortabs) and we keep increasing the dosage. so i went yesterday then made another appt. in july. i think this will be good when applying for disability as it shows them you are a continuous in care patient. geeze a 5mo flare? you poor thing. mine last about 10days..then 4 off then 10 days...does that count? LOL. i take ambien/trazadone for sleep. and i am a major dreamer. no bad ones...wierd but not bad. ambien is a life/sleep saver for me.
    hope this helps.
  13. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    memaw, i am sooo sorry to hear your husband is dying of cancer. my prayers are with you. my probs are minute compared to what you are going through. do you have a neighbor you can call if you need help. keep the phone (and the muscle relaxants) :)next to your bed if you get stuck. i so understand being stuck and not being able to get up w/the spasms.

    last your that what your grandkids call you? mine calls me ga-ga LOL ain't that the truth.
    bless you,
  14. mystijul

    mystijul New Member

    I go 1-2 times a month. To get blood drawn and for a check-up.
  15. memaw

    memaw New Member

    Yes, Alice, the grandbabies call me Memaw. I just love it. My cousin's call her gaga but it comes out gugu (short u).

    Yes, my husband's illness is taking its toll but God is going to help us. Thank you for your prayers.

  16. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Thanks for your message. I am on a waiting list to see a dr. that comes highly recommended. She is supposed to be very smart and very nice. In fact, my mother called for me to make the appt. It is a 6 to
    9 month waiting period. The man who took the call
    was the dr's husband. My mother said she never talked to someone so nice in all her life. She put her name
    on the list, too!!!! When he found out I had FMS, he told
    my mother that it is a very difficult disease and to be
    very understanding (which she is). My mother had to
    make the call since I have been sleeping during
    the day alot.

    I am so sorry about your husband. My mother has
    breast cancer and we had an ovarian cancer scare
    shortly thereafter. That is why I believe I am in my
    present flare. Physical and emotional toll of time
    in hospital and me worrying about my beloved
    mother. Really killed me, as I am sure you can
    relate to. I really overdid it when she was in the
    hospital for 8 days. I had to come home and recover
    and it hasn't happened yet.

    BTW, my FMS dr. isn't all that bad. He is nice enough.
    When I first saw him, he had me go every three months.
    He then let me go every 6 months. Which, I guess is
    nice cause he could make me come for the money.
    However, I am on medicare and medicaid so it isn't

    One dr. that I tried had me going every month,
    He then became rude and insulting in front of
    others and I left him. Wonder why??

    Good luck with your disability.
  17. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    Initially when I found my "Good Doctor", I saw him for extended appts. every two weeks. We now have it down to once a month. I feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful advocate, and great treatments, having overcome many symptoms, and managing well, those that remain. My husband was dx'ed with Fibro, the 6th of May, and he and the doctor are just forming his individualized treatments.

    We have always been self employed, and I made a huge error throughout the years, having reported all the income under my husbands name. There were only a few years when I did some freelance work, in which I reported the income for myself, and paid SS taxes. Therefore SS Disability is not of that great of importance to me, as it is such a piddly amount, I believe.

    He has been becoming more and more ill, and his ability to work, is being greatly compromised. I would imagine, we will both file at the same time, hoping to find a lawyer to work on a contingency fee. I do think it is important to see my doctor at least once monthly--for treatment ideas, and management, and do feel that would be a good indication to SS that there is indeed an ongoing treatment, validating claims. Even though we are unisured and not eligible for assistance, I think the cost of the visits are well worth it, for these two reasons.

    Best wishes, LL
  18. pamj

    pamj New Member

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner, the board is moving so fast I didn't see your question.

    My IV treatments have B vitamins, magnesium, Vit C, zinc, some other vitamins/minerals, and some homeopathic meds. I don't seem to benefit enough from oral supplements, and also the fluid helps keep my blood pressure at a point where I'm not fainting.

    I also had a cousin who was receiving the vitamin IV therapy while she was on Chemo because she was so nauseaus & dehydrated. It definitely helps give a boost when you're not absorbing the nutrients otherwise.

    let me know if you have any other questions.

    take care,
    Pam J
  19. memaw

    memaw New Member

    I haven't meant to ignore you because I'm really enjoying the new friendships. We are farmers and today a crew is here to bale hay so it is busy around here. Kids are up for the weekend and I know I won't have any time for a bit, but I do want to talk to you.

    Hugs to you all.
  20. Dara

    Dara New Member

    to see her once a month, and my PCP I usually see at least once a month, sometimes more. I know I read somewhere that for SSD you should be seeing your doctor at least once every three months. There are times I can't make it to the doctor because I'm unable to drive because of the fatigue.