how often do you take b12 shots?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rtroth, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. rtroth

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    My doc Finally called me back after 2 weeks and said I could try them. He just left a msg so I havent spoken to him yet but I was wondering how often should I be getting them and if they help will it be immediate or do I have to keep taking them for a while to feel the benefit?
  2. pam_d

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    ...just called and told me I NEEDED B-12 shots (after reading bloodwork results). Apparently, even though I take B-12 (super-potent) vitamins, I'm unable to absorb them. I'm supposed to get them monthly, just got the first shot on Friday.

    I've read if you have B-12 anemia, you should start with them even more, like weekly, then go to monthly. So I'm wondering, if I have this deficiency, if I'm getting them often enough. I don't know what the exact lab results showed, what the numbers are.

    Then, too, I'm wondering if I'm able to absorb ANY supplements I take! I'm taking good quality, Standard Process supps.---with what they cost, I'm wondering if I'm absorbing them & getting ANY benefit from them, or if it's just B-12 that's a problem???

  3. mbofov

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    Your doctor is supposed to tell you how often to do them, he/she prescribes it like any other prescription with dosage and how often to do it.

    My doctor had me doing them twice a week (I did the injection myself), 1 ml. each time.

    To be honest, I never felt any different while doing the shots, I did them for a couple of years, and finally just switched to the sublingual.

    but hair analysis showed almost zero B12 in my system, so I know I needed it. I used to have chronic sore throats which have stopped, so maybe the B12 had a hand in that. I don't know.

    I remember taking B12 tablets a long time ago when I was healthy, and at that time I did notice an improvement in energy with the B12. But since I've been sick with CFIDS, I don't feel any different when taking it.

  4. bct

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    Or maybe ten days if I forget or don't feel like doing it.

    I give myself the shot right after showering so that the skin is more supple.

    If I miss a few weeks I can tell that my fatigue increases.

    I have borderline aenemia, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (stable), and probable Lyme.

    The shots do not hurt, are easy to give. They are not a curative, however, just another rock to throw at this DD, in my case CFS.

    Good luck
  5. MaryCecelia

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    My doctor said I needed the shots once a week, as once a month would do nothing. Also, my blood tests showed 2 of the 3 measurements for B12 to be normal; however, he said it wouldn't hurt to try, and sure enough, I believe they have really helped. I've been on them for 10 weeks now and noticed an improvement in energy at 3-4 weeks. Good luck to you.