how often does your "flares come and go"

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    how long do they last and when there over, how do you feel?..Do you feel back to normal or just not as bad.

    I have not been dxs with anything (i can't see a neuro till oct 14) but I have gone though periods when I felt completely normal again. Ofcourse I did not have all these new things happening. I hear of people go years in remission.

    I have always found that if I find a away to get my mind off my shoulder pain I feel better... Do you thing it is just anxiety causing this for me.....First I was convinced I had MS after going on one of there wed sites and comparing the symptoms.

    Alot of times at work I notice no pain when I am going the most physical work. This is confusing. But everytime I have felt better and tried to resume my workout, I seem to eventully start hurting again. Never right away but like after a coulple of weeks of doing it.. I felt very good for a about a month and resumed some wieght lifting. I did not have any pain when lifting or after. But friday afternoon it just came back out of nowhere. I don't get it.. I still had times over the weekend that I was doing something I enjoyed and I felt no pain..This just makes me wonder about how much my mind plays in to this...
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    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say...

    First I am a 27 year old male.. Before all this started 18 months ago I had not be sick or the the doctor since high school... I used to workout 4 to 5 days a week and I loved it never had any health problems.. Then in April of 07 I felt a pinch in
    my right shoulder while I was lifting weights. I immediately stopped and took some time of from working out... The pain was not really bad and it did not effect my life except that I quit lifting weights.. The strange thingis the dull ache went from the right to left shoulder in about 2 weeks and then to my upper back right on spine.. Again it was not a serious pain and did not effect my life... I work in a warehouse and do alot of lifting and bending and it did not effect my job..In fact I didn't feel any of the pain while I was at work...

    This pain would total go away for awhile and then come back. But when it came back it is always a little worse than before. Finally I figured maybe I had a pinched nerve in the neck so I went to the doctor in late May of 07. Doc prescibed some anti inflammatorys that really did not do a whole lot IMO.. It went away again(for the most part) and came back around Mid August, So I called doc he scheduled an MRI of neck and thorasic spine. All came back fine with only a small bulge in neck but was not touching any nerves... Right after that I started to fell some tingling in bottom of feet when I would get up from bed in the morning. It only lasted until I took about 2 steps on my feet and went away.. Around thanksgiving/ christmas I started having some low back pain. It to would last only a few day then fade away..Around New years this year the left shoulder and upper spine pain came back pretty rough and lasted about a week before going away again.. About this time I noticed I would occasonally get some weird feelings really anywhere on my body like there was a bug biting me. It was not often that I felt this so I did not think anything of it...

    Spring this year was wonderful. I don't remember hardly any pain or weird feeling anywhere between March and June..

    Then July came and all hell broke loss. Let me first say I switched from 1st to 3rd shifts June 1st...For the first month I had no problems then around 4 of July my shoulder upper back came back along with the tingling that i felt in other parts of body including face.. I starting getting more headaches than usually pain around the eyes and a felt a little off balance. and I began to have a terrible time sleeping... I have never in my life had a terrible time sleeping. It was like as soon as I was about to go to sleep my body would jerk and wake me up...This is when my anxiety went sky high. Also I got this burning pain in my penis. It
    would burn a little when I peed and even when I ejactulate. Very much like a UTI this seems to come and go very randomly. I went to DR Google and came up with thinking I had all kinds of bad stuff going on..Brain tumor, MS, even Fibro..I went back to the Doc in late July and got some Ambien for sleeping and got a brain MRI which of course came back fine.Doc really has no clue about what could be wrong with me

    After that around Aug 1st I actully started to fell alot better.I was sleeping without the use of Ambien. My energy was like what is was before I had no pain.
    The only think that concerned me was I still had off and on headache (which I would take Advil cold and sinus and would always go away) and I started to have painless muscle spasms and twitching really anywhere in the body.. They were not constant and only happened at rest..

    I figured what would it hurt to go back to the gym and work
    out lightly. I did and for the first two weeks I had not felt that good in a long time. I loved it I thought I had whatever is wrong licked. It gave me such a feeling of good
    health. I know if I had something bad like ALS,MS I would not be able to do what I was doing... So this past week I notice the pain was starting to come back. And I had a couple of days were i had trouble sleeping so in fear of whatever this is coming back, I did very little last week except for friday..Friday I did some squats with even less wieght that I had been using the prior two weeks..I did my 3 sets no problem but when I got done my right leg felt like it was full of lead..It has felt that way of and on for this entire
    weekend..Also my should and back pain have come back with a vengence out of no where...I hadn't even worked out my arms since sunday night and friday night as soon as I lay down to bed the pain comes back big time...This weekend I have had pain everwhere, it feels like nerve pain,not muscle pain Burning tingly in left shoulder all the way down to palm of hand right shoulder, lower back and butt have been burning, burning legs and feet..None of this has been constant, but is very noticable..Sleeping is not very good..I wake up still feeling tired... Also wake up sweating alot..

    I don't understand what is happening to me if I am not careful with my thoughts I can start crying very easily. I have done that about 5 times this past month and a half I worry all the time about this. It consumes most of my thoughts.. Many people have told me it is anxiety, but I don't think it is..I have no doubt anxiety makes it worse but I can't help it. I think about how I was before and I want to go back to that. But deep down I know I never will and thats killing me even though I have not been dx with anything yet..

    I am wait for an appointment to a Neuro as I type this...Could it be Lyme disease I do remember a rash behind my leg and some place I can't remember were. I think it may have been before all this started I just can't remember..Anyway it did itch quite a bit. So it may have been something else

    Also I should note I do not have any tender points.
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    My flares generally come when weather changes fast. Barometer drops.

    Over doing it physically. You can have a 24 to 48 hr delay. Thats frustating because as you said felt great for aday and then wham!

    It very indiviual some days anything can trigger it.
    Hope this helps Im a bit scattered been in one flare for weeks now.

    Oh found your post after I first answered so deleted first one.
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    it is because i have had a emotional upset
    or have overdone it somehow...
    for example- when mom passed away-
    i slept and slept,
    i was so wiped out that i think
    i missed a whole month,
    and then if i go out with a friend
    ( which is few and far between,)
    i will have to sleep for maybe 1-2 days
    to be kinda 'normal' again..
    it is a nightmare
    but i know i could be worse.
    but with flairs the pain is unrelenting
    and i am taking lortabs
    on top of the fentanal patch
    which im not suppossed to
    but i am desperate for relief.
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    Most of my flares are caused by something specific. Like over doing it or something. They last varied amounts of time. When I get better I don't get back to the way I was before the flare. I am always just a little bit worse after each one.

    Also a neurologist isn't always the best doc to get a diagnosis of FM from. I got one from my GP but I also have a rheumatologist. Just not usually something a neurologist deals with.
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    I know what you mean about thinking it must be in your mind. I've grappled with that notion for about 16 years.

    My flare-ups usually only last days but this one has lasted for at least 4 months or more but this time around, I'm experiencing new symptoms. When I first started experiencing symptoms I started researching when docs couldn't help me and I was sure it was lupus. I'm still not convinced it's fibro but that's what I was diagnosed with 4 years ago.

    I wish you all the best and hope you get answers fast.
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    I believe there is a chance for all of us to improve in certain ways.

    Since the illness is not cut & dry.....there is no road map to follow.

    What I can personally say about myself is I went from being 100% bedridden.....then to a 2 and a half year REMISSION with no symptoms......then back to a return of all symptoms again.

    The 2nd time around, I was prepared because I had lived through it before ---- so that kept me hopeful.

    I found a doctor who specializes in FM & addressed every single one of my symptoms.

    While I have improved this time is not REMISSION.
    Doctors used to tell me I would never walk again.

    Well, I am PROOF & EVIDENCE that they were wrong.

    Years ago, I believed the doctors & I gave up and they did not know how to treat FMS or CFS.

    It was my father who was in a wheel chair himself with Parkinsons & R. Arthritis from the neck down who inspired me & encouraged me.

    It was my father who taught me how to walk again. I started by crawling around on the floor. I then went to using a walker & would have races in our back yard with my Dad. He was in his electric wheel chair & I had my walker.

    As our neighbors would watch my father with me.....they smiled knowing he was teaching me my most important and valuable lessons I would need for the rest of my life. My neighbors were smiling because they knew I never came out of the house anymore. To was if I had disappeared.

    Eventually, I no longer needed my walker and it has been sitting in my basement for many years now.

    You do not to be so afraid of becoming bedridden. That may never even happen to you.

    Yes, I have days where I am 100% symptom free and it is like I have no medical issues at all.

    FLARES, again are all different for us. Mine can go for weeks, but I still go about my day as I normally would and force myself to get things done.

    I also exercise daily and that helps reduce my pain.
    I’d suggest you find a Specialist, get diagnosed & then address ONE symptom at a time.

    I believe there is HOPE for improvement for all of us.

    Wishing you well. == Elaine
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    I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time finding out what is wrong... That is the hardest part of any medical problem. I told everyone that it is way easier now that I've finally been diagnosed... I'm no longer fighting a ghost. Finally, I feel validated.

    Your shoulder problems - have you looked up the tender points? There are four around your shoulder blades/spine in the back. I thought for a long time that I hurt something around there; muscle, nerve, something. Then I read the tender points. I knew that was one of mine because I can't even have someone touch it - any time - but especially when it's hurting without anything touching it.

    Good luck with your doctors. Remember, just because they haven't found it yet doesn't mean there is nothing wrong with you. If you hurt - something is wrong. Be patient. (That's easier said than done, I know.)

    By the way, I'm 27 too.

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    I just had a big flair the other day. First our external modem for the computer died, and then half of my molar broke completly off. No pain, thank goodness. Haven't had a computer for about a week, and I was starting to have withdrawl symptoms , because of not being able to get on this message board. Sent me into a tailspin, the Fibro knocked me flat.