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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FibroJo, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. FibroJo

    FibroJo New Member

    I understand fibro can affect any age but I was wondering what the average age on these boards would be.
  2. Angel6801

    Angel6801 New Member

    23! Well I just turned 23 last month. I have various symptoms from late teen age to present.
  3. rosed2

    rosed2 New Member

    50 and have had this monster for over 15 years.

  4. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    a little above 50. I have had these miserable disease five years now. Diagnosed five years ago anyway.
  5. nonnie1967

    nonnie1967 New Member

    37, am just recently diagnosed. However, I believe I have had FMS most of my life.
  6. spmary

    spmary New Member

    I am almost 76. Dx in 1992 with cfids. Fibro didn't bother me until a month ago. It hit with a vengence...24/7.I also have arthritis and thought that was causing the pain at first but a. is nothing like Fibro! So I guess it happens at any age. I was just lucky it didn't happen sooner. Mary
  7. meinpain

    meinpain New Member

    49, but will be 50 in March. I was dxed with fibro in 95. But have had symptoms since childhood. Doctors believe I have had fibro since around age 5 or 6.. I had the leg pains, terrible charlie horses in calves and feet and ibs at age 5. I had the "flu" more often than any kid in my family. At different ages I had more and more symptoms. I was even put on a "liquid tranquilizer" at the age of 7. My wrists began bothering me really bad at around 10 years of age. During my teen years I had severe cramps during my menistral cycle, bad enough that I would have to stay home from school the first day or two. Actually, I had those cramps every month until I had the hysterectomy in Sept. 1990.
  8. GARY700

    GARY700 New Member

    48 YRS OLD BUT FEEL 84
  9. dafoefan

    dafoefan New Member

    I am 41. I can remember symptoms back to my teens.
  10. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    58...dx in 2003. Sure glad it didn't hit me as a younger person. My deepest sympathy for those of you who are younger.


    It's bad at any age, however!
  11. FibroJo

    FibroJo New Member

    I never shared my age with all of you....I am 54 and have had fibro for approximately twelve years. Many thanks to all of you who answered.
  12. meowchowchow

    meowchowchow New Member

    I'm 30 but was diagnosed 8 years ago...have had symptoms for11.

  13. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Glad to know that there is another "oldster" on the board!! I just turned 75 the 19th of Oct. I was dxd in 2002, (I think). I had symptoms for years and years but my PCP just got mad at me when i came in and said "I feel like I have the flu".

    I also have Osteoarthritis, just found out Spinal stenosis and and scoliosis.

    My heart aches for all of you "youngsters" who hopefully have many years ahead. But - in those coming years, so might some cure or something to ease you pain.

    Gentle Hugs,

  14. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I am 49 and was diagnosed in 2003.

    Looking back, I have had many of the symptoms since childhood. I was terribly sick in 1988 with a virus that wiped me out for several weeks. It was not mono. I have never regained the stamina I had before the virus.

    Good question...

  15. juliejo

    juliejo New Member

    I am 51 and looking back have probably had Fibro/CFS for over 20 odd years now.
    Have a good life however as have my good days as well and enjoy life to the full as best i can.
  16. Licorice

    Licorice New Member

    I am 47 and have had fibro at least 2 years. I feel 77 sometimes.
  17. earn

    earn New Member

    I am a senior also----will be 72 in Feb. I always thought all this pain was a senior prob untill I read these posts.

    I am so sad to know that all you "young" people have to be so limited.------------Laverne
  18. 121043

    121043 New Member

    I will be 62 in December,diagnosed with fibro 5 years ago .
    I believe I also have cfs also.

    PITATOO Member

    I am a 42 Yo male who has had FMS and CFIDS for over 10 years. Think I had it longer than that but really hit hard when I was 31.
  20. missybellizzi

    missybellizzi New Member

    23. I will be 24 in December. I was diagnosed in 2000. I have been having symptoms since I was around 15.


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