how old were you when i got fibro and how did it happen?

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  1. Cara-Sue

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    i was told 2 years ago that i had fm,but once i found out about all the symtems i knew i had it since a child.i remember not being able to sleep,hot burning feet one dr has told me that you cant get it as a child but both my daughters have 1 daughter found out when she was 13 that she had it and my other daughter that is 9 has the symtems too.i know that she cant be mimicing me a mom can tell i think.anyways i'm wondering if you got your fm from a accident ect.or is this something you remember having always.i thought everyone had pain and hurt a lot after being poked.i didnt know there was a diffence.
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    Hi there! I'm not really sure when I started having it. Probably in my late teens. It has become full-blown in the past 6 months. I am 25 now. It started with pelvic pain and back pain. Now it is everywhere. And I have always, ever since I can remember, been overly tired and depressed. My mother also has it and it began for her in her early 40's. Her sister's daughter (my cousin) got it when she was 27. So it's genetic, I think. It is possible that your kids are mimicing your symptoms. Or it could be true. You should definatly give them the benefit of the doubt, just in case. And have them checked out. I know that I was worried about whining to my mom about my FMS, because I thought that she might think I was just taking on her symptoms. But mine are VERY REAL. It's a hard thing to tell. They may be just looking for attention too. I hope this helps!!

  3. RedB

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    and I am 53 now. I had a new job that scared me to death, and I developed a very severe bronchial infection that went on forever. I think it was a combination of both that did me in.

  4. Achy-shaky

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    That was 4 years ago, however, as a child I had restless leg syndrome that doctors called growing pains and several childhood diseases and lots of unknown ailments which made me miss a lot of school. Over the years I had many times I thought I had the flu, a virus or was being overworked and also had minor injuries that took months to recover from so it may have been early stages of it.

    Then I had an injury to neck/back in 99 that made it go full-blown, both FM and CFS. Most doctors won't admit it's genetic but I know it is. My Mom used to have what we called episodes of weakness, dizzy spells and chronic back/neck and hip problems but was never dx. Now my daugher has been dx at 33 and we think 2 of her daughters may have it...that's 4 generations.

    Take care & keep the faith that there will be better treatment soon.
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    I wasnt diagnosed until I experienced SEVERE abdominal pain. I was 18 then (now 22). However as a child I had major leg and arm pain and when I was 13 my lymph nodes became swollen and sore. At 16 is when the fatigue set in. My mother and aunt have FM as well so I do believe mine is gentic and enviromental. My husband and I want to have a baby next year but I am afraid of not being able to. I am also afraid of passing this dd on.

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    I was told a year ago from my rhemy that I had FM. I think that I have had problems though for about 5 years. It started with terrible burning in my legs. I don't or can't think of anything that triggered this, but I am blessed like so many others here and have it.

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    i was about 36 when i started thinking this wasn't my lupus acting up.the doc finally agreed.that took i was 38 when i was finally daughter has been diagnosed with two yrs ago.her's stared after a few car accidents.the doc believe my fibro started because of my lupus.thanks for sharing your a part of your life.

    kathy c
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  8. 2girls

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    Not sure what triggered it. Had herniated lower back disc in spring 01 - did physio for the entire summer. Came down with labrynthitis/overactive thyroid in Sept/01. The thyroid stabilized, diagnosed with FM July/02.

  9. pinkquartz

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    thats 23 years ago.

    but my whole life i have been told i am too sensitive, in many different ways and that topic has come up the board before, its been a common background i think

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    Hard to tell how long it has been with me-I tend to think I've had it since being dx w/ mono when I was 17 (I'm 38 now). I was told then that I would never be able to get rid of the virus that caused the mono(most believe it is Epstein-Barr virus),that with a lot of rest and nutrition my symptoms would go away. Well, they did for awile, and then about 6 yrs. ago I had what I know now to be a horrid flare. Then had a auto accident about 3 yrs. ago that just progressed everything. They now tell me I have Mayofascial pain as well as fibro. As a child I was tired a great deal and always nervous, worry wart. My mother is scizophrenic and won't treat her condition so there was a great deal of emotional and physical abuse, so who is to know if that fatigue was not a direct escape from the abuse? Anyway I would like to know how many here have ever been dx w/ mono and if so, how long till the fibro made it's ghastly appearance? Thanks....and love to all, Rebel
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    about 12 years~Dx'ed at the age of 30.Prior to that I was in a bad car accident,and fell on my tailbone down some steps~ Herniated a few disks.....downhill from there.Has'nt been a fun journey!lol but I'm fighting this crap every step of the way!!
    Thanks for asking~
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    I have joined this board as the mother of a 15 year old who was diagnosed by the pediatric rheumatologists at Children's Hospital in Boston at the age of 14. Her pain began to interfere with her life at 13,and it was then that I discovered she'd been living with pain for years--she thought everyone always hurt! The most recent issue of "Fibromyalgia Aware Magazine" (saw it in the rhm's office)deals almost exclusively with juvenile FMS, and it helped Amy to feel like less of an anomoly to see the stories of other young girls with the disease. Thank you for all of the support, and good luck!
  13. Misdiagnosed

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    but on looking back maybe had it for ages. Had TMJ that needed treatment at 18, used to sleep a lot in weekends. Had irritable bowel and an intermittent aching hip for years. Then in 2001 underwent loads of emotional stress looking after aged parents who were very ill, a testing period in a new relationship, and harrassment by a co-worker of the 'oh so sweet but really a smiling assassin' kind. That episode resulted in severe constipation, that led to jammed muscle problems in my right shoulder; suffered a spasm in right hip that did my back neck and shoulders in - now affecting my leg and foot.

    My mum had a severe spasm in lower back at age 47 just getting up out of a chair - physio never resolved it and she went on to develop at about age 65 what was diagnosed as Parkinson's, but the doctors say it's not a true Parkinsons as her Sinemet still keeps it under control and it's supposed to only control it for about 5 years before the meds. lose their effectiveness. She has tight muscles in her spine and arms. Developed cognitive symptoms - fugue-like states and now has vascualr dementia, confirmed by an MRI showing she's suffered mini strokes to the brain. Makes me wonder if the whole damned lot isn't FM in advanced stages. I have 2 brothers who both complain of numb fingers and toes, but they haven't had an emotional stressor like I experienced so maybe there's won't get any worse.

    Are you compiling a table here on age onset and herditary likelihood? Would be interesting.

  14. Cara-Sue

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    i have just found this site and i feel comfortable enough to ask you all is great that we can all talk about our pain and have real friends even tho we may be so far away.there are times i get made when they have come out with a new drug to stop this or that but they havent found any to help/take away fm.i guess we can only is just so good to know we arent alone and we have each other to listen.thanks again.
  15. momofafibro

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    My daughter began having migraines in June of 2002. After extensive testing the only thing they could find was evidence that she had, had mono at some time. Considering all of her trouble started that June they figure that is when she had the mono. Things only went down hill from there. It sread from her head to include all over body pain. She was finally dx'd with fibro this past Feb. We beleive it all stems from the mono.