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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelkisses6, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. angelkisses6

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    I cant beleave this i just tried to open a popsickel? pachage and i couldent open it my hands were so weak, i had to use a pen to pop it open,now iam so depressed its not even funny,well i just wanted to see if anybody else has had this happen?,thanks all and take care,angelkisses
  2. Bruin63

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    and fingers don't work like they use to. I keep a pair of Siscors (sp?) lol, in the kitchen, just for that.
    What I hate, is when I am out in public and I get all Fumble Fingers and can't do something simple, ya know?

    I have OA along with the FMS/CMPD, and Cyst's on the fingers, you think that might be why, I have trouble, lol.
    Gotta smile and laugh at these things instead of letting them upset you.
    I once threw a Bag of Patato Chips across the room because I couldn't "Pop it Open" like I use to.
    It opened when it hit the wall, lol.

    I'm very sorry that Your having this happen too, it sure is lousy, when you are use to using your hands so much,
    n then they won't work.
  3. painandagony

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    that sucks, plain and simple. I like your tagline or nickname. Maybe we will all be angels someday.
  4. day2day

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    It is pretty sad.

    Now when I buy things I know I will need to use, I get my cleaning lady to pre open them, bottles, cans that have the pull tops ( I then put them in plastic ware).

    A few weeks ago we had a snow storm, and my sons zipper was stuck all the way to his neck. I could not for the life of me get it unzipped, and we are all alone.

    I had to wait for a nabor guy to walk by and called him to my door to get my son out of his coat, lol, now that was embarrassing.

    My son and I had a good laugh though, what else can you do but laugh.
  5. angelkisses6

    angelkisses6 New Member

    Thank you to all for responding iam sorry we are all going through this but iam so glad that i have somewhere to go and talk and everybody knows what your talking about, i also have trouble with speaking mixed up words slured and stutering,for that matter all thats mentioned i have trouble with.Well anyway like i said thanks to all it feels like home here and i am sure glad i found you all,take care,angelkisses
  6. marw

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    Funny I should come upon this post just now when I had such a bad day with my hands today. I haven't had a bad "Hand" day for a while, but now I remember every single one of them!! My fingers are so stiff and painful that I cannot hold the toothbrush....have to use both hands. Have to use both hands for everything...even to hold a paper cup. Used my elbow to squeeze past out of the tube for toothpaste. It would be way beyond me to open any type of package. I keep scissors in the kitchen drawer, and I don't put anything in my purse or tote that has not already been opened.

    Oh, I have to speaking problems, too, sometimes. It is so embarassing socially. Then I become very quiet...and I used to be such a chatter of the party. But no more.

    THanks for the thread. Nice to know I am not alone. But I keep hoping we will be better.


    P.S. I have to get back on my routine for this. This is what happens when you get careless, I think. To prevent this "Hand" thing, or at least help it, I use a hot wax tub twice a day, but it gets tiresome and takes a long time, so I stopped doing it. Now I'm sorry.