How should I prepare for my first LLMD visit?

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    Does anyone have any suggestions for me so I can get the most out of my first visit?
    What do I need to bring and etc?

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    Hi becky713,

    First I would ask the LLMD's office what to bring. Each Dr could be a little different.

    When I had my first appt last month I had to take: a summary of my health history that I wrote, the notes from the last visit to any Rheumatologist or Neurologist, recent labwork, My Igenex western blot results (some people don't have this done until they see the LLMD), a current list of medications and supplements with dosages/frequency, my insurance card (the only thing I could use insurance for were some labs done through Quest), a credit card for Igenex coinfection testing, and cash or check for the visit fee.

    I would advise reading as much as you can ahead of time from credible sources re:lyme and coinfections, especially these papers/articles:

    I would write down any questions/concerns you have so you don't forget them.

    I took alot of notes during my visit. Take a pen and alot of paper. You will get alot of information, so it is important to write it down or you may not remember half of it.

    Make sure you understand any new med prescriptions you leave with, new supplements including high quality probiotics that are advised, diet....a Candida diet is essential when on antibiotics, what to do to help with sleep, and recommended exercise.

    I have a post here titled "Had my first LLMD visit was fantastic and 6 hrs long!", and another titled "Advice my LLMD gave me at my first visit".

    It may help you to read through what my appt was like, although every Dr is different.

    Good luck!

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