How The West Really Lost

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    In this magisterial work, cultural critic Mary Eberstadt delivers a powerful new theory about the decline of religion in the Western world. The conventional wisdom ...

    Just listening to an interview with the author of this book and Dennis Prager, who is a very religious moderator on his program.....I just looked the book up on Amazon and thought I'd share for some thinking minds here...

    Last night, on Coast to Coast, the guest speaker was a preacher who was talking about the end times....could be soon, could be 50 yrs, 100 yrs or 1000 yrs or maybe never....

    I've gotten a double whammy of issues in the last 15 hrs.

    BTW: The author said she is a roman catholic, so she is not bashing religion, just writing about the decline of religion in the U.S.

    I did not raise my daughter in a religion, her children are not really religious, althou they had a smattering of catholism from their other grandma and dad to a degree, these are good kids with or without a religion. Many many non believers are good people/citizens.
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    Hi Jam - wheww, that is a long read, the excerpt from her introduction to the book. I had bought a previous book of hers but then lost it to the hurricane flooding.

    I see that she is saying here that she believes that the decline of Western religion is in major part caused by the decline in traditional family life. Whereas many times it's thought to be the reverse, that the loss of religion causes loss of family life.

    I think it might be easier for me to listen to her rather than read, I find her writing somewhat stilted and laborious. But that is an idea that sounds interesting - did she speak more about it in the interview?

    Why does the loss of traditional family life cause loss of religion?

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    Hi Judy, I don't have the great traditional family life I had as a child and started losing my "faith" into my 30-40's....and from that point kept searching for my own comfort zone on all this....I've formed my own opinions on religion and the god belief and I feel very comfortable at my late age... I didn't pay a strong attention to her interview so can't respond on more of that....some of the reviews on amazon said the same about her laborious writing.....I will not buy her book as I've formed my own conclusions and time will tell won't it. I'm not worried for a second about where I am and can't see me going back.

    I used to think when I breath my last breath, I will come back in another form, and I always thought a butterfly, as I've always been one who flits around everywhere over my life, but I don't believe in that thinking anymore....when I'm done here, I'm done....

    Hope you are feeling better these days, I have to say RIGHT NOW, I'm getting good benefits with a new Geletin Product I'm using from Great joints have been declining since my hip replacement, for sure, and now into my 4th week on this product I'm feeling relief with my joint issues.....I will post about this product soon. Take good care. jam

    Your last comment/question...I know enough personal friends who don't have the traditional family anymore, per se, and a couple I know have strong beliefs....most of my friends believe as I do.
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    I tried listening to her speak but found her very hard to listen to. You can see that she isn't comfortable doing public speaking and kept looking down at her notes. :oops: