How tired are you?

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  1. Girlof41

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    It seems that I must sleep till at least 10:00 in the morning, and I still don't feel rested.I try to work in an hour nap in the early afternoon. I work afternoons and early evenings, (I'm a piano teacher), and I am dead tired and usually in bed by nine. I actually don't sleep well during the night, but this fatique won't stop.I have stopped exercising, the thought scares me. Is this typical, how tired are all of you? Thanks...
  2. Girlof41

    Girlof41 New Member

    It seems that I must sleep till at least 10:00 in the morning, and I still don't feel rested.I try to work in an hour nap in the early afternoon. I work afternoons and early evenings, (I'm a piano teacher), and I am dead tired and usually in bed by nine. I actually don't sleep well during the night, but this fatique won't stop.I have stopped exercising, the thought scares me. Is this typical, how tired are all of you? Thanks...
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    I sit down in the chair and I fall asleep,I ride in the car and I fall asleep. I am a little anxious about driving very far because of this sleepiness. I don`t know if it is just the disease or partly the medication I take, I just know it has become a big problem with me. The future feeling this way plus the pain is not very rosey I`m afraid.I am sure you are not the only one concerned about this. It makes concentrating on anything a real job especially with the forgetfullness I have.Makes life real interesting does`nt it?
  4. granmama

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    It seems like my life revolves around meds and my bed.
    I sleep till about 9am and ready for a nap about 1:30
    which can last up to 3hrs.
    My family has noticed that I start fading out about that time and I can't concentrate, my speech slows, forget what I'm talking about and eyes get really droopy.
    Just the other day, my sister called and was delighted she caught me before I had taken my nap!
    I took the phone to bed with me, BIG MISTAKE, and fell asleep while she was talking. Finally, she yelled "are you there"?. Well, that woke me up and needless to say our conversation ended. I did get my nap though!
    I am at my best between naps and my nightly Klonopin.

  5. Rene

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    I have CFS so actually I'm not tired but my body won't let me be active. I am confined about 22 hours a day to the couch, and thats been the last 3 1/2 yrs. Actually it was worse. I've been to a resturant 3 times in a yr, and the last movie I say was "leagally Blond" a yr ago. But sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not. I cherish the time off my couch and I have my memory back 100% now.
  6. tired42long

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    It took months and months to get others to "get it". when I said MY GOD, I'm just so tired...they would say, go lay down and take a nap. But for me, it's not's exhausted. so i never say the "t" word anymore. Sleep at night is not restful, but how can you even get tired enough to really sleep when you are laying or sittiing around so much with fatigue? Pushing for any level of exercise or even doing normal light activity just pushes you to be "couched" or in bed for days. Tonight I went outside for the first time in days,except to get into a vehicle. I mosied out to our tiny backyard and felt ashamed at what our neighbors have had to look at for 2 months. I decided to just pull a few of the gigantic weeds out of our little garden...since for last 8 plus weeks have been in a severe "crash" period I guess everyone calls flares. I spent about an hour, mostly crawling around...not even standing. When I went inside I was EXHAUSTED and my legs were shaking. It took several hours of sitting quietly til that passed. Then back to the couch. If I am up on my feet in kitchen to try and prepare a "decent meal"---you know, other than a frozen pizza tossed in the oven, I pay for it dearly. I can't take a shower AND do my the hair and makeup has to wait. Even then, I have to sit on my daughters little stool at the bath sink and also take time-outs from drying my hair cause my arm gets too tired to hold up the hair dryer. I sort laundry and fold, the rest of family switches it and brings it up to me. So, I guess I would be considered pretty "tired". I do know that others are worse off and therefore feel blessed enough to have the ability I still have....even though this "dis"ability really has taken alot of my life away.
  7. herblady

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    i've been about the same as you for the last 4 or 5 days. but it's not typical for me. i believe that when i started taking the oil of oregano i went into a healing crisis from the toxins pouring into my bloodstream. i hope it lets up soon. i'm so exhausted. cindi
  8. Dara

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    sitting at my desk. I had to come home at lunchtime to take a nap, and would fall asleep sitting at a red light. I honestly can't put into words the "total exhaustion" I was feeling, but yet never felt like I was getting a good nights sleep. Now that I am not working my normal schedule is to go to bed about midnight and sleep anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. At least by not having to go to work I can lay down during the day when I need to so I really don't feel that "totally wiped out exhaustion and fatigue" that I had before. I also take Effexor at night now and it helps me get to sleep without laying there tossing & turning all night.

  9. Shiloh

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    I usually go to bed around 10pm and sleep until 10am, or sometimes later. After I get up, it takes me another 2 hrs. to get going ... you know wake up, shower and that sort of thing. I can't shower and fix my hair or makeup ... too exhausted. I have to let my hair air dry and looking made up has become a thing of the past. After I get going, I can do a few light chores, i.e. loading and unloading the dishwasher, a load or two of laundry (can't iron on the same day I wash ... saps too much energy), etc. By this time I need a nap which will last from 1-4hrs. By then it's supper time and depending on how I feel I may make a "decent" meal, but most night we're eating preprepared packaged things. Then the cycle begins again.

    What a life, huh? Don't go shopping, don't garden, don't drive (can't turn enough to back up). What do I do? Sleep.

  10. griswoldgirl

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    I have not woke up feeling rested in so long that I do nto know what it feels like anymore. I take meds to help me sleep and I do for hours but still no relief.

    Only advice I can give is to go with it, do as little as possible and nap, nap and sleep as much as you can without guilt. that is what I am trying, I will look for your posts to see how you are doing.

    I walk in your shoes, and am with you in good thoughts

  11. epicurean

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    My problem was fatique-would get up and not even shower or get dressed till about 12 or 1.Was to difficult to shower,let alone reach up and wash hair.
    My pain managment Dr. started me on Provigil-makes all the difference in the world. Within two days I was cleaning closets-maybe not exciting,but excited that I had the energy to do so!!!
  12. Girlof41

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    I must say, we are a sorry bunch.I don't leave the house as well, I don't get groceries anymore, my teens do that.I keep telling myself I'll get use to this, but I don't enjoy anything anymore.I hope you all get a good nap in this afternoon. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Harmony

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    I am soooo fatigued, it wears me out to do much of anything. I'm not so tired that I necessarily need to fall asleep, its just my whole body is so weak and painful, that I have no energy. I could deal with the pain better if I weren't so fatigued. To me, that is the worse part of this.

  14. fibolady

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    i remember being tired all the time even way back in school. i just never had the energy everyone else had. i need at least 9 or 10 hours of sleep and still battle that stage 4.

    i always take my bath and wash my hair at night, that way when i get up in the morning that is done and it still takes me at least 3 hours to get going. try not to ever make apptments before 11 am and only one thing scheduled a day.

    i am tired today but did get my daughter to a doctor visit. but pretty much the rest of the day i have rested, just things like unload the dishwasher and one load of towels. that's it. to us, that is a very full day.

    i slept this weekend until 11 and 10 o'clock for 2 days straight and have felt better today than in a long time!

    that is what the normals don't relate to. now, this is a good day. when the fatigue hits with the fms i can not leave the house and nothing gets done. it is so debilitating and can never judge how long it will stay.

    a long time ago i worried about not being the 24/7 mom and like everybody else. this is our world now and i am trying very hard to "not beat myself up" about it. that is why this board is so great, because we know we are not alone, and it is ok to be or do the things we do.

    the best thing you can do for yourself, is rest when your body is tired. pushing only sets you back further or rather you will be setting yourself up for a major setback. to those doctors who continually say, just do more, etc. it might work for some, but for me and others the best thing to do is listen to your body.

    warm regards, fibolady
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    It's horrible - the only thing I look forward to each day is going to bed. I drag myself to get done what I have to. I do get one or two days a month that I can get out & do things, although still tired, but it gives me hope - just wish I knew when those days were so I could actually make plans!
  16. PaulMark

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    i'm in bed l7/24 hrs. a day, can't sleep cept at nite with meds, the chronic fire ants sandpaper dryness tingling biting flu like aching etcl pain all time, keeps me from good sleep, laying in bed makes m. stiffness worse neck back hurt but it's like l dr. said cfs fatigue is diffent than being tired like a sprinkle of rain vs. a hurrican

    to barb: i had mercury removed 2 yrs. ago dr. cheney started me on detox of a spary can't say name here if you e mail i will tell you if like, i got sicker could have bee ill. progression or mercury had to stop detox

    have they detoxed it out of body?? i guess it's still in my cells cheney says it sticks in thecells for long long time

    but nother catch 22 for us,

    paul mark in ky
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  18. xo4damama

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    Until this very moment I never thought anyone could understand what it feels like to spend your life so darn tired!

    I sleep around 10-11 hours each night, then it takes me a good hour to get out of bed in the morning. I drag myself through the morning until I can take my afternoon nap which is about 2-3 hours. I only wake up because my children are up from their naps! On days that my dh is home I get to sleep in!

    It seems that when I sleep my best, I feel the most tired. I call it the sleep of the dead. By the time my head hits the pillow I am out, and I stay that way until I am woken up. No dreams, no odd movements...nothing!

  19. sybil

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    if only!

    i go to bed around 10.30pm.i usually have no trouble falling asleep,but after about 2 hours i'm awake,with pain, wanting to pee or both!!!i get up take 2 co-codamol,go back to may take me about 30mins to get back to sleep for another 2/3 then i'm in agony.i may take some more pain killers.but if the pain is really bad,i know pain killers won't shift it,so i get up then.
    by 2.30pm in the afternoon i am so tired,sometimes i fall asleep,i only doze for about 45 minutes.
    i would love to be able to sleep for about 8 hours non stop,

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  20. dlizard

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    I've always used the word exhausted! I have bouts where this is more prominent than at other times, but I've been using the word exhausted since I was a little girl,age 10 or so. Tired is one thing and fatigue and exhaustion are another. I rarely get tired ( on my good days ) but I am exhausted by 3 everyday. I sleep about 7 to 8 hours each night and rarely nap so I CAN sleep. But alas, my sleep is not restful either. Good luck