how to approach dr. about disability?

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    I go to the doctor and ask her to try new things because I hurt and am tired. But I do not know how to convince her that I am having a very difficult time working. The days I work, I go home and go to bed! I am not a complainer by nature and it is difficult for me to express my pain and fatigue to her. Now I am seeing a neurologist and a pain doctor and again it is difficult for me to explain to them about my symptoms. Most of the time they pick out one they want to treat and they do not even address the rest of them. My neurologist and pain doctor are concentrating on my headaches. It is like I did not even mention the pain in legs, back, hips, arms, ect. fatigue, sleeplessness, and the dizziness. In fact the doctor ask me if there was one thing I could pick for treatment, what would it be. Also how do I know what the doctors are putting in my records. If they are ignoring my other syptoms verbally, I wonder if they are even charting them.
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    I just wanted to tell you that my doctors are the same way. I was told that they concentrate on one problem at a time. They try to take care of one, and if they take care of that one then they move on. I take so many pills, one to help, and one to take care of the side effects the other one causes.
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    I'm not a complainer, and I also had a hard time approaching my Dr.'s about disability. I wrote a diary for a week about everthing. How I felt at any given time "It is 9:30 and I am at work and I hurt so much that all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry" things like that. Try to be as complete as possible. Get a week that is pretty bad and then write it down, then let the doctors read what your life is really like. This way, you don't have to feel guilty about complaing, you just have to let them read. Doing the journal was tough for me, as I have never kept one before.
    Ask to read your Dr's notes, make sure he writes everything down because you will need lots of records to get disability. Hope this helps.
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    Have you been diagnosied with Fibromylgia? The best way
    to get disability is to work with a social security lawyer
    who specializes in this. We got it for my husband in 6 months. You do have to have your doctor's cooperation however.
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    What are the first steps taken to find out if
    i have CFS. I have been unable to work for 7 months
    now. My Dr. seems to think it's just my nerves.
    How can i get him to see it's not that?
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    I have found with my medical doctors and my rhumatologist, whom I adore told me this also, that they generally deal with one complaint at a time. He said that if they deal with the whole works, and FM/CFS patients have many ailments, they do not know which medicine is working with which complaint.

    That does make sense to a degree. I have also found that the medical profession seems to be so departmentalized to me--they each deal with their own little area. Maybe the vast amount of reading to keep up is what causes this--I know they mean well so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    That is why I much prefer naturopathic or homiopathic doctors--but the problem I have there is my medicare and private insurance do not cover them, so I am out of pocket for all of that care. Even though I do see my naturopath regularly and deal with her regularly for cranial/sacral treatments and other things.

    By the way, the good news is that the cranial/sacral treatments have done me more good than anything else I use, including my massage, Reiki and water exercise. I am still continuing with the above items too.

    My naturopath says that she feels that within a year or two we will be covered by medicare. She said that there is a very strong lobbying group that is organized now, and it helps that some private insurances are already covering naturopaths.

    Also, you have the right to read your medical records and get a copy of them. I suggest you do both. That way you can make sure you guide your physician to include the complaints you need on your chart. Also you will have them on hand to help you when you fill out the paper work for SSDI.

    Also I know for a fact in my case, that my detailed medical records for a multitude of complaints cleared the way for my SSDI. I went to multiple doctors too, so that each specialist could document the areas of complaint of his specialty field. I believe in the end it was the podiatrist who won it for me in that I could not do any job standing, and then the rhumatologist followed up with I could not sit for any length of time either because of the osteoarthritus pain.

    I used as much as I could with less stress on the Fibro and CFS as they still are not liking to accept those terms in the state of OR.

    Good luck to you, and prayers.
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    I know how you feel,been there/done that, it took my doctor 18 months of brain scans,body scans,blood work,etc.,etc., finally I was diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia Syndrome.If your doctor is not giving you any support or help,then I think I would be looking else where.
    Unfortunately, my neurologist put me through all sorts,several times.
    Best advice I can give you is, get a new doctor.

    Good Luck