how to ask gyno about fibro and tests

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    I have had reoccurring stiffness, feeling ill, hot and cold fever like symptoms without a fever. Even jaw grinding issues. I am on Wellbutrin and clonapin for anxiety and depression which I don't think I would feel depressed if I didn't feel so achy and fatigued all the time. I'm busy with my kids but my body feels like its been beaten up all the time. Ill take the tylenol doesn't work my md puts me on NSaids for muscular things told me to see a physical therapist for my whole body? I had a partial hysterectomy and since then my ovulations have been horrible and I get feelings of the IC and illness get tested for urinary infection its negative. I'm going to my gyno today for a white discharge which is similar to what i had before and that test was negative but antibiotics helped Cipro. Reading on Fibro and thinking this is me or am Is stuff all in my head I am only 38 and I just shouldn't ache like this i dont have painful swelling but stiffness most in morning and aching throughout the day along with headaches. Any blood tests should I have my thyroid gland checked? Help......
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    sorry you are going through this , if I understand correct you have not been told you have Fibro ?
    The pain you talk about all day sounds like it could be. also the urinary infection . I thought I was getting them and then found out its the fibro affecting the bladder.. makes you have to pee more often . and feels like a uninary infection starting . but no burning or any other symtoms that normally go with it. this is what my Rehmui . advised me . Fibro affrects all the muscils in your body .
    get checked for Fibro if you have not already . better to know , than to wonder and worry

    I hope this info helps somewhat . prayers for a better day .

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    My gyno is running all kinds of blood tests checking hormones levels FSh and LH, TSH for thyroid ESR for the arthriitis autoimmune if i understand it correctly, Monospot ANa EBV Igg. and lyme titer and CBC. she did find white and red blood cells in urine today but said it wasn't too weird because I just had a culture come back fine on Friday. I think the first culture was wrong. I seem to have IC issues along with all the aches, ribs neck back legs stiff in the morning. but I was very happy with her testing all this because my MD just says its a bug or muscular. I had Mono when I was in college and was repeatedly sick with strep and bronchitis then when my last son was born he had to go to Nicu because he was really sick and they had asked me then if I or my husband had any type of autoimmune factors which we didnt know just that I had a bad cold before giving birth. Just seems like its all connected. and all the meds I just want to throw out the window because I don't feel depressed when I'm not aching all the time and fatigued. I have always gotten overly anxious about things but then I wonder if thats all this...stuff. Its great to talk to you Will talk again I like to hit the chat rooms but never seems anyones there.