How to Avoid Candida with Antibiotics for Lyme

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    I recenly went to a Lyme dr and he put me on Zitromax, Doxycyline and Flagyl. I've always had high candida numbers, and have tried to treat for a year with diet, herbals and medicine, but it wouldn't lower. I wonder if the yeast became resistant.

    Anyways, I'm worried the antibiotics will increase my yeast (and my yeast will be a main contributer to my fatigue). What can I do to combat this?
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    I'm on doxy and ceftin. I found a product called Ultra Flora Critical Care. It's got 50 billion biota, and they're in the correct ratio and the right forms for both the small and large intestines.

    I take one 2 hours after taking the antibiotics, and haven't had any gut problems at all.

    Of course, I've very careful with my diet. I avoid gluten, and all processed foods. I'd say 90% of my diet consists of grainfed/natural meat, organic veggies, and healthy fats. If I do eat too much sugar a few days in a row, I do get symptoms of too much yeast. I've been known to hit it with phytostan, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, and coconut oil. I wonder if that's what you used?

    Phytostan has a mix of things including caprillic acid, which is effective against candida. Caprillic acid is found in coconut oil.

    I make muffins with coconut flour, shredded coconut, and coconut oil, among other things (no sucrose) and eat at least one a day. I think it really helps, not only because of the caprillic acid, but also it's very high in fiber.

    I have done a course of nystatin, and diflucan, but didn't feel it made a bit of difference for me. The probiotic does the most good that I can tell.
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    I was worried about this as well. I was diagnosed with candida a year before lyme. So I treated it for an entire year before going on abx. It was much better, but not gone. I was very worried about taking abx when I already had candida.

    But it's been 7 months of abx and I am keeping it in control. It's not gone by any means, just holding steady and not getting any worse. It's all I hope for until I'm done with the abx. I take diflucan and nystatin and also Oil of Oregano and caprlyic acid. I rotate my herbals every month or so to avoid resistance. I take a good probiotic several times a day as well.

    I also avoid sugar and processed foods which is good to do for lyme as well as candida. No alcohol either. I gave up cocktails completly about a year ago.

    I did also have my amalgams removed and am chelating my mercury and other heavy metals. From what I've read and what my doctor tells me, this will help rid the candida as well.

    My doctor also tells me that Oil of Oregano is the most potent of the herbal antifungals, so that is a good one to use. Sure tastes terrible though!!

    good luck lisaloo!!

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    Thank you for your responses, i forgot about oil of oregano. Will add that one!
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    I am optimistic that you will have success with Lyme treatment. I know you have suffered from the IC and other problems...similar to me.

    I am on herbals for Lyme. But my doctor still insisted that I rotate three acidophilus products to help with Candida. That way my body would not recognize any one of them for too long. I am not great on the diet but that is due to lack of energy and the fact that I was on it for many years with no change. Mainly I still give up sugar but not all starches, like brown rice, etc.

    FYI..they now have herbal suppositories for vaginal yeast infections over the counter. I have had some acidophilus compounded for when I feel vaginal symptoms coming on.

    Good luck and keep going. I still remember you helping me when I first went on the CFS board about IC. I did stick to that diet for almost a year!

    Finding out I also had a Lyme on top of everything else has been a good thing for me. Not easy but still something to fight.

    Warm Regards.

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    I will definately try the herbal route. I am allergic to most antifungals except intraconazal (don't remember the real name.) But my insurance doesn't cover it of course. and it's $200 per month.

    I will rotate probiotics, good idea!
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    In 2006, after 9 months of Nystatin and 90 days total of Diflucan my Quest Labs IGM titers to Candida would not come down. My FFC doctor was very frustrated. I had my amalgams removed and that did not help.

    In 2007, I was on Nystatin for one month plus Diflucan for 60 days. Another doctor ran an ELISA test for candida insisting that it was not an active infection. My IGM titer came back high again.

    I began seeing one of the top LLMDs in the USA in April. I've been on Diflucan since April and 16 Nystatin tablets per day for two months followed by 4-8 tablets per day ever since.

    Of course, I follow a diet that promotes optimal hormones. It's very similiar to the SCD diet the best. Lots of good websites. The diet is being used for autisim. Google specific carbohydrate diet for info.

    My LLMD says that there is quite a bit of evidence that Lyme bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi or Bb) and the candida bug like to live inside the same cell. Each having a synergystic effect on the other. You can't kill off Bb without Diflucan. There's a few articles in the library here on this.

    I am a big fan of Renew Life Probiotics. There's two with 50 billion CFUs. One for Va-Jay-Jays and the other for small and large bowel health. I rotate them both and take them two hours after Abx.

    I tried Threelac but didn't care for the flavoring in it. Also PB8. I looked into Theralac which many on the Lymenet board swear by but am soy intolerant. I'm not a fan of FOS either.

    After getting the results of the Hemex Mocha panel for hypercoagulation, I am starting heparin therapy next week. It is my belief that candida is hiding in the fibrin of my blood along with other pathogens. I hope to wipe them all out with heparin shots.

    The FFC had me on Lumbrokinaise but it's expensive and I herxed badly. I think heparin will make me herx too. That's my last thing to try before going to IV Abx.

    Lots of people think their yeast is Diflucan resistant but until hypercoagulation is treated who knows??? In the Buhner book he states that heparin along with Abx helps to cure Lyme. As soon as I read it can make fibro pain go away I decided I'm ready to do the shots.


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    Hmm, that's interesting about the diflucan. HOwever, i'm allergic to it. It was one that I tried and broke out in an all body rash after two days. I have some sporanix left, so I take that, as well as candidase and lots of probiotics.
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    Hi there!

    I have a question for you about amalgam removal. After you had them removed, did you do any chelation to remove the mercury in your body tissues? Forgive me if we've talked about this already. Amalgam removal is a good first step, but then you have to get the mercury out of your body that has settled in the tissues.

    The process of removal, no matter how careful the dentist is involves some mercury exposure. I flared a bit after my removal. I had mine out in March of 2007. I'm still doing IV chelation with DMPS I think with something else too can't remember what. I also take chlorella everyday and will do that maybe forever! My mercury levels were very high after my urine challenge. Even after 16 weeks of IV chelation which is all most folks need. So I'm on another round and am hoping this will be the last!!

    Take care,