How to Be Broke & Medicated

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    It seems possible that I may be the only person who will ever post her in the financial, disability and legal resources day to day living cfs/me topic.

    Perhaps I will return from time to time and chat with myself.

    In the meantime, here's what to do if you can't afford your meds:
    Local Programs

    • Try asking your doctor if they can prescribe a cheaper medication, or one that is covered by your health insurance.
    • You can also try contactingfree clinics and free healthcare programsin your area and inquire about prescription assistance.
    National Programs
    Doctors Visits
    Patient Assistance Programs
    • Excellent ideas from Ken Casanova from Mass CFIDS/ME & FM:
    • Patient assistance programs are programs established by drug companies that provide free or low-cost drugs to individuals who are unable to pay for them.
    • There are two websites that provide comprehensive information on which medications are manufactured by each company, as well as how to obtain applications for each company’s program:pparxandrxassist
    • Learn more abouthow these programs work and how to use them.
    Insurance & Co-Pays
    Buying Drugs from Other Countries
    Free Prescription Discount Cards
    • Excellent ideas from Pheonix Rising: This list also includes cards that offerfree or discounted prescription medications.
    • Tip: Free prescription cards are often designed for people who are low income. These cards are free! This is different than paid membership cards.
    Be Less Broke
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