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    Toni Bernhard, author of the recent book How to Be Sick and who has been a long time member HERE (altho you wouldn't know it as she does not toot her own horn), now has a blog at Psychology Today...

    Excerpt (hope you don't mind, Toni!):

    "What do I intend to write about in "Turning Straw Into Gold"?

    First, I want to continue to explore the major theme of my book: How people can live with grace and purpose despite having a chronic illness or condition. Using the Buddha's teaching as a guide, I'll write about day-to-day challenges, such as the relentlessness of symptoms, the strain on relationships, the enforced isolation, and caregiver burnout.

    Second, I think of illness as a metaphor for the difficulties everyone faces in their lives. With this as a theme, I'll explore how Buddhist psychology and philosophy can help people live with equanimity no matter what challenges they face. For example, I'll write about Buddhist approaches to overcoming the stress and suffering that results from not getting what we want. I agree with the Dalai Lama that the Buddha was a great psychologist because he had such a keen understanding of how the mind works.

    Lastly, although most of my posts will combine the subjects of illness and Buddhism, on occasion, I'll write about one without reference to the other.

    So, I've taken the plunge. I hope you'll test the water with me.


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    I just wanted to say thank you, Victoria, for posting about my book and my blog. Yes, I'm not that good at tooting my own horn. Thanks for doing it for me!

    Warmest wishes to you,
  3. karynwolfe

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    Welcome! I've gifted your book to many a friend and it's helped them very much. Thanks for the contribution =)


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